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In the several months that I have been a customer of "Smalls" it has mostly been one bad thing after another. At first I was relatively satisficed. My cat did like some of the food. Then came the product recalls, due to costumers complaining about spoiled products. They have all sorts of stuff in the marketing that makes you think they are quite willing to correct any issues and work in good faith with you to resolve any issues with your orders. When I started having issues however, not so much. For two orders that arrived, the delivery drivers did not follow required protocols for the for deliveries to my building, which led to me not being notified that my highly perishable package had arrived. Other delivery services know and follow the protocol because they know that at my building the package deliveries remain locked in the package room, out of sight to the recipients, and is only accessibly to us IF the delivery driver logs the package into the security console. So these two orders (over $100 worth of product) ended up being room temperature by the time I was able to see that they had arrived (this only happened after another package had arrived from Amazon, where the delivery driver DID do the correct protocol.). The main product they sell is supposed to be frozen when it arrives. They also processed an extra order by mistake somehow that same month, and refused to refund either one, even though one of them I did not order and both were thawed to room temperature by the time I was able to reasonably see that they had arrived and get into the locked package room to get them. There was no back and fourth, there was no looking into it, asking questions, verifying or clarifying things. They looked at they complaint, and took a precursory glance at my order history, and then simply washed their hands of it and blamed it on me and the delivery company (even though delivery is part of the service they sell). They were uninterested in helping to resolve the issue, then just came up with a weak rationalization for washing their hands of it, and did so.

I also purchased a product that my cat would not eat. In their advertisement they make claims of guarantee that your cat will like the product, but when my cat didn't like a freeze dried treat product (one with an extremely long shelf life, especially when factory sealed), they would not even accept any kind of return, exchange, etc., nothing, even for the unopened bags. I saw claims in their marketing material that said basically "We guarantee your cat will love it". That's certainly not how they acted when my cat didn't like $50+ worth of product I purchased. Lastly is the price hikes, where they bumped the prices of a couple products that I buy from them, one from about $22 per bag to $30... yikes.
Over all, the smalls representatives I worked with were way more interested in rationalizing why they aren't going to do anything substantial to help with my issues than they were in actually working to see that my issues were resolved, and that I had a pleasant experience. Dealing with their customer service was like having a verbal fight with a dishonest, argumentative lawyer than working with a caring business professional who was acting in good faith to resolve the issues I was having with their service. I do not expect that kind of treatment from anyone, and especially not a company selling a premium service & product at increasingly premium prices for.

Tip for consumers:
I would not recommend you use this service.

Products used:
Cat food, both wet and dry
Cat treats,
cat toys,
cat litter

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