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I cash out twice a month from treasuretrooper. They've got tons of cash offers and new surveys. They also run monthly contests with big cash bonuses and side quests for smaller amounts that everyone who participates can win. They have a $100 Treasure Hunt, a $100 Slot Machine Bonus, Hourly Chat Contests, a unique Dragon feature where you can sell dragons you raise for up to $100, and too much for me to list here. I made the switch from other sites that didn't have fresh surveys or offers. You won't regret checking it out or logging back in if it's been a few years.

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It's been okay using this site. The site looks a bit old but I can still redeem for rewards fine. I haven't had any issues using the site

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Treasure Trooper is one of my favorite online survey websites. Like other websites, you're not going to get rich and make thousands of dollars in a month. But compared to other websites, I think Treasure Trooper has a lot more opportunities to make money. They (as of 2017) have 8 Daily surveys, numerous offers, 6 partner walls, and lots of other fun ways to make money through accumulating currencies used to play games, etc. All of the currencies and navigation can be a little confusing at first, but it's very easy to make money once you have got the hang of it. I have only been using Treasure Trooper for a few months, and I have already earned $300 in Paypal cash as well as over $150 worth of gift cards. I highly recommend this website if you are looking for a fun and easy way to make a little bit of money.

1 review
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I've been a member technically since 2012 but only really used the site since late 2014 and have made over $3000 on Treasure Trooper.
The site has a lot to do on it and for newcomers it may seem overwhelming but once you get the hang of it earning is pretty easy.
Before I go into what you can do, I will say that those having negative views about the site because of their experiences in chat may not understand how the chat room works. Most of the time, there are a lot of members in chat. However, at certain times of day, for instance super early in the morning it may not be well populated and sometimes people are not constantly staring at chat. We are also not paid to answer questions, we are merely members of the site who DO want to help newcomers the best we can! As someone who is in chat almost daily, I have seen new members come in and start spewing out questions with no patience, and simply leave or in some cases, a veteran member is being helpful and patiently explaining how to register a chat nickname and how to navigate the site but the advice is ignored by the new member. Chat IS a friendly place where members regularly talk about surveys, offers or just life in general and it's in no way a negative thing. It sets it apart from other sites and is a very supportive community!
For me, entering chat 2 years ago was the single most helpful thing to get me into the site, so I would recommend that once you get started to stop by! There are also very helpful guides in the forums about different site features, and a whole forum topic about the chatroom too!
This site is fun while also having various ways to earn, and there are a bunch of currencies used on the site that can be traded in or used to earn cash, in addition to the straightforward cash you earn from most surveys and offers.
This is also probably the only GPT site you will find that lets you hatch, train, fight and sell dragons! It's great fun and a great way earn money while doing so - and much like everything else, there's a forum guide to help you learn how to earn with dragons.
There are new surveys to do every day, which means there is always something to do on TT. It is my favorite GPT site (and I have experience with a bunch!), they always pay me, and it's definitely worth joining.

2 reviews
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Wow. I can honestly not believe that Treasure Trooper has only a 29% as its score. I actually came to SiteJabber to research something else, but out of curiosity I landed here. Even though I have a million things to do, I felt the need to write a brief review because the current reviews are definitely NOT representative of most Troopers' experiences, or any actually that I have ever seen.

For the record, I joined Treasure Trooper in the last week of December 2013. I have made about $2,000 there by doing surveys and participating in the various other methods available to make money there. I have NEVER had an issue receiving my earnings either. In addition to the money, I have earned numerous $50 Visa Debit cards, a $20 Amazon gift card, and earned even more money & got to review some great products via the follow ups that you sometimes qualify for while doing surveys at Treasure Trooper.

I noticed one of the reviews stated that the people in Treasure Trooper's chat room were not very helpful or friendly. This is absolutely false. Treasure Trooper's chat room is always moderated. In addition, the members go above and beyond to answer new members' questions and make them feel welcome. I have gone on to connect with many Troopers outside of chat in the real world. I am in the chat room often and I love assisting the newbies. I consider it an investment that I will eventually receive a return on. My philosophy is that the more members at Treasure Trooper that are successful in earnings, the more money the site is able to make. Treasure Trooper will be able to maintain and acquire more money making opportunities for all of us Troopers. As an added bonus, you can earn valuable free items while in chat, play games, and fight your dragons on Friday night in an effort to show off your skills. My favorite chat game JANGO, which is played on Tuesday evenings, which is Treasure Trooper's version of BINGO!!!

In my opinion, Treasure Trooper is the best survey site out there. It is unique in that there are so many different ways to earn money. For example, you can raise and fight dragons. Not only is this entertaining, but you can make money doing this as well, if your dragon is the Victor. Dragons are worth between $5 - $100, depending on the breed. Be forewarned though that the dragon feature can be quite addictive and time consuming.

In my opinion, one of the easiest methods to earn money at Treasure Trooper is by making cash calls. This is one of my favorites. Just select the call you wish to make, follow the guidelines, and get paid just for asking companies about their products or services. Often this takes only 4 minutes! You can use your house or cell phone and no special equipment is needed.

