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When my Great GrandMutha words repeats themselves in my memory and out about staying closer to vegetables and fruits vs meats and sugars as a kid.. all the so called ugly ones and disgusting at those moments seemed irrelevant until i started to be more conscious of my "24hr body clock" and my body as a septic tank to be better or for worst in greatest and in health until death do me apart from the physical plane. Recently i have been doing more experimenting with Bilberry extract which has Lutein and Blueberry extracts within it as a capsule, Turmeric Powder and Beetroot Powder or Beet Juice while on over the road as a trucker. I travel the road alot at night and i exercise when i can including improvising an exercise on the side of an not so busy road for about 15min which is enough for a 1.5 mile run + 100 pushups + 50 crunches without breaking out the reflective triangles. Yes i have to stay fit and ready for whatever. I like this site cause i get to breakdown whatever i need to know and add a recipe of a superior drink to my daily regime even if its just an one time tryout just to "feel" how my body reacts and stay proactive. There are other organic sites out there and this one suits me well. Peace in. Example below of how i do alkhemy with drinks and feel the happening. Don't forget Dr. Sebi website!

Drink Day 32oz:
Beetroot Powder (base)
Organic Blueberry Powder (base)
Bilberry Extract with Blueberry and Lutein Extract (one capsule) (variable)
Water (preferably alkaline) (base)

[Half Marathon Xterra Drink 32oz:
Moringa Leaf Powder
Goji Berry Juice
Alkaline Water
I drink it one hour to two hours befor the race. Lukewarm water is best for quicker absorption into the cells and bloodstream. A full body flush in the early morning was crucial for me before intaking my drink.]

Midday Drink 32oz:
Same but no Bilberry

Night Drink 32oz:
Same though substitute Bilberry for Hawthorn Berry (one capsule)

(this does not include a sea salt body flush and one day fasting per week. once the supply of bilberry and hawthorn berry runs out i switch to another plant similar for the particular system i am targeting to strengthen and sustain. Alkhemy at its best...i eat nuts [to subside the tempt of the eyes for foods as the muscle around the jaws become tighter from muscle failure exercise therefore the brain signals "no eating" kind of like doing 100 pushups within 2mins and if at muscle failure the brain comprehends signal and therefore no more positive activity is condone which could turn into negative results], apples for the Rutin etc and exercise of the muscles around the jaw, bananas for digestion etc and plantains for the love of cooking them at their different stages when i can...plantains is used in Latin American dishes as a common staple to several parts of Asia as a common staple and of course Afrika back to the Islands including Hawaii. I have done my own Alkhemy without buying a product as i just went outside and what do i know? nature.. especially if pesticide free. Control over my body is a must which positive discipline is often required)

