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Hong Kong
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47 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

the website not work anymore ?

Ask FeFe about iDreamProm
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was very nervous about ordering my wedding dress over the Internet. I'm an over the road truck driver and I had this sent to my office. I just unpacked the dress and was a little upset that it had come in a small plastic bag.

The dress was packed inside out to protect the beadwork. The stitching was perfect. The sash is perfect. I will say though that the dress was a week late and I paid for a rush delivery. BUT my wedding is not until December so I had plenty if time.... would I use IIdreaprom again? Yep in a heartbeat!

Ask Sharleen about iDreamProm
1 review
3 helpful votes

I cannot even begin to tell you how pissed I am at my order. I gave specific instructions from the custom sizing to my shipping. The dress came in a package the size of a football all wrinkled and crinkled. Its 4" too big and 6 " too long. Its is costing me $450 to hopefully make it fit. Why ask for custom sizes and special instructions if you are not going to follow them? They completely misrepresent themselves and I want a refund. My niece ordered her dress from you too-same thing all messed up and doesnt fit at all. Too small. She ordered custom too. Thanks for nothing and making my confidence in having a great wedding dress go to crap. Oh yeah, also, no mention it came from China. Maybe the reason they you screwed my dress up so bad is because they dont speak english. Well heres a universal word maybe they will understand. THIEVES. They are a bunch of HACKS.

Ask Robin about iDreamProm
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered dresses from this company and they are horrible and they refuse to give refunds. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS CHEAPLY MADE DRESS COMPANY. THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE AND ARE ONLY WORTH $2 AT MOST!!+


Ask Cat about iDreamProm
1 review
0 helpful votes

My sister and best friend both ordered from this website. My dress consisted of stones and beading work, which was done very poorly. The stones/beads were very lose and looked like a 6 year old had sewn them on. The color was correct, including the size, but my sisters gown was not the color she had ordered. I ordered the dress sometime in January-February and the dress came sometimes in the beginning of April. I was extremely disappointed with this website and I strongly suggest that no one should order off of this website. STAY AWAY.

Ask Corinna about iDreamProm
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have ordered from idream prom several times, and until recently I have been satisfied with my purchases. This last dress I received was poorly made, and did not look like the picture at all. Then this company does not give back full refunds for their poorly designed and structured clothing. This makes me really skeptical in purchasing from companies over seas. However, I will never purchase from this company and again and I will warn every individual I know in the pageant world that this company is a rip off.

Tip for consumers: Do not purchase from this company. The quality of craftsmanship is horrible and you will not get a full refund back even though they produce horrible work. Your clothing will not look like the picture and you will have extra lose pins in your clothing. Be careful.

Ask Nikki about iDreamProm
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered my very first prom dress from IDreamProm. After ordering it I decided to look up some reviews. I was very shocked about what people had to say. I then began to worry because I had already paid for the dress, had it custom fit, and prom is not far away.

My dress was suppose to get here March 2nd. I ordered it January 30th. I then got an email saying my package was delivered the day of February 16th ( which was ironic being my birthday )! I opened the package a little afraid to see what was in it.

I could not believe how beautiful & absolutely stunning it was! I love my dress!! I will be ordering another for next year!!

Ask Kynesha about iDreamProm
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I bought a wedding dress from them because it has a very pretty beading pattern on it and got a dress with a completely different beading pattern that's not what I like at all! Upon asking them about it, I was told that they make the dress after a picture and that the details on the picture is blurred when magnified and that they did their best already. Can you believe that! So now I don't know what to do about my wedding dress. Don't ever buy from this website. They apparently steal designs from other people and the dresses on their site is not their own.

Ask hai about iDreamProm
1 review
0 helpful votes

I will admit I was skeptical. Shopping online for a wedding dress that I didn't try on, with a very affordable price tag tops my list of risky things to do in life. However, the dress arrived one week earlier than expected, and met all my expectations. I communicated with customer service to make some changes to the one pictured on the site, and they Did not disappoint. Everything was made custom, and I requested custom size. It fit like a glove everywhere! Except... along the shoulders it did come a little big. Nothing that can't be fixed though.. I am happy as can be and can't wait to wear it on my wedding day!