In the Treasure Trooper's forums, you have access to detailed guides that will assist you in your Treasure Trooper journey. While the chat room offers instant gratification in that you can get a question answered in real time, but the quality of the response you receive will be based on whoever is present in chat at that time. The forums are a great way to gather even more tips and information from the moderators, staff, creators and your fellow peers. And as with all of Treasure Troopers endeavors, there are fun games and contests that are played in the forums often for cash prizes.

Treasure Trooper has a Jungle Slots game where you can earn money and other items. Each spin costs 1 gold coin. Until you complete the Treasure Hunt, you will be limited to one spin per day at Treasure Trooper, but you get one additional free spin every 24 hours by accessing Treasure Troopers Facebook app... A gold coin is given away each hour at random times in the chat room. Completing the activities under Cash Offers will get you the stated reward plus a free gold coin. The Jungle Slots has 4 available relics; Claras Kiss, Coggs Calculator, Mabutus Spear, and Jacks Hat. Once you collect the 4 available relics on the Jungle Slots you earn $100 i.e. Happiness!!!

Treasure Troopers Treasure Hunt is another unique and engaging method of earning money while simultaneously having fun. To begin the hunt one must enter Mabutu's Trading Hut and acquire the 4 map fragments. Once you have the map, your journey begins. The Treasure Hunt is not easy to complete, but it is definitely worth the effort. Upon completion of the hunt you will earn $100.

Treasure Trooper has the most rewarding Referral Program, bar none. This is a great feature that allows you to earn additional money by putting others to work! You will receive a percentage of the earnings of every referral you obtain. An easy method to gain new referrals is by collecting pearls via Treasure Trooper's pearl game. The pearls can be exchanged to obtain a friendship bracelet at Mabutu's Trading Hut. Treasure Trooper will assign you 2 new referrals per bracelet. Climb high and reach top tier, diamond level, of the active referrals' pyramid and you will earn an extra $300 bonus.

Lastly one practice that absolutely makes Treasure Trooper outshine any other similar site is that if that the administrators truly care about their Troopers. Trust me I know how cliché that sounds (and no they did not compensate me to say this, in fact they do not even know I am writing this review), but it is true. They have a suggestion thread in the forums, where members can make suggestions that they feel will make the site itself better. The staff actually responds and often implements the suggestions. If you have a question, suggestion, compliment, comment, or need clarification on something that you feel needs personalized attention from the actual creators of Treasure Trooper; they are at your disposal every Monday at 3:30 p.m. in the chat room.

The bottom line is as with anything; what you earn at Treasure Trooper will be dependent on the amount of effort that you put into it. There are many members that earn far more than me, but rightly so as they put more time and energy into it.

If anyone would like to become a Treasure Trooper too, please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook. My name there is Cassie Sue Hill and I have the same profile picture there as I do here. If you sign up via a link I can provide you there you'll receive $5, a nest ($3.33), and a dragon egg ($5) [Dragons once grown can be sold $5 - $100 depending on breed].

My name on Treasure Trooper is cassie. For those that take advantage of this and join; I will be more than happy to answer questions there via their message system, in chat, or the forums. For added encouragement and to express my appreciation, I reward my top earning referrals each month. I hope to see you there!

Tip for consumers: cassie’s Treasure Trooper Tips:

1. Once you sign up, there will be a tour. The tour guide's name is Clara. Make sure you take the entire tour as it explains a lot about Treasure Trooper and you will be gifted during the tour many times!

2. Once you sign up, join everyone in the chat room. Not only will you get to ask any questions, but you will get to see how much money others have earned while at Treasure Trooper. I like this feature and often will reveal my earnings as soon as a new pers

1 review
12 helpful votes

This site is pretty much a scam. They owed me $300, I tried to do their 'instant cash out' and get told it takes 5 days.

Then they tell me my Paypal isnt verified and they cant pay me. My paypal has been verified since 2010.

So finally "payday" arrives, but do I get paid? NOPE! They took the $$ out of my account, but they never did cut me a check or send me a check. Instead, I find out Ive been banned.

Their reason? I had the nerve to call Paypal, verify my account status, and tell the support person at Treasure Trooper that they've got an issue, because my pp IS verified.

They flat refuse to pay me using the excuse that all earnings were forfeit when I was banned, and that there is no way anyone who didnt cheat could make that kind of money.

There are tons of bad GTP sites out there, but these guys are the worst

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Treasure Trooper is a Pay-to-Complete-Offer website that generates revenue through advertising. By completing offers on Treasure Trooper you view, are asked to participate, and try out offers from different advertisers. The way Treasure Trooper and its members make money is through the advertisers. Treasure Trooper gets paid by advertisers to show advertisements to Treasure Trooper members. The more members that sign up for Treasure Trooper the more advertisers will pay to have their adds on the site. In return, Treasure Trooper pays its members a fraction of these profits. Profits for members range from $.50 to $160 per group off advertisements (arranged in the form of "offers"). The payment rate for each offer is dependent on the earning potential advertisers can make from there ads. For example, offers that give away free trials and require credit cards generate the most money for advertisers pay the most per offer.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I like treasure trooper. I'm not on it often so I build my money up pretty slowly. It's definitely legit and all. The minimum payout is 20 dollars so that's good, especially if you do a lot of surveys. You will build your money up and be able to get paid in no time.

