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32 reviews
Categories: Real Estate
500 3rd Street, Suite 555
San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel: 415.400.5483
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1 review
1 helpful vote

I had an agreement to purchase a used 55" LG smart TV. The Sales Assoc. (Michael) arranged for me ,after speaking with his manager (Jeremy) to rent the TV until 1/3/17 at which time I was going to make a substantial payment calculated on paying the TV off in full in 90 days. I called and spoke with Jeremy today and informed me that I could not pay on the TV and would have a month in advance. This isn't what we agreed to. I am cancelling the purchase. Please remove from all solicitations. Thank you.
Neal Thompson
Russell, KY
(606) 571-4039

1 review
6 helpful votes

I gave this company a shot and I emailed or contacted close to 80 homes but did not receive one call back. I received a billion phone calls from recruiters even up to 10pm but not one lead panned out on any of the properties. I was so unhappy with the service I could scream.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I get harassing calls all day long and irritating voicemails from "Jessica." I finally called them to tell them quit calling and the people who work there can barely speak English. They said they took me of the list but next morning I received a call again so I answered to a man just breathing on the phone. I told him I was supposed to be off the list and to stop calling me and he hung up on me. I called again he a woman answered I told her the situation and then she hung up on me. I called again asking for a supervisor and conveniently the supervisor had not shown up for work yet. I wasn't going anywhere until I spoke with one. Finally they grabbed someone who claimed to be a supervisor and I started raising hell about the harassment calls and not calling me again and he also hung up on me. I called again and a woman answered, she now said supervisor was in a meeting from literally 1 min from last speaking with him. I told her I want to speak with the supervisor and finally a woman picked up who claimed to be a supervisor. I explained it again and how last "supervisor" hung up on me and she left me having on hold without a word while I was speaking. Another woman picked up and also claimed to be a supervisor. I explained everything AGAIN and she said she was sorry and she'll take care of it. If I get another call from this place I will hit the roof. Any suggestions of what I should do if they call again? By the way, they are scam artists, they should be investigated and arrested for fraud, harassment and more.

1 review
7 helpful votes

LIKE EVERYONE SAYS ABOUT THIS PLACE....I inadvertently got myself involved doing web searches looking to rent a home.
The pictures they show on the opening page, are NOT what you will find on the website. Also, they will use multiple identical pictures of the same place for different listings.
There is no way to actually connect or get in contact with the seller/renter (because there is NONE), to the home you see listed, or that interests you. That part doesn't exist.
So, when you cancel prior to the seven days, so you won't be billed $29.95 a month (and SAVE EVERYTHING that you gave them, you will need it..)? THAT is when the calls begin mercilessly. All hours of the day, night and weekends. It's unbelievable. ALSO, you will then begin getting endless other marketing calls e-mails, etc.. Therein, lies what IS EXACTLY all that they are. A predatory, opportunistic, bordering illegal, completely unethical, and shady, deceitfully, horrible telemarketing scam. All that they do is steal your info, in that you give it to
them under the false pretense that they pretend to be.
They harass you, steal from you if they keep billing, or worse yet, convince you that for more money you will get access to more "access." They provide NOTHING to you, but sell your info to other equally insidiously horrible websites. This is THE SOLE POINT & REVENUE of their business, getting that $29.95, your info, and selling it to other predatory marketers', lenders, con-artists. That's it. There's no service they provide. From a cell, you can block them, but on a land line you can't just block them.
Like everyone says.... THESE PEOPLE ARE PREDATORS, CON ARTISTS, AND OPPORTUNISTS WHO PREY UPON THE MOST VULNERABLE OF THE POPULATION. Those who have less than stellar credit, those of a lower income.... And, yet, of whom share the same hopes and dreams of being able to provide a better place to home for their kids and families as any other person. I have never written a review before... But, this place? DONT DO IT. I may have been foolish to use this site, but not ignorant, nor ill-informed of the law. These people violate ethics, laws, and standards. I hope that they get shut down before they do more harm.
Fortunately, my situation is unique, in that I do have one resource, and I hope the read this before they call me back for the ten millionth time... EVERY phone call is saved... So, I have a record of how many times they bug me, all the lies they said, and of the verification TWICE that I did to make sure they don't bill me that $29.95, (or more!), and I will press charges if they do. :-)
If this doesn't convince you to not click on that web site, nothing will, and I assure you, THERES nothing to see, just a bunch of recycled pictures, telling you about the same affordable housing in your area, that every other web site is telling you, for free.
THERE IS NO "Rent To Own," gorgeous, palatial palace that you see on their opening page for "All Credit Problems Accepted," FOR ONLY $399.95!!!!! :-) It does not exist.
Stay humble, work hard, fix that darn credit problem from your college days that haunts you still, and someday we WILL get the home of our dreams. But, not from, and not this way.
Finally, if you still feel compelled to foolishly follow through and click that "Sign Me UP," button, at least, do it with a prepaid gift card... that way they don't have your real info! :-) And, then, curiosity satisfied, leave your review.. The same 'Ol thing!
P.S. I hope that the FBI & FTC that review "website review fraud" that are false (see fine print listing below this box), ALSO work just as hard advocate, investigate, and fine $350,000.00 to companies like this that defraud the vulnerabilities of people using sites like these. I hope they use it to refund back the money of those this company defrauded, put the predatory companies, of this company and the many like them, and certainly the many that will relentlessly be calling you when your info is sold by out of business FOREVER!

