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3 reviews
0 helpful votes

They have a great survey site. They pay you in check which is a plus and you only need $1.00 to cash out which is another plus. They also have great customer service unlike so I will continue to do surveys with them. Everybody here you does not have account with SurveySavvy please sign up for them!!!

1 review
9 helpful votes

I have subscribed to several survey sites that claim they will pay u x-amount of money per servey i completed and give them all my info including phone number and i get emails saying how i won so much and all i have to do is click to confirm payment and it wants me to do more and more where is the flippen money claimed.....ehhhh its bunk......the only thing i got was third partie phone calls ......waist of time......and a full inbox of junk i dont want to look at....SCREW your dam surveys......LIES LIES LIES...untill one pays out $#*! off!!!!

1 review
9 helpful votes

I sent all the information to the white house in Washington attention to President Donald Trump hopefully your scam company will be taken down and you and your other hackers can do prison time for scamming millions of Americans online. get ready to do your time soon. good luck with that!! your whole team of scammers will need it. I bet you guys are a bunch of sandneggers

1 review
20 helpful votes

Totally BS. You don't get paid . You don't get anything. I am unemployed and need to make money. This wasted my time and I still have bills waiting to e paid.

1 review
30 helpful votes

Iv'e done quite a few surveys for SurveySay and like other people have said you're disqualified a lot and they don't pay you all the money they owe you and another person said that they switch names this is true, within the last aprox 45 days they switched (after Iv'e been trying to get them to pay what they owe me) they told me that they were changing to Survey Sampling International and then received another email saying they switched to Varsity Plaza LLC. What I find enraging is I checked them out with the BBB before I signed up and they only said you can't live off of what you make with them but you can earn some extra cash.I hope the FBI is really checking this out because I'm not just going to drop it.

1 review
71 helpful votes

This is a total waste of time. They should be shot for posting this site. I took numerous surveys and they kept saying I didn't qualify etc. I'm embarrassed that I even gave them that much of my time. Totally fradulent

1 review
43 helpful votes

You won't get anything but a crapload of junk emails

2 reviews
60 helpful votes

WTF seriously I answered your Surveys now give me my Money, don't tell me I spent 10 minutes answering questions and then saying YOU DONT QUALIFY, thats total BS!

1 review
65 helpful votes

WARNING!!! Do not sign up for : unless, you want to waste your time or get these people an opportunity to steal money from your bank accounts. The FBI is looking into this FRAUDULENT company and are doing an investigation. These folks move around all over the united states with varies names scamming people. Stay away from this company. FBI is looking into this......Get a job in an office, retail, drug Store, restaurant, etc.

1 review
57 helpful votes

I really think people who give five stars are their only employees or whoever is involved in this big fraud. I have been trying to do surveys many many times and do you know what the answer was: "We are sorry, thanks for trying but you didn,t qualify for this survey". After answering bunch of questions I got this! Excuse me? By the way, I was reading questions very carefully and answering without any rush. THIS IS A BIG BIG BIG SCAM. PLEASE DON'T TRUST THIS SITE AND SPEND YOUR TIME MORE CAREFULLY!!!!

1 review
21 helpful votes

I think she might work for them by her answers.

1 review
49 helpful votes

I signed up to take surveys with them. They requested my information for bank so my money could be deposited directly. I didn't set that up right away and took some surveys. I finally got around to adding my checking account to my account. I tried several times to get my account set up. I couldn't do it so I asked for help. I was told that it was fixed and to try again. I did but it still wouldn't work so I contacted them again. They told me that since I deal with a "small" local Credit Union instead of a larger bank that I would not be able to get paid unless I opened up an account with a larger bank. They should have stated that earlier so I wouldn't have wasted my time on them. I also agree about the surveys making you get almost to the end and you don't qualify and nor are you compensated for what you did do! I know other surveys are done with honest people so I will just stick with them.. THIS IS A RIP OFF SITE!!!

1 review
38 helpful votes

I wouldn't recommend using the site. I signed up using my email and I gave out my home address. I took 3-5 surveys and wasn't qualified for any. You do not get partial credit for any so you could be taking surveys all day and not qualified for any

1 review
39 helpful votes

This is such a scam and waste of your time!!!
Before they have you take each survey, they present you with a questioner to see if you first qualify for the survey. The "pre-screening" takes about the same length of time as the actual survey...that is if there IS an actual survey.
I get the impression you are actually taking the survey and not getting paid.
I am done with these guys.
Wasted a afternoon with these scammers.