* referral link deleted by admin

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been a member here for the past 5 years and have made over $3,000 to date. Now I realize this isn't a lot of money per year, but I don't spend a ton of time on it. I just find it fun and easy to earn a little extra cash.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I've made a lot of money there but the moderators are really vicious and don't care much about helping people most of the time. They don't pay for offers unless they say they received payment. (??) They encourage you to use a different email address for every offer (legitimate sites don't allow that) and do offers over and over until (they say) you get paid. The surveys are okay but can be found anywhere.

1 review
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So while visiting another website that I love I came across an add for a website that pays you money for taking surveys. At first I was skeptical. Money is not free and there is always a catch. (If anyone is just giving it away let me know.)
So I visit the site, read some of the very vague directions and decide what the hell I will try it. When I sign up I make my first blunder. At all websites that I place orders at I use just my initials for First Name, Last Name. Out of habit I do this at TreasureTrooper, you will understand why this is wrong later. After giving all my information, including my weight on the moon, so that I can receive checks, I decide to start right away. (The money is only like 50-75 cents a survey but if you take just enough to make 2.50 a day its and extra $75 a month. Nothing to sneeze at.)
I begin by taking a few surveys and find out its pretty much like any other site, you take a pre-survey to find out if you qualify for the real survey, then take the real survey and then get barraged with a million radio buttons for every possible product they can sell you.
New to the site I'm not sure if you have to say yes to at least some of these products or if you can just skip them all and still get credit for taking the survey.
I decide to peruse the site for some F&Qs. Nice thought, but not much for easily found answers. They do have a How It Works page but again so vague and obvious. "Complete a survey and we will pay you. Refer a friend and get a % of there earnings."
Seeing a Forum link I click. It directed me to a page where I could read the forum or chat live. Since I wanted to get started as soon as possible I thought chatting live would be the best bet. Perhaps there were some other "Treasure Troopers" who could answer my questions!
I chose to be anonymous to chat, who knows why I had already signed away my first born, and logged on. Not many people were in the chat room so I figured it would be easy to get some answers. My first question though, turned out to be my last.

In a round about way without exact quotes the conversation went like this:

"Does anyone know if when I complete a survey, but do not click yes to any of those radio buttons if I get credit for the survey?"
I waited about 5 or so minutes with no answer but I could hear the sound the computer was making like people were chatting but nothing was appearing on my screen. So I figured it was my problem and logged out and then back in. I repeated my question. The first person to reply, Bob, we'll call him, told me
"it depends on the survey."
I waited a bit for him to expound upon this answer but nothing came so I said
"how so?"
Bob: "Some surveys do and some don't"
Thinking in my head, well genius how do I know?, and how many do I have to click? and are there ads that are better than others to click on?, I decided to ask
"so sometimes I have to buy things to get credit for the survey?"
Bobs next answer astounded me
"Username do you speak English?"
What? Do I speak Englishwhat the hell does he mean. I was just trying to ask a few questionsthis stupid site is so vague and I was so excited to use it and now I'm the dumb one!
Me: "excuse me, but I am new to the site and trying to get some answers. This site is very non "new user" friendly. There is no need for you to be rude to me."
Bob: "now I know you don't speak English."

I was livid! I know it's just a stupid website but what the hell did I do other than ask a few questions. Other users chimed in with LOLs for Bob. Someone said I asked the same questions over again, (apparently my first question had shown up before I logged off unbeknownst to me).
I then find out that Bob is an admin of the site! I find this out because I had signed in anonymously and Bob posted my initials in the chat room, which are what I had used to sign up for the site. He says, I think your name is not really XX is it? (I did use my real initials to sign up.) He states I won't get paid if I'm just signed up with initials. They won't send check to XX. (while this is true I logged in anonymously, I think I still remember the definition of that word...)
No longer being relatively anonymous and after debating about writing a few chosen words for Bob someone took pity on me and explained very clearly where I should go on the website find more answers to my questions. This person was not an admin and thank god for that! I thanked her profusely and logged off.

You can take my post for what you like, while I realize it is just a silly survey website and I know that it won't affect most people if you think about choosing this site try to find someone else who already knows the ins and outs first or just go somewhere else. Perhaps I could have mulled around some more and figured it all out but I was so pissed at my treatment I just decided it wasn't worth it.
I have thus canceled my account and will NEVER recommend the site to anyone. Admins take head, treat your customers poorly and you won't have a site to run in the future. Customer service is the key to any good business and why people haven't figured this out yet is beyond me.

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Depending on your location you may not qualify for surveys, but there are things you can do on TT to earn money. We have many international members.

By CassieSue D.
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Once you have acquired $20.00 in cash, you can cash out with an instant payment to Paypal. You can also redeem Platinum Coins (another Treasure Trooper currency) for gift cards and electronics.

By Kiera T.
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Some things may not always be what they seem. But there is a purpose for everything there, even if it is not immediately clear what said purpose is!

By Cassie S.
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