Now for the outside of the body is more oil based and clays. All about the dna basically to my hair of which i keep mine cornrow like the fields cause originally and still we mimic nature and i mean we as in the tribes. When you study nature you are studying the products and services of now and the past and the future. Even in Asia and Afrika they using manure as a source of energy and reusing human manure though the process is abit more complicated to be reused. All manure has to be broken down one way or the other. Ever seen green grow faster near septic tanks and sewage areas? its a process. Back to oils and clay, if you know your carriers vs the noncarrying oils then the alkhemy can be worked in so many different ways. I work it based on the not getting into what if i were sick or dis-eased cause as long as i stay proactive with tinctures and or seasonings to include my elixirs to the homecooked meals and snacks (which if you do like the Native tribe from Piru, California and make your own granola in a sense though i would add acorns too and make sure the tannins are gone. Also lookup Acorn flour as if i remember it is still a website where a female does it and she is a Native with the passed down tradition. Its like in Mexico where you here about how to make blue corn tortillas in a home locally all the time and its a tradition. Next thing you know its a commercial commodity like its a wowzer to the world who don't even know indigenous people exist yet want their culture and everything else they possess for profit. Its crazy as heck seriously cause those same people walk around like zombies as if they have no roots and see thats reality for you and unfortunately others are brainwashed from birth through educational systems but you cannot blame someone who is not from your dna to teach you who you are no. Thats on you and your Tree. If you wanna kill the cycle of no traditions and miseducation then marry someone who has your culture and know how to perform the arts plus enjoys it. If you dont care about your roots then cut everybody off as if they never existed and never look back. Start your own culture or join somebody else but dont claim any "imaginary roots" remember they dont exist. Talking about mental games and being spiritually lost dang its millions out there and trust me its not going to get better before it gets worst. Thats why i feel perfect to a degree cause i am able to balance out my Roots and the business world. And excuse the capitalization i am preparing for law school in advance and how law english is vs slang and other dialects. Law english is actually the only english and first dialect of english you should know in the US cause the US is a conglomerate and you cannot have business without law vice versa.) and vaccine free then my mixtures of oils can work as planned on my human body. Clays work just as good on my human body. The skin is supposedly the largest organ so what goes in must come out. Same goes for my hair and as a matter of fact i just let my homegurls who cornrow my ever growing hair for a fee ranging 40-60 dollars tell me what i need for my hair and scalp. Then i tell them what i found and we build from there...we sharpen each other mindsets to be better than our last times. Education is truly fund-a-mental. So the clays depend on the sediments from different geographical locations worldwide. You can also eat clay for gastrointestinal purposes. Eh for the drink elixirs i will be adding Lychee powder and Persimmon powder of which the fruits i ate when i use to live in southern California and to be honest with you i will be getting back to my ethnocentric traditions more and most of getting berries the Natives (cause im a Native Cherokee of my total DNA) ate from Cali to Mississippi to Florida back up to Midwest (when mentioning the states is after the incorporation of US of America although we existed before and still now though i am more on the indigenous side for obvious positive reasons by picking and choosing my real Ancestors for alignment of traditional reasons while in modern times) and thats how i will make another elixir based with berries, roots, leaves, bark and stalk if edible to the cells the blood the RNA the DNA to the indigenous brain i am wid plant alkhemy most indigenous people just don't eat drink hot warm or cold or layer on skin.... Pine Bark extract and Dandelion Root to my next phase after the Hawthorn berries and Bilberry extract with lutein and blueberry extract is depleted. I'm doing white willow bark extract and pomegranate powder too after that and my alkhemy just goes on and on. Get yours going and share some of mine on a couple other sites then im out. You will be amazed of how many people are getting their alkhemy on worldwide with some veggies and herbs i have not heard of. Im like dang i gotta go to that country or get it order via website so i can try that elixir recipe. Its all about the RNA and DNA. Now can you imagine if you and your significant other had planned on having children (some just have children and dont even know how to have to make a male or your research on the balance of acidity vs alkaline and extremes of both the male and female when in the practice of conceiving) and you both were into making the "super seedling"?
Talking about evolution! Organically better than your last times with organic babies and being conscious of your bodies as temples for what goes in must come out. Talking about preplanning Dynasties!! How's those genes coming along? Be proactive and not reactive especially when you know about your family inherited health conditions. Research. Stay positive. Make you a Book of Elixirs cause i am seriously and i will put what i felt and how the elixir acted within my bodily systems as results. And speaking of results let me leave you with a list i am currently on and will be on due to me being more health conscious and a need to be superhuman by RNA and DNA even though i will never ever truly know without an offspring from me and an indigenous woman and etc etc but i can do my own scientific testing. Got the scientific equipment? Well alright then! You know the scientific constant and variable dishes and microscope. I know too deep right? My positive thoughts exactly. Check out my list below:

Maqui Berry (i been buying since 2013)
Manzanita Berry
Toyon Berry
Dragonfruit Berry (i been buying since 2013)
Hawthorn Berry (just a few months ago)
Juniper Berry (once back in 2010 and i felt abit well the blood circulation was a unique feeling)
Gooseberry (since 1999 in the form of jam preserve at the farmers market although in its original form 2013)
Camu Camu (2013)
Lucuma (2013)
Mangosteen (2013)
Mulberry (2013)
Goji (2010)
Blueberry (kid years)
Cherry (kid years)
Guarana (2005 within the drinks)
Noni (2013)
Graviola (in the Filipino/Hispanic market in San Diego or Chula Vista in 2011 if my intermediate long term memory serves me correct and if you go to the Food 4 Less market next to the Bus Station you get to taste all the fresh breads the Indigenous women be cooking. Everytime i see Indigenous women in the bakery i know i just know i am in good hands! Dang they be baking. And check out the fruit bowls places too and the bakeries. Geez, and not the indigenous language of which you should get the lifetime to know if you indigenously Afrikan, but a nerdar expression i know this spot in Charlotte, NC that has the best Mexican breads i swear!! And they have the coconut bars! I haven't seen those since i was a kid buying them in the old country stores. Those Mexican women looked at me like wow we really mean something to him. You dayum rite! Keep it baking and snacking.)
Jackfruit (which can be grown California and Florida if in the right conditions think i aint thinking about it? Rather Cali than Florida cause i can deal with earthquakes vs hurricanes)