Ask Sylvia about iDreamProm
1 review
0 helpful votes

I thought it was great buying from them. My dress came to me exactly as I ordered it. I gave them my messurements and it almost fit perfectly, and the price was amazing. 4 out oft 5!!

Ask vicky about iDreamProm
1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible do not buy from them, daughter bought dress wrong color, sent pics & they had the gaul to say everything looked fine to them, it was the wrong color!! Cheaply made.

Ask Debbie about iDreamProm
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered my custom wedding dress from this company on 7/30/14. I went to a tailor to be professionally measured and then submitted all my information with their custom online ordering form. I received my dress on 8/26/14. When I tried it on, I immediately noticed that the dress had been made 5 inches too long and contacted the company via email. The reply was that I should wear higher heels. I replied and explained that I there was no way I could wear 5 inch heels all day at my wedding and asked what else could be done. They then replied that I should just take it to a local tailor and they would share the price if it wasn't too much. I wasted my time going to my tailor and emailed them the quote of $130 to fix their error. They replied that it was too much and that I needed to send pictures of the dresses measurements. I again wasted my time taking pictures of the dress clearly showing with a tape measure that it had been made 5 inches longer than I had specified on my order form. They then replied that they make their dresses with a standard 2 inches of extra length assuming that the wearer will have heels on and offered a discount off my next purchase. I again pointed out that it wasn't 2 inches extra, it was 5 inches extra, and that their order form had specifically asked for bare-footed measurements. They replied that they could only offer me $40 compensation, which doesn't even come close to covering the $130 to fix their error. They then asked me to waste more of my time and go to the tailor and send them pictures of a tailor measuring me with the dress. I explained that my height will never change and that the pictures I had already sent were sufficient. They then replied that they couldn't offer more because their tailors and company wouldn't make any profit if they paid the full amount to fix their error, to which I replied that they were no longer entitled to a profit when they clearly screwed up a custom order. A two-month long back and forth of over 70 emails ensued where they continued to make ridiculous suggestions, question why it was so expensive to have a dress altered in my country, give me the run around, and finally tell me that $60 was the maximum they would offer. When I questioned the representative 3 times for his or her name and title, the representative blatantly refused to give me a name. Because my wedding is so close, there is not enough time to cancel the order and find a new dress, in addition, I would have to pay to ship the dress back to China and be out even more money than the $130 to fix their error. I also don't trust that they would refund me my money even if I did ship the dress back. This fraud of a company preys on customers in other countries knowing that the customer cannot simply go to their business and demand that they fix their errors. They are fully aware that the buyer has no recourse and this allows them to just send out whatever substandard product they want without consequence. I have learned my lesson about buying from overseas, but it is infuriating that this company will continue to cheat anyone who buys from them and ruin what should have been a wonderful experience. I truly hope this complaint serves as a warning for anyone considering a purchase from this insidious fraud of a company.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Ask Suzie about iDreamProm
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, I ordered a dress from this site, half an hour after that I saw the reviews and wanted to cancel my order but there was no cancellation on my order, they have a cancel policy that I could cancel within 12 hours after place my order so I called them and no answer,
I used live chat on their site, he/she asked me why I want to cancel and I said that I just don't want it anymore, he/she said you can keep it and resell it, I said ok and I will call my bank. finally after 30 mins of talking they cancelled my order but I am still waiting for my money back.

Tip for consumers: Just don't use this site

Ask Ted about iDreamProm
1 review
2 helpful votes

Just received my dress and it was amazing! although the stones were pink instead of silver the dress looked amazing! I was worried reading all of the reviews but decided to take the risk and it was well worth it. It came waaaay earlier than expected (was meant to come on the 4th November) but came on 21st October.

Ask Sarah about iDreamProm
1 review
5 helpful votes

BUYER BEWARE...Total scam....wrong color......bra sewn in dress is backwards....but the worst is you CANNOT get a refund from this company. They told me to sell the dress or donate it to charity. This is no way to do business. My hard earned money is lost to these scammers.....again it's a total scam.

