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1 review
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It's a great site. It's hysterical reading all the bad reviews from the butthurt haters. That's what makes GLP great, It's the Wild West and if you can't handle it then GTFO.

1 review
3 helpful votes

This website has immense traffic, news stories break here before anywhere else, and its sometimes fun to muddle through the nonsense to get to the meat. However, the random banning algorithm will lead you to anger. As soon as you get ready to contribute to an ignorant statement in a hot topic, typically racist nonsense, the ban is activated. Signing up does nothing, as you have to upgrade your account. The entire algorithm is based on letting you post a few times in trivial topics, then showing you key topics to your interests, that you feel you must respond to, then activating the ban. They typically let you type out your replies, feeling your efforts are lost if you aren't able to submit them. Occasionally the algorithm throws a cure ball, blocking topic views completely. Its all just a sick marketing ploy by the owners, who comprise, Im guessing, about how of registered users.

Dont come here to post, and expect lots of annoying topics from site employees trying to force people to pay in, to get their response to the drivel out.

That is the sum of GLPs operation, to intice you to send them money, only so you can respond to abominable baits threads which the website owner himself creates under varying aliases.

3 reviews
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Very,very poor. At one point the owner, Trinity, said that he was considering selling up. As someone with some cash in the bank I enquired about buying it... and was promptly banned. Ban, ban, ban. And when they ban you, they write to you saying if you pay them they'll make you ban -proof. Just one scam after another.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been banned from that site as well even though I frankly dont give a crap. The people on there are rude, hateful people who will go out of their way to bully others. I hate that site and only go there to make fun of the hateful $#*!s they are. I also refuse to give them ANY money (I am against religion) and that site is a huge joke and we use it an insult for other sites. Yes they are racist, they use the N bomb freely (I hate that word) and think their $#*! dont stink.

Tip for consumers: Good to insult the idiots on there.

1 review
1 helpful vote

If you don't believe what they believe you be banned. If you say an unapproved word or phrase you'll be banned. If you black gay or Muslim they don't want you kind.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Used to enjoy going on there years ago but in the last few years the site has gone downhill and way downhill. It has become one of the most hateful sites on the internet where racism is applauded and the mods on there are the ones who start most of the racist threads. It's become a site that shows everything that is wrong with society in this day and age.

1 review
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If you are not a knuckle dragging, sexually frustrated, white male, then going to this site will probably be a negative experience. It is a place full of hate and ignorance.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Been banned for NO REASON all the time before I bought a subscription. Then I noticed the mods were deleting my posts. I would post topics about how the government and the people were largely being subjugated by outside influences, and how to spot it, and rectify it. I opined about the pedophile scandal going on in the US and other places, people began to respond and comment, then, BOOM, the whole thread disappeared. I would repost again later, and as soon as people began to respond, boom. The mods are relentless in controlling the narrative. Its always "Breaking,....Doom" or "WW3" that. If you offer any valid or tangible facts, be prepared to be insulted by an army of loud, vulgar, and narrow minded lemmings. It didn't take long for me in this losing battle before I was subsequently bumped out of premier status and back into a regular "Anonymous Coward". When I contacted their site admin, nothing was done, no response, no refund. I went to paypal for a dispute. Nothing ever came if it. I sent Jason Lucas a letter informing him of his foul play. Furthermore I said, it wasn't even about the money, it was the principal. His site was censoring free speech. It almost goes without saying, I will NEVER join this site again. It is clear, to me, that they aren't interested in propagating truth. They are deliberately gathering Intel, and seeding misinformation to diligent minds who seek truths. I would recommend you stay away from there. There appear to be a few members who are, in my opinion, decent characters, however, the owner Jason Lucas aka Trinity has chosen to turn his back on people like me, in favor of blind sheep, who are unwilling to exercise critical thinking. He, along with them, have sealed their fate.

Tip for consumers: Not a friendly place. Tell all your friends to stay away.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I stopped reading GLP because I get banned almost every week just for reading topics! I have friends that have their IP banned twice a week!
This website should go down it is not worth it our time.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Get past the racist and all around arrogant supposed Christians it can be a pretty interesting and sometimes funny site. And the fact that the mods ban every IP address out there that isn't a paid account.

Edit: Emma L. Lovely example of a pot calling the kettle black. Just like the flat earth bs on there, the supporters of such nonsense labels anyone who disagrees or calls them out on it a "shill" when they're obviously shilling themselves or are lucky to have made it to 3rd grade.

1 review
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One of the many automated Putin talking point dispensers on the www. Plays games with site visitors by "banning" them for various made up offenses. One of the most childish wastesmof time and bandwidth on the web. Populated by RussianTrollBots controlled by a few moderaters that apparently decide what visitors to sack. Tediuos bollacks!

1 review
9 helpful votes

Remember all those chimpanzees bashing away at typewriters, trying to see which one would come up the collected works of Shakespeare? Ever wondered what happened to those chimps after the invention of the word processor? They all moved to GLP. Random bans, irritating pop-ups, massive threads of total bo!!'s all there. Childish, irrelevant, irritating, self-absorbed, insulting...just don't bother, leave them to it.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I have been visiting GLP for close to 10 years, it used to be a fun site full of fast news and alternative views on world events.
However a couple of years ago the site owner started begging for someone to buy his site, that officially never happened, but he must have made some deal with alt-right/Russian troll factories because since Russia annexed Crimea it has been a one-way propaganda show for Putin, Brexit and Trump. By now every sane person has left the site (RIP Janey) as it has virtually become impossible to start any topic that isn't turned into racism or blind Putin/Trump admiration within the first page. TL;DR site is dead for anyone not willing to alt-right circle jerk.

1 review
9 helpful votes

There's something very dark about GLP.
Run by a pack of narcissistic control freaks that are definitely against free speech.