1 review
13 helpful votes

This place is a scam. Don't get involved. I didn't sign up for a 7 day trail. THey automatically sign you up, and then want to charge you 49.50 a month. A scam. STAY AWAY.

1 review
12 helpful votes


1 review
10 helpful votes

This website is awful. Never put your person information in. I got 15 calls a day with voicemais from them. I finally had to go in to my phone store and block "Jessica" from my rent to own. My suggestion, go somewhere else. They spam you like you wouldn't believe.

1 review
11 helpful votes

This company is Bull$#*!.
You can't even understand the people talking to you and all the noise in the back ground. It's so ridiculous I Called wanting some info on how to rent a home and what I have to do and the first question they asked me was if I have a credit card if so they needed to number to charge me 1$ then I could be able to find listings of homes for rent to own and went online couldn't get in for 1 week and they turned around charged my card 49.60 to start a new trial when I couldn't even get into the so called free trail and wouldn't give me my money back and said it will take up to 10 days to cancel my $#*!. So I ended up paying 100$ for nothing. Best bet just go threw a real estate agent! Stay away from company's that don't have your same area code.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I was surfing the internet for home listings and came across Rent to I am interested in buying a home, but was curious to learn more about renting to own. I entered my telephone number but decided not to have my credit report ran so I exited out of the site. I have been getting calls from numbers from different states, and speaking with very aggressive rent to own reps that become RUDE and belligerent when I asked to be removed from there calling list.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I'm needing a home asap and please call me asap important

1 review
9 helpful votes

It clearly states...$1 fee to cancel your trial. Never states the payment price for the trial. Haven't yet used them most likely won't. It would help people if you READ!

1 review
16 helpful votes

While some of the information was moderately helpful, I could have spent the same amount on an hour w/my lawyer. These types of site are sometimes referred to as "boiler room operations". Fancy looking website financed by the monies they pimp out of the consumers. Like the Wizard of Oz it's all smoke and mirrors and very little substance. There are dozens of other websites, including government consumer protection sites,that would have the same for free. My advice; 1)Take due diligence before investing any money in this website.2)Nothing is for free, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. S.Macest

1 review
13 helpful votes

Agreed to a $1 charge to look at current listings with a friend looking for a place and ended up with a monthly charge of $49.60. Their customer service tells you it is in the terms and conditions. When you agree to $1 you do not receive any warning you are agreeing to a membership requiring cancellation.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Please cancel my membership now!!! I don't want to be charged anymore on my credit card.

1 review
21 helpful votes

After authorizing a $1.00 charge for a one-week trial membership, I noticed a charge for $49.60 on my bank statement 2 weeks after the one week trial membership ended. I cancelled today and was told that the authorization for full membership is in the agreement for the trial membership!!! This is trickery and now I see reviews of others who say the listings are fake and altered and from those who have been charged $49.60 again even after cancellation. It's enough to make you sick and disgusted. Will be contacting the BBB next.

2 reviews
12 helpful votes

what about the reviews that RTO is a scam & you can't cancel out??

