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This app is a waste of my time and it actually makes me laugh. I did not actually think that there would be men on here pretending to have money. If you think you are a SD please go look up the definition first then come back to reality and give yourself that title. The old men can not hold a conversation worth crap first off and then you have the ones who are non stop messaging you to answer them every 2 min. NONE of them have money to back what they are showing up. And for the love of god we know what SD and SB have intimacy involved but do you have to constantly bring it up like you haven't got some in years? Being desperate looks horrible on a SD. The only issue I have had is a lot of racism because I as a black SB just moved to Texas and its either a fetish or a control or a slavery act these SD are looking for. I went on a date and he paid a good amount but the whole time if not grabbing up on me was talking down on every black women he saw coming in. H has constant drama with his old SB who still lived with him but they were not having an arrangement they just had drama and she would not leave his home. He made a comment "I only have a black SB because I would never fall in love or date a black women" that came out of his own mouth. He just kept rambling on about all the hate he had for women ex: his ex wife, old SB, his daughter waiting for him to die to take his money and so on and so forth. I knew he had money and could probably pay great but I would prefer to be broke then have all that unnecessary drama and misogynic behavior in my life. He would nonstop grabbing me inappropriately in front of people even when I asked him not too and he was just desperate for sex a complete turn off. But like I said within all these sites there will always be weirdos it comes with the game. Scamming doesn't tend to happen to much for me because before I waste my time I always tell them to send me a picture if them doing a certain pose. Example peace sign, flip me off something they cant go searching up on a web to pretend to be someone else. If it takes them more then a day to respond back I delete them. I don't really stress about this app to much because with anything to do with money there will always be scammers and posers and fake pages you just have to have common sense. Also to those commenting about prostitution or whores or the way the SB looks watch your mouths. Because sorry to tell you there are men buying there service on this app that's why they are on here use common sense. And commenting about there looks but most of you are 50+ loosing hair looking like a walking zombie and you are commenting on a SB look. Go look in the mirror before commenting on others looks please and thanks. Anyways would I recommend this app if you have 0 patience and tolerance for stupidity NO but if your good with handling that kind of stuff and want a bag YES.

P.S. A
SD if you want to get a real SB attention you need to actually talk about money and make it a comfortable conversation. And to those who write 'I don't want this to feel like a transaction" I need you to have a little common sense IT IS A TRANSACTION. Regardless of how you want it to look it will always be a transaction because its a give and take arrangement. That's the point of the app. Don't make SB feel bad for asking about an arrangement or money. Also the less you look desperate to sleep the more the SB wants to be with you and give it up. Regardless of the situation if its a relationship, situationship, arrangement nobody wants to constantly talk about sleeping with you. Also the less negative you talk about women the more attraction you will get and less scammers. As much as you say there are SB scammers there are a lot more SD scammers.

Anyways many luck to you all be safe, be kind. And have a lot of common sense on both ends. Many blessings


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