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Not sure, but in my whole Internet use, dealing with other games costumer services or sites in general never seen as terrible and as unhelpful staff like stardoll.
- Anything happen it's 100% your fault, their rules is kindergarten rules, so you're treated as child fault is fault no way they are wrong ever and they filled their social media saying they never do wrong decisions and no one should trust anyone who say otherwise. not wise move to write such thing.
- When you face issue expect no help, you will get handled by many staff and non of them keep track of your issue, each one will give different answers and leave you confused or even going to wrong turns into issue leading to much bigger issues.
- Hacks require auto codes detection, yet there's no auto detection and they deal with slow and if it's on weekend no act to clean, and if you're hacked it's 100% your fault even if you did nothing(even most smart of us get hacked because some nasty codes injection can be so strong to be noticed/stopped not to mention I heard many holes at least from stardoll FB), not to mention they ban innocent members or for tiny mistakes instead of those nasty people.
- When they get stuck finding reply they claim that members harass them, in my opinion harassment is a big word to use, we are not criminals, its expected to find your costumer angry when you're not willing to help or giving wrong answers for months/years.
- They spy sometimes and use members words against them, at least they did that with me and touched private issues and claimed that it is what members reported about, sorry but whatever happened they have no right to use my words or what others say against me or go personal with me without my consent, that's privacy breach and I deserve to report actually.
- They do not handle bullies most of the times and victims who get punished instead of bullies.

Now to technical part:
- We pay for nothing, nothing gets updated, and seems like site falling part over time.
- It had great potential and could go to far better more than a regular dress, they can take it to both commercial by actually advertising real brands and place to encourage fashion and young artist by offering our work to real brands, many great artist found their way and discovered by online help/advertisement, but instead it's 100% dress up pay to win site.

- filled with nasty members.
- It seems like staff discriminate they listen to certain people more than others, whether you're royalty or not, they do not seem to deal with certain people even if they broke rules and allow them continue their wrong actions.

Tip for consumers: Expect to lose your account at any time for any reason.

10 reviews
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I loved playing this game once upon a time.
One of my biggest pet peeves - which still exists on the site - is that they tell you to "express yourself" but yet they limit the amount of makeup you can put on.
I personally prefer heavy makeup and this "feature" is really frustrating.
I made several purchases on this game on memberships, stardollars, etc.
My account got hacked two years back (yes - actually hacked, I never handed out my password to ANYONE)!
I had contacted support SEVERAL times to receive NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER, and this was very FRUSTRATING!
So I went back today in attempt - yet again - to regain my account.
I went to the help center with my temporary account and the link they provided to page was LOCKED because I'm not the right level.
What the actual f-??????
You literally have to be a certain level to access the "account recovery page?" Is this a freaking joke??
So instead I sent in a help ticket and whether or not I get a response I am NOT changing my review being that I was literally IGNORED by staff for 2 YEARS!
They don't care about their members (even paying ones) and the "community" is full of disgusting people.

UPDATE: (9/26/2017) I FINALLY got in contact with the support staff a few days ago - HOWEVER - It's taken me 8 help ticket requests for them to FINALLY understand my situation. For some reason I believe their support is run by the Three Stooges.
I told them specifically that MY email address was NO LONGER registered under my account because it was stolen and they came back to me saying that I could just use the "forgot password" tool.
But, as of today they FINALLY understand my situation (7 help tickets later, I finally got a smart one) and I'm hoping they will help me but I am very unsure of that right now. I'll keep updating this review as I get more information.

UPDATE: (10/11/2017) So, they could verify that my information is correct, but I clearly told them that the original email address on my account is no longer active and they are refusing to put any other email address on the account.
I sent in another ticket 5 DAYS AGO (after they said they'd get back to you within 72 hours - hahaha, what hogwash) explaining it to them AGAIN and I have not gotten a reply, nor do I think I will.
They've tried to accuse me of giving out my account to others (which was their bogus explanation as to why I got locked out of my account) and they're saying that it's a bannable offence against my NEW account (what?)
I guess it's safe to say that the Support system at Stardoll is beyond useless and good luck if you lose your account, because they won't help you, not even if you're a paying customer. If you're not a paying customer then you might as well just forget about it.


