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North Brookfield, NY 13418, USA
North BrookField, New York 1318, United States
Tel: +1-206-350-3367
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1 review
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They don't even try to hide that it's a scam. You don't even get a receipt, login or anything, after they take your money, you can email them. But get no reply for days now. And not a single visitor from their service either. Don't trust those paid reviews.

Response from Traff M., TraffMagic Representative
Kindly Stop Changing I.D's Mark and stop posting negative reviews for no reason! It's funny that you calling other reviews as paid! Because your own seems like one. No one is going to Trust a scam like you. Doing this stuff is not going to make you literate or give you knowledge how digital marketing works.
1 review
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I bought their email service for $60. Which was supposed to start on Jan 31st. After not hearing anything from the, I wrote to them, and they finally "started" it the day after, (sending a message claiming it had been working all along)

I saw the numbers on their website going up. Emails was being sent and some click throughs were happening. However I'm a web developer, so of course I'm going to check this. So I look at my actual website statistics and not a SINGLE visitor arrived at my site.

I wrote several emails to them, but after I realized it was a scam and confronted them about it, they completely stopped responding, stopped my campaign and made it so I couldn't login to their service anymore... After 2 days of no response, I went to paypal to send them a message through a dispute.

Then they have the audacity to not reply to me, but instead write a message intended for PayPal stating:

"This client completely does not understand what click through rate is. He bought the email marketing package. He is expecting that if 32500 email's were sent he will get 32500 visitors which can not be possible in any real service."

My message was directed at them, but OF COURSE I don't expect 32500 visitors. I expected the promised 3% of 25000 (750 visitors). But they upscaled it to a claim, without giving me a chance to respond. I wrote an email to them, afterwards still no response. (the problem I wrote was, that I havn't received a single visitor)

Don't fall for this scam site!

EDIT (in response to traffmagic's reply below).

0) I'm not bragging that I'm a webdeveloper, I'm simple letting people know that I have the tools to check whether a service such as yours is legitimate or not.

1) I do understand how email marketing works. I paid for 25,000 emails to be sent out. Out of that you promise at least a 3% click through rate (750). I should therefor expect around 750 visits to my website. Maybe a bit less if some left right away. Can we agree that this is what your scam site is claiming?

2) Yes I opened a dispute with Paypal because you've been ignoring all my emails to your customer support. And yes I hadn't received a SINGLE visitor from your service.

3) That's a blatant lie. I sent you several emails after the campaign started, giving you every chance to respond. But I NEVER got a reply back from you, after I questioned why I didn't get any visitors.

4) Another lie... The first time I wrote to you questioning why I didn't get any visitors. Your site claimed there had been 71 click throughs. (that day my website had a total of 39 visitors, 24 of which I can verify didn't come from your service. The day after when I wrote to you again, the click through counter was over 300, Yet I had only received a total of 52 visitors that day. I wrote to you again.

5) What does http vs https have to do with visits? A visit is recorded in both scenarios. The only thing is that document.referrer woudn't be the previous website. But when I had a maximum of 52 visitors, when your service claimed 300, and most of those ~50 visitors are accounted for elsewhere. Your service is clearly a scam.

6) Another blatant lie. The first time I wrote it was at 71, the second time over 300 (click throughs). not emails.

Lastly. EVEN if you claim that I got less than 20 clicks (which I didn't, I got ZERO visitors from this site). That is even admitting that I didn't get what I paid for. I paid for 25,000 emails with a minimum of a 3% click through rate. That is 750 click throughs. If you're saying I got less than 20, before you stopped the campaign stopped responding to me, and removed my login. You would still have scammed me for $60.

Attached screenshot of visitors form Jan 30th till Feb 21. (Their service was supposed to start Jan 31st) and last 3 days, as you can see. I didn't receive any unusual amount of visitors, most definitely not 750...

Tip for consumers: Don't use this scam site.

Response from Traff M., TraffMagic Representative
We reply to every customer. We even replied to you. You Bragged even back then that you are web developer but unfortunately you do not how email marketing works. Now you completely lying here in your review as well. You are the one opened the dispute claiming that you are not getting the clicks. We provided the proof's In Paypal as well that you got more than 3 percent clicks. You can check with each and every company even you can Check From Google Ad-words that Every Analytic is different. We even replied you with the details that we detected issue on your end and you completely denied that and again bragged that you are right and in your stubbornness you opened the dispute. This was your issue, Your email (Since starting this campaign we've had less than 10 visits from that referrer. Your "CPanel" is claiming over 300 clicks. Which doesn't exactly match the ~50 visitors we've had. (NONE of which came from your service). Our Reply (When your site is on HTTPS and you are linking or redirecting to a HTTP site, the browser will not send a referrer. The document.referrer will not simply show up as

Cpanel was not claiming over 300 clicks, was simply showing over 300 emails sent out until then. You have had only less than 20 clicks that’s all).

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