1 review
29 helpful votes

Survey say is the worst!!!! they make you sit around and take surveys but lie about actually giving you points for cash or rewards people actually need cash and think that this could be the way to earn some but there a scam and i hope the website soonly gets took down :(

1 review
30 helpful votes

This survey is a joke. I would need to brush the pavement for living to qualify. Don't waste your time.

1 review
40 helpful votes

Absolute crap. 99 percent of the surveys I took I "didn't qualify for." That means that in the beginning, I got up to 8.80. Every survey after that "I wasn't eligible for." They don't tell you before hand that you don't qualify, they make you sit there and take forever doing questions just to tell you that you don't get paid for it.

30 reviews
110 helpful votes

It is very hard to earn any money on this site, it seems like a great thing for us single mothers to earn some extra cash taking surveys but in all reality it is not!

1 review
26 helpful votes

Any survey website you have to read the Terms and Conditions. As well as the Privacy Policy, the Survey Say website states they do collect your personal information as well as giving it to a 3rd party in the (What information do we collect? When?) then the website contradicts themselfs saying they do not send it to 3rd parties lol so always read up on a survey and catch the contradictions

1 review
33 helpful votes

They are a scam, run don't complete any surveys for their site. It took 6-8 weeks for my $25.00 paypal transaction which they kindly DECLINED saying I violated rules. What a pitiful pitiful company.

1 review
29 helpful votes

Terrible. Basically you spend your time making about $1 an hour and then when you try to get your cash they make you buy magazines. Even then they will make you go through loops to get the few dollars you earned.

1 review
47 helpful votes

I was thrilled with this site, at first. You have to have earned $25 to cash out for something rather than a donation or a magazine. I prefer to get the gift cards. First time I cashed out, I got my authorization code right off to claim my gift card, which then arrived quickly, in the mail. That was good, until I earned my second $25. I cashed out on it, on Dec. 3rd, 2010. I was waiting and waiting for my second authorization code, and then finally, on Jan 4th, 2011, I pull up my account and see where my claim had been "rejected". I was extremely disappointed. No reason as to why, and I've already earned over $11 working toward another card. The only thing that it told me was to see the "conditions and terms" which I can not find. I did nothing different for the second $25, than I did the first. I just simply used my time and took their surveys, which now, I'm recieving NOTHING for....I sent an email to customer service, and so far I've received no reply...and yes, the email was sent early in the day, so they've had time to reply. I feel like this company has stolen from me. My time is valuable, and now that they have all of my info...I get nothing. If I don't hear something from them, today, I am going to report them...not sure to whom. but I will find out the proper channel to take. I was really excited about this site, but they have burnt me now. If, by some chance they make this right, I'll be sure and come back with a post...if I don't hear from them...consider yourself warned to how they operate.

2 reviews
44 helpful votes

I don't get why people are having problems with SurveySay, I've been on there 3 months & have hit the cash-out threshold of $25 by taking just 5 surveys. One was even worth $12 & they never 'invalidated' it. I like it because I can get a little extra cash..that's what it's for, not to make a living.

1 review
14 helpful votes

Pretty much a time-waster. They take a very long time to credit and have a habit of "invalidating" the results of any survey paying more then $1-2. Their privacy policy states that they are operated by United Sample, Inc.

2 reviews
29 helpful votes

(1) NEVER gives you enough surveys to earn enough cash to get paid via paypal. Yes, they do give you bonuses.

(2)These bonuses are online points that have to be used to purchase items or services from this company's 3rd party affiliations/clients.

(3)They are also selling your PERSONAL information (email address, name, home address, phone numbers and so on). Personal information is added to their Marketing list to be used by their clients to contact individuals about products or services by email, mail or phone.

9 Questions & Answers

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Kara R.
on 9/16/10
Rachael H.
on 1/16/16
jelena p.
on 6/15/15
E R.
Hi. Reading your reviews, it appears that most people believe that this site is either a scam or that they spend in inappropriate amount of time answering [more than?] preliminary questions before being declared ineligible for a survey (and, thus, accompanying pay).