1 review
5 helpful votes

I have had a horrible experience with the stardoll community's members. Rightly said they're toxic, and so manipulative.

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

I've been playing Stardoll for 8 years now. I have seen great times but SD has increasingly gotten worse over the years. There are so many issues. One being Stardoll doesn't listen to their own customers. We ask for many things to be fixed but they never fix it. If they do fix it, it's many years later. They also keep increasing the price of in-game items. Like you used to be able to get a dress for 10 stardollars, but now it can be up to 30 stardollars. Not only this, the amount of stardollars we can buy hasn't changed, so we are still getting the same amount we always, so we are not getting our money's worth when we buy stardollars. Also, not all players can afford to buy in-game currency, so SD can sometimes seem like a pay-to-play because it is very hard to get stardollars without spending your own real life money.
New players find it very hard to get established on the game because Stardoll is making it harder for new players. They also have recently level-locked items that were not level-locked previously. This is mostly because of a loop-hole people use to game the system, called "fakies" in the game. A "fakie" is where you create a fake account and use the stardollars you get at the start and from preforming tasks to buy gifts for their actual account.
They also currently have a major problem with hacking. However SD ignores it and keeps saying "don't give out your password" even though most of the dedicated players who have been hacked don't and haven't given out their password.
There are also lots of phishing scams for the new players. They promise free in-game currency, but they take your pass and use your account to spread their phishing scam.
Lastly, the community is toxic. I don't socialize on SD anymore. I guess this isn't Stardoll's problem per se, but it's a problem on the site. I became involved with other players off site and they are horrible, petty, greedy, childish and catty. There are some who are awesome, but the majority are not.
All this being said, there are good things about Stardoll that have made me stay. The biggest being the fact I can express my love for fashion and culture through Stardoll. I can make my doll look however I want and dress her however I want. You can make your doll vintage, emo, goth, scene, high fashion or whatever you want. You can also make your suite however you want.
If you have money and can buy stardollars you can get so many things. You can make your own hair, jewelry, decor and fashion.
If you play for a long time you will accumulate items that are worth much more later on, called "rares" in the game. I have a few rare items only because I've been playing for 8 years.

I don't plan to quit this game even though many people are quitting this game. I still find it fun and rewarding, so I'll stay

1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been using stardoll consistanly for about seven years now and it is definitely not perfect. The site started off with good intentions, promoting a love for culture, fashion, and creativity. But over the years it has become a money hungry monster and isn't really fun to play unless you are willing to pay for a membership and extra items with real cash.
That being said if you are able and willing to pay to play, the site is wonderful. The prices aren't outrageous and they often have pretty good deals. It's fun and almost never boring with constant contests, events, games and so many ways to create and inspire. its also a fairly safe environment for girls and women of all ages and includes a "kid safe" account feature that will limit your child's contact with others and site usage until they reach a set age. But like any site there are still scammers and hackers and creepy people, just be careful and monitor. I will continue to use this site as I have already invested seven years and a small fortune into it. But if you aren't into spending real money on virtual items then this site isn't for you.

1 review
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If you're currently planning to join Stardoll, don't. There is a hacker on the loose currently who uses a proxy known as Charles to harass other members. This hacker known as "Cherry" can enter chat rooms as other members, break the rules and subsequently cause these members to be reported. My account was on the brink of termination with no possible refund because of this. Not only this, but my girlfriend was hacked and Stardoll did nothing to help. I had enough and decided to leave the website and deactivate my account. Other than that, Stardoll is a waste of money that does nothing but turn people in virtual consumerist glutons who set up a stupid hierarchy based on the virtual items they posses. Waste of time and money. My username on Stardoll was "ShootShane".

1 review
2 helpful votes

Its crap. My account was hacked 8 tomes and 40000 stardollars in total 40000 takwn. Whee is my refund????

My username is bluecake21

1 review
6 helpful votes

My daughter uses StarDoll and wastes all her time on it instead of doing her schoolwork. I think StarDoll also encourages young women to buy clothing brands and just generally absorb themselves in our consumer culture. I think StarDoll is a waste of money, and I won't let my daughter use it.

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no easy way. continue spamming their contact us no matter how long it take dont stop. I do not know about email but recently it sends auto message.

By Anony D.
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