Ask P about iDreamProm
1 review
4 helpful votes

I came across this website looking at homecoming dresses. When I saw the "Up to 80% off" sale ending in only a few hours and a dress I liked for a good price, I bought it (in blue when the picture only showed watermelon) right away without even looking at reviews. When I came back to the site to show my boyfriend the dress, I realized the "sale" had started over. Then, I had gotten an email saying I hadn't paid yet, when indeed on my credit card account it said it went through and was paid. I then became pretty skeptical. So I looked up reviews and I was horrified. I became extremely nervous that I had just wasted $130 and they were trying to get even more. But the few good reviews I saw gave me hope! I contacted the online chat to realize that they have "Hong Kong" written in almost white letters at the bottom so you can barely see it, and no one was any help to see if I could cancel the payment. I then contacted the credit card company saying it was a scam, and they told me what to do, to wait and see if the dress ever came. The dress came three weeks early, and knowing from other reviews that this company uses model's pictures to TRY to recreate the dress, I was fairly impressed. It's not EXACTLY the picture. but the quality isn't terrible, it's exactly a size 1 and I would still try it on and probably buy if I saw it in stores. The dress on the website is on the left, the one I bought is on the right. I am very relieved!

Tip for consumers: Like said, this website is an Asian company trying to recreate other dresses. The dress you buy will not be exactly like the one in the picture, but very similar.

Ask Leah about iDreamProm
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have purchased two dresses from this website and both have turned out flawless! Their customer service is also very accommodating to a stressed out girl waiting for her dress! I would buy dresses from this website again and again

Ask Brita about iDreamProm
1 review
6 helpful votes

OMG! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! Lesson learned ... Please do not order from this company! I wish I could upload a picture! It was supposed to be a champaign color & it's gold ... sequins are sewn on in lines & not random like the picture shows. They will not work with me to replace it or get my money back. Horrible service!!!! I'm so disappointed & so is my daughter for whom this dress was made for her homecoming. Just hoping I can sell it at a consignment store. What a rip off!!!!!!!

Ask Kelly about iDreamProm
1 review
3 helpful votes

DO NOT order from this company. It is a scam. I ordered a dress and a veil. Neither looked anything like the picture. The veil description was a single layer off white fingertip. I got a double layer white veil. They never responded to any of my emails and do not accept returns. Never use them! I spent 400$ and it is down the drain

Ask dana about iDreamProm
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a dress off of here for my boyfriend's senior prom. I ordered it a little less than a month before the prom. I saw all of the lovely dresses on the website, and they were at such amazing prices, i ordered a dress right away.
However, a couple of days after ordering the dress, I started looking at some reviews online and was completely in shock from all of the negative and truly horrendous experiences people were talking about. I convinced myself that my money was lost, I had fallen for a stupid scam, and these souless people running this horrible business now had a hold of my money and i was never going to get it back. I became extremely nervous after reading all of the reviews (off of multiple websites) and started emailing and live chatting with the company almost every day the week before it was supposed to arrive. I kept emailing them and reminding them of the date of my prom, i was definitely on their backs. They were always very polite to me and always responded to me within a day of my emails.
Long story short, despite all of the HORRIBLE reviews, I received my dress on the date promised to me, and its identical to the dress from the picture! I am so impressed with the work that they did, the dress literally looks exactly how the picture does! I also was nervous about the material that would be used to make the dress, but the material as well was great and definitely worth the money i payed for!
I'm happy with my dress and I am really excited about prom and can't wait for all the pictures!

Ask Eileen about iDreamProm
1 review
4 helpful votes

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered a prom dress and when it arrived the only thing they got right was the colour. Design and style was completely different to the dress I had ordered. Also size was approx 3 sizes bigger than ordered. Also I had to pay 50 duty on receipt which they had not warned me about. Sent umpteen emails to them with very negative responses, no way will they accept return,nor won't accept mistakes. Eventually got them to refund 60, less than half what it cost me so I'm well out of pocket. Going to complain to consumer rights now. PS. Deserve minus stars