However, I also know that it is rare for someone to be motivated to post unless they have a complaint, so I thought I'd try looking further into your company before writing it off. As your website, privacy policy, and other "documents" do not even provide the basics of pay, let alone address these other questions, I look forward to hearing back from you.

I realize that demographics, life experience, tastes and preferences, and other answers will likely make the occasional respondent considered "eligible" for an inordinately higher percent of surveys attempted, while others--especially those who fall within the most highly represented groups sought--are more likely to be "ineligible" for the majority of surveys, and, thus, the data as to how often one is accepted to comlete a survey to the point of compensation likely differs vastly, dependent on each applicant's circumstances, and so I understand that there are likely not a simple answer to my question and that, even if you have this info, providing the mean as average will likely be skewed by these outliers.

That said, I was wondering if you had any data as to the ratio of attempts to acceptance/completion that could be shared, in order to give me a sense as to the legitimacy of the complaints and/or the legitimacy of the company.

(Again, I understand these will vary among users, but even knowing, as a hypothetical example, that, "Among those who attempted >50 surveys, some users find that they are deemed eligible for approximately 20% or more of surveys attempted, whereas others may only be appropriate for 5% of those attemtped" or "Generally, we have found that, as long as they try a minimum of 18 surveys, fewer than 0.05% of our membership is ineligible for all surveys attempted: most will find at least 1 per 10 for which they are accepted, whereas, at the opposite end of the scale, we have at least 8.5% of users who are accepted for 65-80% of those attempted," etc.

I hope my question (and hypotheticals) make sense: for as many reviews along the lines of "I wasn't eligible for any surveys I tried," I don't recall reading how MANY attempts made up said "many" surveys tried (and know that, when denied over and over again, it's just as easy to have that feeling after only trying a [potentially acceptable, in context] few as it might feel were to one really spend hours answering, and being denied any compensation, for dozens, and I would love a context through which to read these [overwhelingly negative] reviews.

Similarly, do you have any information wrt how long it takes, on average, for someone to provide the determing information before learning he or she is has been deemed ineligible? [again, many reviews are quite hyperbolic, noting how the user spent "forever" answering questions before learning he/she was ineligible (and, thus, would not be compensated for the time spent: realistically, how much time and/or information is generally required to make this determination? (Again, realizing that all survey clients likely require different key information first, I do not expect a hard figure but knowing that, say, "In 90+% of the surveys taken, a determination is made as to whether the applicant falls outside the desired sample set either within 3 minutes (assuming the user is at least subliterate...), less than a dozen Likert-scale-esque, or fewer than 3-4 short answer quetions" would give me a very different sense of potential return of my time than, say, "Sometimes it can take up to 6 dozen questions and/or a 25-minute pre-survey to determine that a user is not right for this survey" (if these complaints are regarding lack of payment for investing levels of time for even a single survey denial that, even in a minimum wage setting, would result in several dollars' pay, then more than complaints need to be written).

Similarly, if you are able to answer these questions in any fashion, do you also have any index that could give a potential user a sense of how your completion rates and times compare with other sites in this space? Finally, as I know many of these surveys are more about data-mining than actual feedback, are there any levels of "opt-out" information sharing available, particularly if one shares information and then is deemed ineligible for completion and even negligible pay? I did note the "opt out" option on your site, but that was only to quit. I can't imagine that this site has really been around as long as it has without a stronger context for this feedback, greater privacy consideration, and--if "forever"-like testing times result in frequent ineligibility, payment updates (such as paying Y% of the typical payment (which is?) for every X surveys attempted in good faith. I have no double you'd still be making enough money off of the data mining you can do even from failed surveys to make this cost-effective for you AND your [potential] partners. But, perhaps this is a minor consideration--and this feedback is all inappropriately negative--and the entire Internet has finally agreed on something, albeit inaccurately.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my questions: I look forward to reading your response and checking out your site further if it appears that this feedback page is just a stronger example of Internet-breeds-negative-feedback than is even typical and/or you have made changes to rectify to more common problems about which the posters complain the most.

Thank you again for your timely response,
3 weeks, 1 day ago
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allisyn f.
on 3/4/17
Be the first to answer
Brook S.
on 6/28/16
Joseph M.
on 9/29/15
Be the first to answer
Joseph M.
on 9/29/15
Be the first to answer
DeaconTim W.
on 8/18/15
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