11 reviews
77 helpful votes

I was online looking for rental homes and I came across rent to own homes so I entered my information it was within 30 seconds I got a call from someone on the other end claiming to be a real estate agent who preys on people with bad credit as I told her I am a victim of identity theft and I have myself been rebuilding my credit she asked me if I was interested in buying a house I stated yes she said that she would have to refer me to Lexington Law before she could send me a list of homes for me to rent I would have to give Lexington Law $99.00.I stayed online with her when she contacted a representative from the Lexington Law Firm as I explained my situation to the sales rep from Lexington Law was telling me that they could help me with my credit I told her that I can do it myself and that I wasn't interested in her charging me $99 per month for something I could do myself the previous person I talk to at american rent to own homes told me that if I didn't pay the 99 dollars to the Lexington Law firm that I would not be receiving a list of rental homes to own after speaking with the person at Lexington Law and being unclear and hearing other people in the background thinking its a typical call center where there are other people trying to get people like myself to be talked into fixing there credit while on the phone I looked up Lexington Law firm complaints and this is why I am telling u that American rent to own is a scam to get yur money! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH RENT TO OWN AMERICAN HOMES! IT IS A SCAM!

2 reviews
23 helpful votes

If you are stupid enough to go to their site, do not give them your phone number, they will just keep calling you six or seven times a day, beware, do not ever give them your credit or debit card number, you cannot stop them from charging you!!!!

1 review
18 helpful votes

I cannot get to site to cancel and to stop charging my card I am not in need of a place I am going to seek legal Assistance what is with these sites that do not allow you to cancel

2 reviews
22 helpful votes

I joined this site for a trial, and couldn't log back on in order to view or cancel my membership. When I told them, I was sent a form to print and fill out, too see if maybe I would be able to get a refund. That was only after I filed a complaint with another site like this. Use this site only if you like giving away your money.

1 review
17 helpful votes

Horrible scam. Stay away. They do not list real properties but will continue to charge your card, then tell you that you cannot have complete access to the properties because you discontinued billing, even though you never received any type of service or real listing while paying for service. We have made many calls and spoke to manager of company, and he refuses to provide service or refund our money. We gave him the choice. He has chose to do neither.

1 review
25 helpful votes

If you are really looking for "rent to own", contact a local realtor and tell that realtor that this is what you want. The reason is that realtors' information includes whether or not the seller of a home is willing to do a rent to own arrangement. You don't have to go through a scam site like this to find rent-to-own. Realtors handle rent-to-own, because it's part of the business. It may not be high-profit per transaction, but not every house has a $500,000 list, either.

1 review
17 helpful votes

I got the same phone call as you did, when I wrote them a nasty letter, the woman that called me back told a bald-faced lie and said that they don't have ANYbody sending phone calls to their is that for a lie? I said, "Oh so, when he called the very NEXT day and said he was with rent to own .org it was a lie? How coincidental is that? I signed up to your site and the next day someone calls me from YOUR site....she STILL said there was no phone call. Then claimed that the 49.60 was in their user agreement and that I needed to start reading websites before joining...I went STRAIGHT to their user agreement, and of course, there was no agree to pay 49.60, and my husband got on the phone and told her if I didn't get my money back we were calling the BBB and also the TBI....but we had already called the TBI and he told me to call them and tell them to send my money back and if I didn't hear from them to call him my husband told them we wanted our money back or the TBI along with two of our friends from the FBI were going to get their hands in it....well, I didn't get the whole thing back but I DID get 44.00 of it back...and I wrote them and told them that the TBI AND the FBI would be getting my call back if I didn't get the rest of it by the 19th. I'll bet you didn't get that phone call either, we both just made up the same lie at the same time and don't even know each other. LOL I also found out that they are running a website that supposedly rents out apartments too, so I am reporting them to everyone I can to keep them from hurting anyone else financially. They changed all of their user information after our phone call, but we wrote it all down before they had a chance to change if they don't give your money back, report them to the better business bureau...if enough people have the same truth about this diatribe of fraudulence....they will do something legal to them.

1 review
13 helpful votes

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SITE! They lure you with in with the promise of rent to own real estate but the options are few (I used it ONCE during the trail period). I was called by an "agent" and I told him I was no longer interested in the site, however, I was charged $49.60 two months later and told "there are no refunds".

1 review
14 helpful votes

Like many other unfortunate consumers, my mother Sue was tricked by this website into an expensive recurring monthly bill. She cancelled, and yet was charged again for the next month. The agent she spoke with this evening was less than helpful when she called as he wanted to go home for the day, and curtly told her to fill out a form (which he never sent) requesting a refund and to submit it to their legal department. As stated in a voice message left tonight, she will be contacting the BBB and Attorney General, and filing a dispute with the bank unless she receives a refund for these charges.

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