Ask Marian about iDreamProm
2 reviews
22 helpful votes

They say on their site that they check each dress 4 times. RUBBISH. My daughters dress arrived with a bead hanging off the front of it. There was no spare bead sent. I found that there was no hole on one side of this bead and it could never be sewn on. Surely the sewer would have the brains to change the bead she was unable to sew?? I have emailed the company 8 times asking for a new bead to be sent to fix their error. They treated me like I was dumb and kept saying I should use a smaller needle to sew the bead or drill a hole. There was no hole for any sized needle and no way to drill a hole that small. They then wanted me to spend $25USD for them to post 1 light weight bead to fix their stuff up. It would not even cost that much to post they just wanted more of my money. Their sit says to check your garment and let them know of any problems. What utter lies. SO would I buy from them again NO. Would I recommend them NO WAY. I am now changing the whole row of beads myself to make the dress wearable for the ball at my cost. GEE THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.

Ask Sandra about iDreamProm
1 review
5 helpful votes

I found a designer dress that I really liked in a store but it was super expensive, then I found the same dress on this website for cheaper. The website says that there will be a 5% difference between the dress the picture of the dress, so I didn't think there was going to be an issue. I got the dress on time, but it looks almost nothing like the dress I wanted. The colour was slightly different and the design wasn't even the same. A knock off of the real thing. Extremely dissapointed. Prom was supposed to be my moment.

Ask Tristian about iDreamProm
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Worst company I have ever experienced. Have been trying for two weeks to get a refund due to crappy sewing job to no avail. THe company actually offered me $30.00 for a refund for a $129.00 dress, using the excuse "we had to pay for the material and the tailor". REALLY! and thats my fault that you have crappy tailors? I am the one out a dress and $129.00. There is a 1/2" gap on the side of the dress because they dont know where to sew the hooks properly so they dont show. The color is also misrepresented. It was supposed to be hunter green, but instead I get green on the bottom and aquablue on the top. Talk about FUGLY!

Ask Sheryl about iDreamProm
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I loved this dress on the model, so I ordered it from, but the dress they sent me looked nothing like the dress on the website, and when I tried it on, the armscyes (armholes) were so cut away that everything under my arms showed. I e-mailed DreamProm and asked to return the dress for a refund. One year and over 135 e-mails later, they still have every penny ($263.37) I sent for the dress. They did offer me a $20.00 refund and went as high as $60.00, which I did not accept. Below are excerpts from our e-mail exchanges. Please contact me for the entire e-mail thread.

DreamProm: " we also have inspected the dress before ship it. So there should be no problems in our dress."

Me: " I have shown you my pictures of the sleeves on the dress you sent me. They are very different from the ones on the dress on your website. Because they are different, I cannot wear the dress."

DreamProm: "Hi, we also spend money on this dress, we have paid the labor work, and bought the material, there is no enough for us to give you a full refund, please accpet the partial refund, this the maximum we can offer. Have a nice day." ($20.00 refund offered)

Me: " sent me a dress that was so different from the picture on your website that I cannot wear it."

DreamProm: "The dress we have made is just for you, there is nothing wrong with the dress..."

Me: "A $20.00 refund means that I am still paying about $240.00 for a dress I cannot wear. That is not acceptable."

DreamProm: "Can you keep the dress and accept a partial refund? As a compensation, we would like to free your customize fee and rush fee for your future shopping."

(At this point, we had exchanged about 30 e-mails. I realized that I should find the actual charge for the dress on my credit card statement before continuing my correspondence with DreamProm. This wasn't easy, since was not listed on any of my credit card statements. I started to doubt whether the charges had actually gone through, and was about to contact DreamProm to let them know when I found a charge for $263.37 to a company called "Fishinthesky." This was the charge for the dress.)

Me: "I am still waiting for my refund of $263.37 for the dress that wasn't the same as the one on your website. I will send the dress back to you as soon as my refund arrives."

DreamProm: "Hey,you again. Wow half a year has passed, are you still going to send the dress back ? Please just keep it." (No refund offered)

Me: "Yes, half a year has passed and you have done nothing..."

DreamProm: "How about we give you a discount and then you buy a new one?"

Me: "I will not buy anything from you ever again, so how would a discount help me?"

