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75 reviews
Categories: Conservative, Health, News
P.O. BOX 20989
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Tel: +1.5616861165
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75 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

While the Clintons and their cohorts are smiling out of one side of their mouths and talking trash out of the other side, there are war games afoot. It is interesting how often wars have been manufactured to cover up
other agendas.
At a local group of "Outlet" stores I asked several of the more well known store managers if they had any clothes made in the one of them sadly put it..."Good luck with that". China won out!!
Makes you think and maybe listen a bit closer.

Ask Judy about NewsMax
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Awful. is just slightly to the right of Attila the Hun. All propaganda, zero "news".

Ask Meleana about NewsMax
1 review
3 helpful votes

Your polls make perfect sense in that Trump has taken a lead over Clinton in a poll whose sample is 100% Conservatives.

Ask Rick about NewsMax
1 review
3 helpful votes

This media business along with One America News and Fox News mirror the one sided, many times not factual, opinionated one sided government run news of countries like Cuba. In these countries, the government runs all media and creates a reality for the people. Anyone who disagrees with the opinion of the man in charge, is punished.
Many, many people supported Castro in 1959. Within a year , they were isolated from the world, and lost all their civil liberties, because "he" could "fix" everything.

Ask Liberty about NewsMax
1 review
9 helpful votes

Using "News" in its title is hilarious. There is no news in NewsMax. It is plain and simple right-wing propaganda that caters to the ill informed, most ignorant and uneducated Americans who are incapable of rational thought.

Ask Jimbo about NewsMax
1 review
7 helpful votes

Newsmax publishes like the national enquirer. It is a ridiculous bunch of hype and expresses views that are twists of true conservative positions. Leaves me to conclude it is a red herring paper not credibly conservative at all. More like inflamatory left wing paper cloaked in conservative flab.... Besides once you on the mailing list they dont let you unsubscribe...LOL...

Ask J about NewsMax
1 review
9 helpful votes

How to unsubscribe from this garbage? It's a stupid waste of time, aimed at retards.

Ask peter about NewsMax
1 review
2 helpful votes

I count it a blessing to have access to newsmax. Unbiased truth based media is what is so needed in our country! People who are not afraid to speak the truth! Thank you newsmax for your dedicated service! Besides the news, the documentaries you provide are both informative and enlightening. God bless you for you dedication and hard work!

Ask Jen about NewsMax
1 review
5 helpful votes

Newsmax is simply amazing. Defiantly not liberal. It's hard to find good conservative patriotism on TV these days. They're not afraid to tell this now "Politically Correct" Union how it really is. Newsmax doesn't stuff crap and lies in your face like mainstream media. And as for the people who want to call them Nazi, they show that programming so people will know the past and hopefully work towards not repeating it. "Hitlery Clinton". Tune in and Make America Great Again!

Ask Caleb about NewsMax
1 review
17 helpful votes

Extreme racist rag with ultra-conservative narrow-minded views.

Ask Ceil about NewsMax
1 review
8 helpful votes

Scam should be your name!
A bunch of crooks, an like others say probably liberals

Ask Lori about NewsMax
1 review
13 helpful votes

The most Biased group of Loud mouths.

Ask P about NewsMax
1 review
12 helpful votes

Virtually no other place but NEWSMAX, will you see video of radical terrorist muslims on TV. Most networks won't show you, because the Liberals fear it will insight people against muslims. Newsmax believes you should see what is really going on in the world and in our country! They report the facts. They are much like Trump! They tell it like it is.
The Liberals have shut down free speech on many a college campus. Any view other than their own liberal socialist bias, they seek to banish and destroy to prevent others from exercising their free speech. You can witness this by their attempts to stop Trump from speaking at his own conventions. NEWSMAX, will just keep getting bigger and better, as they expose liberal bias reporting, and show viewers what the liberals don't want them to see. "THE FACTS" With only a few conservative news networks available on television, the liberals are still furious. Because within only a few years, the majority of citizens in the USA have learned by watching these conservative news sources, just how liberally biased the entire main stream media actually is. These liberal stations have continually lied to the American people for decades, with no one to expose them. BUT NO MORE! Now these liberals are being held to account, and they are crying and screaming and gnashing their teeth. These Liberal Socialists seek to destroy anyone and everyone that exposes their liberal bias and lies. But it's not working. Their programs are not working. The socialist liberal nirvana they promised is finally being seen for what it is. A COMPLETE FAILURE. NEWSMAX will pull the curtain off these liberals socialists, and show you who they really are, and what they are up to. GO NEWSMAX!!

Ask Bass about NewsMax
2 reviews
17 helpful votes

Newsmax seems to be part of the lunatic fringe with all of the fearmongering conspiracy theory links they embed within their stories. What's worse, they spam my email repeatedly. I've tried unsubscribing from their emails, and finally just had to add a filter to deflect all of their crap to the Trash folder, where it belongs.

Ask Willie about NewsMax
1 review
30 helpful votes

Keep in mind that I'm a very, very conservative leaning individual so I can only figure that these clowns must sleep with a copy of Mein Kampf under their pillows to find any of my posts intolerable! I'm as anti-Obama and anti-liberal policy as they come but there are ethnically pejorative and downright bigoted posts left untouched on that website while very (like mine) sincere, polite and what I believe to be insightful (at the least thoughtful) writings were "held for review" and subsequently deleted.