Peace in. Dont forget to plant or save the seeds after eating the fruit or cloning by cutting the leaf diagonally at an angle or just go to your nearest veggie nursery and ask for help. And don't forget to check out the breast cancer cure that was been found back in the early 1900s -1800s by a Native Chief when a caucasian woman asked the Native Chief for help. Reason being is when women started to go for mammogram she noticed a deadly problem. Of course my people we had the solution in the form of several natural parts of a tree to a flower to the water which made a tea. Research the tea yourself and a gender will feel betrayed cause the problem even my Elders peeped out before they moved on spiritually was the foods plus water source and of course mammograms. Now if you don't know how to remove the toxins from your body naturally then of course by mathematics the problems will compound exponentially. And by the way you cannot catch a temperature...yeah wordplay psychologically in a medical areana will have even the mightiest gender rethinking how mighty they really are...all it takes is the doctor with a good track record and his or white coat to include credits from an esteem college membered greek or not and alumni. Smile. Now i am not and never against emergency surgery never cause that goes all the way back to Imhotep including the real double snake and the cane. Surgery and Natural Medicine more of although alkhemy can be used of positive vs negative yet why when the synthetic ingredients come exactly from the same plant or bark or roots or stalk or fruit and sometimes the clay nevermind next. Just as the same goes for HIV Dr. Sebi found the cure for it along with other Root Doctors long time ago when they knew the manmade disease was meant to hit indigenous people and they found a cure out the woods and bushes as usual. His Supreme Court Precedent stands true of his discovery still today and forever regardless of his assassination. Please do visit his webiste Dr. Sebi for any other cures and improvements to your life. And see pesticides are killing off a vast majority of plants and bushes along with human occupation of the natural which disturbs natural ecological processes unknown to the average human due to the cycle of work work work eat eat eat sleep sleep sleep and again to include miseducation. Thats why i stick closer to my Roots and nature than the decline of intelligent and wise human kind of these modern day times. Go hydroponic if you have too..better safe than sorry. Plus you get to have fruits and veggies which seems to only occur during certain climate seasons due to environmental changes to the code of the genus across the planet to adapt. Don't you find nonprofit organizations which if they had cures and knew about with all the monies they had wouldn't they pass out the cures for free or keep the illusions steady using the spiritual energies of its people to thrive and survive to comeup with a synthetic form charging people who are diseased a fortune which forces them into insurances which are high and also into higher stress brackets which troubles even the disease more let me stop there. Get the breast cancer tea elixir and eradicate the HIV and other diseases with Dr. Sebi plus keep your health optimus by creating your own elixirs. Make organic babies and plan your dynasties ahead of your times gender by gender if you into your own prophecies by strategy. Deep yes i know. Be better than your last times cause i will and i am. LEADERSHIP. Peace in.

Extra Alkhemy: Hot Sweet Chills Elixir

Alkaline Water (boiled not microwaved)
Cacao Powder (some serious attributes)
Manuka Honey (could replace with another sweetner but i love the bzzzz bees and there is a product called bee caps..go get it!)
Crushed Red Pepper (i know but eh circulatory system, skin, digestive and lungs always yell out from within "yeah yeah eh man EH we need that")
Cinnamon (which is bark actually)
Spearmint (which is grass actually and my first learning about mint being a grass was actually in Haddon, UK and it was the cows which like to graze near the fenceline of the back of my yard. You could smell it in the air seriously if you still enough and this one cow walked up breathing but her breath was extra cool as i played with her ears. Thats when i knew that grass was not grass it was mint and i tested it too and yeap it was. They do expand very quickly across anything they can root themselves into.)
yes i know both extremes into one two ways: from bitter to sweet and hot to cool. Cinnamon balancing this alkhemy elixir though a known carrier too along with manuka honey which has some great benefits due to the indigenous bee. My positive thoughts exactly. LEADERSHIP.

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