DreamProm: "Hello, thanks for your email. We are so sorry as it is too late and it has passed half of the year, our bank told us that the money can not be refunded to you. How about that we offer you the most favorable discount which is unavailable for other customers for your future shopping?"

Me: "Every time you offer me a discount, you are really telling me that you want me to spend more of my money with you."

DreamProm: "...we offered you a refund of $60.... The only way is you can buy something else and we take the refund as discount. Why not have a new dress rather than we both stuck in this situation. We can imagine that you joined many proms or parties actually."

Me: "If I had accepted your refund of $60.00, I would still have paid over $200.00 for a dress that was different from the one I ordered and that I could not use in any way."

DreamProm: "If you are always stating that a refund, we will have no idea what we can do for you."

Me: "You said at the beginning that you could not refund my money, then you said that you could refund only some of it, then you said that you could refund a little more of it, then you said that you could only refund a little of it, then you said that you could refund a little more of it, then you said that you could refund none of it. Now you say that you could have refunded my money earlier, but not now.... You have told me many different things. If one of those things is true, the others cannot be true."

(DreamProm offered $20.00, $30.00, $40.00, then $60.00 refunds, all of which I refused. I would have settled for $200.00. I was willing to lose $60.00 or so, but no more, for a dress that was different from the one on their website, that I couldn't wear.)

DreamProm: "thank you for your email. But we can hardly give you 200 usd. We have spent so much for making the dress to you. We have bought the high quality fabric and we have paid for the expensive salary for the professional tailors who have worked day and night to make the dress for you specially. We even covered the shipping fee. There is no any profit left for us. So could you please kindly take the hard work of our tailors into consideration and donate the dress to charity this time?"

Me: 'You seem to be asking me to donate $263.37 to your company for no reason. I cannot afford to do that. It does not matter how much you paid the tailor or how expensive the fabric is if the dress is not what you said it would be. It is a shame that those things went into a dress that I cannot wear, but that is because your company made a mistake. You made the mistake and I did not, but you are telling me that I should be the one to pay so that you will not lose your profit."

DreamProm: "Too many times pass, the 20 usd is really the most we can offer..."

Me: "Why should I have to pay $240.00 for your mistake?"

DreamProm: "Hi... we still suggest you buy another one dress cause now dresses are much cheaper than before, just take the chance. Thank you."

Me: "You are telling me that you won't fix your mistake, you will keep my money and I should buy another dress from you? No. Please refund me my money in full immediately."

DreamProm: "Hi,we are trying to fix this but just in another way actually. We would like to but you always say no, that hurts actually.sad"

Me: "I'm sorry it hurts you that I won't accept a $30.00 refund. I'm sorry it hurts you that I won't accept a discount on another dress you want me to buy from you. I don't believe it hurts as much as losing $263.37 and having to spend even more money on another dress."

DreamProm: "Hi,if i refund you in full i will be definately fired actually. Will you help me?"

Me: "Who is in charge of finances? That is who I'd like to speak to. If I speak directly to the person in charge, you will not get in trouble."

DreamProm: "But it is very hard. We are having a Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, see you next next week."

Me: " I hope you had a nice holiday. It's been almost a year and we've exchanged almost 130 e-mails. Please let me know how much longer your customer service department will take to help me."

DreamProm: "Please don't hope for the refund. Think about something else."

Me: "Please do not tell me that you can take my money but you cannot give it back."

DreamProm: "Hi,sorry we are not able to send you a check or use wire transfer. The supervisor told me he would't do that. I don't know what to do now. Sorry cannot help you with that. Why won't you buy yourself a dress..."

Me: "I tried that a year ago. One year later, it is still a very bad experience. Please refund my money."

Me: "Please share my emails with your supervisor and have him contact me."

Me: "I am still waiting to hear from your supervisor."

Me: "I'm still waiting. You have not even sent me an automatic response."

Ask Jocelyn about iDreamProm

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Leslie F.
on 1/13/16
Sharleen W.
A: My wedding dress was EVERYTHING I dreamed of...

Just make sure you do "custom fit"
on 1/19/16
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