Stay away from that group if you care to have a meaningful dialogue. Newsmax, as a website is a joke!

Ask Johnny about NewsMax
1 review
21 helpful votes

Polls are misleading if not outright lies. Articles are riddled with adverts and most of what they're selling is crap.

Ask Lib about NewsMax
1 review
6 helpful votes

76% of Americans (% w out a college degree) need a guide(professor) to explain what you are reading to you like a child. Because public h.s.simply Doesn't provide you the skills to think for yourself unfortunatly. Not your fault, but you should have the natural intelligence to know you need to learn MUCH MORE than where you are now(or were at 12th grade)
Only then are you NOT a low info voter that can spot rhetoric and navigate red herrings and other forms of persuasion that work on 9/10 of you.
Here is a gift to the above avg intelligence ppl that didn't have the chance to go to college...but still refuse to be stupid and stay informed..for you lovely ppl, I give you the ONLY reputable news outlets in the order of integrity-descending
1-infowars (Alex jones) too complex for new listeners.this is heavy next level stuff.
2-the drudge report-just straight facts,no bells and whistles)
3-wnd-(world net daily)-1st class
4-Rt-(Russia TV-USA)-surprisingly factual,and progressive
5-the guardian(debatable between ppl weather this is pro liberty or just has sum journalist with integrity like Glenn Greenwald(Ed Snowden interview)

Ask Rod about NewsMax
1 review
9 helpful votes

If you love MSNBC you will hate this network. Good to see another conservative point of view with great reporting and excellent guests.

Ask Lisa about NewsMax
1 review
7 helpful votes

A friend gave me your site as an alternative to CNN and FOX. I just listened for the first time today. You are no different. Disappointed in the lack of support for religious freedom--seems your view is "equality" out-weights constitutional religious freedom. I will go back to CNN/FOX.

Ask Jeannine about NewsMax
1 review
9 helpful votes

I got one of those Newsmax Magazine charges on my credit card.Not sure how I got it but not for me.

Ask Marie about NewsMax
1 review
5 helpful votes

Does S C Rep. Horne get all choked up when she sees a flag with the Rising Sun flying over the Japanese embassy in D C??? I believe that flag was on all those planes that made that sneak attack that killed 2500 Americans on Dec. 7th 1941!

Ask coy about NewsMax
1 review
22 helpful votes

I wanted to comment on stories and articles. it didn't take long to realize that if the comment was truthful and had a link to my source to verify what I had said it was automatically removed from the comments. They take away your right of free speech and your voice to debate on issues. If it does not prays conservatives and their agenda it is deleted. They are in competition with Fox News to be the biggest liars and they are succeeding.

Ask Billy about NewsMax
13 reviews
49 helpful votes

Their polls are a mess, and if you sign up for their newsletter you'll get five links in one email and then get 10+ emails that day that have nothing to do with news. But, now let's talk about the site. The site is better then their email newsletter and polls, but not much. They flop like the wind political wise. One day they may be supporting the Tea Party and then the next they are supporting RINO's. Also, their articles are generally not very informative. I was going to give this site about 2 stars out of 5, but I saw it getting 1 star on average, and so I'll raise my star level to help it get where it belongs (which is 2 out of 5).

Ask James about NewsMax
1 review
44 helpful votes

NEWSMAX is disreputable and despicable. The so-called polls are fraudulent, and I suspect that they are looking for people dumb enough to buy their subscriptions, which, by the way, they renew automatically, even after you canceled. In my case, I clearly canceled the Blaylock Wellness Report, which was nothing but fluff with far more pages hawking the vitamins that were supposed to cure the condition they were writing about. Nevertheless, they renewed it for the full $54.99 in 2014, claiming that I had only canceled the bonus newsletter (a free-bee) --also nonsense-- and not the thing I had actually subscribed to. So glad I caught that tiny little postcard in today's mail, or they would have stolen another $54.99 out of my checking account if I had not called them to stop it. Never bother with their polls, and certainly do not subscribe to anything, because the teaser articles are way better than the actual publications. I just denounced them and their polls on FB, and I urge people to take the time to do so on their social media.

Ask Denise about NewsMax
1 review
38 helpful votes

Any site that claims to be a news organization--rather than a "news" organization--should probably avoid presenting skewed and meaningless anti-President Obama polls and also sidestep palling around with Fox News for news facts. Does Newsmax provide Fox News with faux news or is it the other way around? It gets so difficult to understand who's who in the world right wing media barons and their silly "news" outlets. It's another feel good site for far right Republicans and Testicular-Bag (sorry,T-Bag) Party members. Personally, goose-stepping to the tune of GW Bush and Cheney destroying this nation and lying treasonously about why we needed to kill Iraqis continues to be unattractive to me to this day, but perhaps you will find something to enjoy at Newsmax. Each to his/her own . . .

Ask Daniel about NewsMax

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on 6/26/16
A: Hahahahaha. They only post fantasy. Nothing is real, truthful or accurate. They simply want to stir up the crazies out there.
2 weeks, 5 days ago
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