1 review
18 helpful votes

Godlike Productions is an abyss of retards that only engage in racist bigotry, the worship of their Messiah, Donald J. Trump and evangelical Trinitaritanism. Any idea that challages those three core principles in any way gets you banned immediately. The design of Godlike Productions is to create a cesspool for the "Awake" retards so they can circle jerk each other and stay away from cognitive society. If you are in any way a cognitive entity your only purpose is money. They ban you and make you upgrade (pay) to use the site and once they have your money they ban you again. I would sue them and I will probably be looking into a class action lawsuit.

1 review
13 helpful votes

Bunch of redneck, racist, tavistock a'holes who will ban you for calling them out on their fu*kery. Perhaps they are evaluating the scum of the earth for research purposes...who knows...

1 review
10 helpful votes

As a long time poster to the GLP, sad that it has been taken over by despicable people that hate and trash and ban free speech.

If your opinion does not match the cult you will be banned even though you have paid not to be. The place sucks stay away unless you are a NEO NAZI.

1 review
12 helpful votes

I was able to go to the website. Then all of a sudden I am banned. The IP address is not even my IP address. In fact, I used my cell phone to access the site and was banned with the SAME IP ADDRESS but the phone is using the network and not wifi so how could it be the same?

Trying to get you to pay to go on the site. There are plenty of sites out there. Nobody needs to pay for this garbage.

1 review
10 helpful votes

Nothing but a bunch of paranoid hateful Alt-right (neo-nazi) assh*le racists who use the site as a recruiting tool to spread that hate and ignorance. If you disagree with the admins, they ban you immediately. No warnings, no discussion. You're gone. If you stick up for anyone of color, a non-Christian (not that any of these people understand how Christians are supposed to act), anyone leaning left politically, you're gone. It's actually quite amusing that they ban people from having differing opinions. It's pathetic manipulation to discard opposing positions. It's quite similar to what they accuse the mainstream media of doing. To present an argument as if it has no opposition, when it absolutely does, is a lie. This site is a festering boil on the ass of normal society and it's dangerous. These people are angry, mean and hateful. A majority are scientifically illiterate and use that ignorance to push right wing agendas. Anyone who disagrees with anyone about anything is automatically labeled a "shill" for having their own opinions. This is a clear indication of the level of paranoia on this site. It's as pathetic as it is scary. Many of them actually believe that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a staged fake and that no children actually died. That is disgusting.

Tip for consumers: Those people are crazy!

1 review
15 helpful votes

They have been milking their gullible readers, by posting pleas for donations to teenagers with anorexia, and similar nonsense. Once a sizable amount (thousands of $'s) is collected, the registered user disappears. Soon another different, but sanctioned cause appears. No questioning of the cause is permitted, , and all comments are heavily moderated.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Godllike productions is full of emotionally and substance dependent humans. Especially a member that calls herself/himself simple27. She/he uses someone else's information to post her "own" earthquake thread. He/she glorifies herself/jimself as a kind and caring human, but check out he/his latest episode on glp jukebox May 10. Would never be a member of this site. Full of black souls and spiritually lost people looking to blame government. They post scandulous videos to each other while they drink and gamble. Great site for cheap entertainment.

1 review
18 helpful votes

Over a discussion concerning waterboarding. He said it wasn't torture, I said it was. I shared my SERE-C experience, I received a ban for my service to the country and point of view.

1 review
6 helpful votes

What a bunch of $#*!es (and govt shills) these 1-star bandits are...
"Waaa waaa I got banned!"
You got caught up in a sweeping IP ban (meaning not just you) or you posted a banned word/name/link.

Free speech? Really? No such thing on the Internet. YouTube takes down videos, Facebook removes posts, Twitter blocks tweets. READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE PEOPLE! ANY website can take down ANYTHING they want to. EVERYONE has biases, including website owners. Get over yourselves and go shill somewhere else

SandDab D.
147 reviews
54 helpful votes

Update 10/10/16: Paid for a membership in appreciation of the seeds GLP 1st gave me years ago. More importantly, made a 'racist' remark to a racist Arab while on my paid membership. After my racist remark, GLP banned me despite the membership. GLP does not condone racism - so consider this when reviewing the other reviews. GLP is righteous. (make that 4 times banned).

Was banned 3 times over a 5-year period. Each of the posts that banned me were about 'Saturn Worship' and the Catholic Church. Get ready for a 'Brave New World' folks; the Saturnists rule and have since the flood. go straight to people like Troy McLachlan. Good place for a concise start to 'understanding.'

At first, gave GP 1 star, but have reconsidered and give them 5 stars. Can't stand how they ban folks, but there simply isn't another site like GP. Massive database of BS and Truth and it's up to the user to figure stuff out. You'll most likely get lost in there, but there's that tiny chance it could be one's salvation.

The people that call Godlike Productions 'racist' are wrong. Just don't see that. Have seen Jewish, Black, White, Asian and Hispanic commenters - all seeking the same truth. Once in a while one will see a rogue racist, like here, "White Men are a virus that SHOULD be extinct." ( Can't blame GP for this -

For better results, do targeted searches into their database and don't just rely on the standard daily threads. Hard to learn without knowing where one wants to go. Doesn't matter who controls Godlike (eg Tavistock) as long as the user gets advancement.

'Source Info' post on Godlike:

1 review
21 helpful votes

The site is ran by and visited by racist bigots mostly. If you even try to post something contrary to their racist, islamophobic view, you will get immediately banned.

The biggest hypocrisy was the pinned Thread written by the Site Admin himself how he "welcomes opposing views". When I then wrote one such view, I was immediately banned.

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Just move to instead. Better quality site, and no banning for money.

By Rob V. on 3/27/17
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