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LG CA has a consumer rating of 1 star from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. LG CA ranks 85th among Appliance sites.

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“I would give less than one star if I could.”

Christopher M.

Five year old LG French door refrigerator has leak that LG cannot find and repair despite paying for out of warranty repairs. Now LG writes (original email on file) and tells me my unit was made in 2009 despite s/n tag showing 2016. An obvious attempt to avoid liability. Same unit as subject to US class action suit settled for units made between 1/1/2014 and 12/31/17. I'm avoiding any items made by LG. To sitejabber images of poip not accepting.

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1 review
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May 2nd, 2021

Five year old LG French door refrigerator has leak that LG cannot find and repair despite paying for out of warranty repairs. Now LG writes (original email on file) and tells me my unit was made in 2009 despite s/n tag showing 2016. An obvious attempt to avoid liability. Same unit as subject to US class action suit settled for units made between 1/1/2014 and 12/31/17. I'm avoiding any items made by LG. To sitejabber images of poip not accepting.

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Just how bad LG really is.

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1 review
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October 27th, 2020

A truly incompetent and pathetic customer service outfit. We've had an inoperable dryer for 3 months now. They've sent technicians and charged us $300 but never fixed the dryer. Now they don't want to refund us or give us anything for the $300 we gave themt o pick their noses. Such an incompetent company with truly apathetic customer service. NEVER buy LG unless you like being out on an island in terms of customer service and support.

1 review
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November 4th, 2020

We purchased a new home with LG appliances. The oven has never worked properly. When we contacted LG the solution was to spend $244 and they would send someone out to look at it. The dishwasher only works when it wants to. VERY UNIMPRESSED Gave 1 star as there is no 0.

1 review
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October 15th, 2021

Can't get any service or even contact them they keep for hrs waiting to talk to someone and this person is unable to help

Products used:
LG Fridge

1 review
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January 17th, 2022

I had to give this company a 1 star because they would not let me put in NO STARS.

Purchased a side by side LG Frig in February 2017 with the "NEW and ENHANCED" compressor. In February of 2017 we started to experience issues with cooling and freezing as in, we had neither.

We contacted the local authorized repair centre and, due to the volume of LG repairs they had, they were unable to perform a repair for 7 days. When the technician arrived he knew exactly what the issue was and proceeded to replace the compressor. That lasted about a week, when we started having issues again, though this time, we would have cooling and freezing for a few hours and then a thaw. For a few hours. The technician came back within a couple of days and checked for leaks, blew out the compressor line, just in case some debris had gotten in during the course of the first repair. Once again, within a few days we lost cooling, though this time it was intermittent. The frig would work the freezer would not, then the freezer would, then it would not. The local service company wrote off the unit and advised on June 4/21 that LG Canada had approved the Replacement Request for the frig. They provided us the information to contact LG Canada and advised that LG Canada would be in contact directly with us within a couple of days

Though I was frustrated before? This is where it really begins.

Took 8 days for LG to contact us.
We were advised that in order to take advantage of the rebate we had to buy another LG Frig. NOT my first choice but ok, your going to give me $100 towards a replacement, Perhaps I can live with that.
We bought the frig, submitted the paperwork and stared to wait the 8-12 weeks for the cheque.
Still waiting 35 weeks later. I contacted LG in October of 2021 and they admitted that they had a record for a cheque acceptance form, not only did they not have a record of our original request, they did not even know who we had been communicating with within Customer Service at LG Canada.

At this point, I have given up on seeing the cheque. So, they way I look at it, I will spend my time advising people to NOT buy their product.

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8 helpful votes
May 12th, 2016

Purchased convection oven 02/21/16. Installed on 03/13/16.
Used over 5 or 6 times. On 04/21/16 I used oven. About an hour later I hear something pop in the kitchen. Couldn't figure out what it was. Next day I open oven door and inside glass on over door was shattered into thousands of pieces.

I call LG. They send repairman who comes to my house on 04/27. He takes picture of door and leaves. On 05/11 I call repair place. They are surprised LG hasn't called me. He advised LG said damage was 'cosmetic' and is only covered for one week under warranty.

I call LG and ask to speak to supervisor. Supervisor does best to get me off the phone. I tried to explain that this was not cosmetic but probably a flaw during manufacturing or transport. He kept saying cosmetic over and over.

I am trying our State Attorney General's office to get LG to pay for their defective equipment they sold me.

Just got a call from repair place advising me they would fix the problem for $200.00 which is about 22% of what I paid for the oven. I advised I would try to fix it myself.

Terrible customer service after sale. They do not stand by their products. Never trust LG.

17 reviews
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July 5th, 2011

After receiving my own defective monitor back from LG repairs (Whitby, Ontario, Canada), I checked the enclosed Return Merchandise Authorization form to find that the "Replacement Product Information" listed the serial number of this 'replacement model' as my own model serial number meaning, they opened the box I sent them and then re-packaged it and shipped it back to me without ever checking or repairing it. After my discovery, I contacted support to inform them of the error, I dealt with 'MikeP' in a chat window at the above noted URL. The following is the transcript of that chat... so that you understand just what kind of company you are really dealing with when you purchase and LG product;

-------------------------CHAT TRANSCRIPT------------------------
Time of chat: 7/5/2011 11:27:02 AM
Length of chat: 00:16:52
Your name: Paul Rosebush
Chatted with: MikeP

11:27 AM MikeP: Hello, Paul Rosebush. Can I help you with anything today?
11:27 AM Paul Rosebush: Hi again Mike, Just received the replacement monitor and it has the exact same problem, no power up. Why was this monitor not tested before it was shipped to me?
11:28 AM Paul Rosebush: Now I must wait another 4 hours for a RMA number, this is insanity
11:28 AM Paul Rosebush: I don't have time for this
11:29 AM MikeP: If you don't want to do a request you don't have too.
11:29 AM Paul Rosebush: and the alternative is?
11:30 AM MikeP: Keep the unit that you have.
11:31 AM Paul Rosebush: Are you serious, IT DOES NOT WORK!
11:31 AM MikeP: Then you will need to request another exchange.
11:32 AM Paul Rosebush: Oh, I get it... I'm angry for a good reason and you are condescending because?
11:32 AM MikeP: Sir you have two options.
11:32 AM MikeP: Request an exchange or keep the unit that you have.
11:32 AM MikeP: Not condescending. Following procedure.
11:33 AM Paul Rosebush: You suggested I 'keep' a defective product you shipped me, that's procedure?
11:33 AM MikeP: Then you will need to request another exchange.
11:34 AM Paul Rosebush: What guarantee do i get that you will actually send me a working unit?
11:34 AM MikeP: All units are tested prior to being sent out.
11:35 AM Paul Rosebush: So, between your shop and purolator, it died while not powered?
11:35 AM MikeP: Must have.
11:36 AM Paul Rosebush: I am having a hard time believing you actually work for LG
11:36 AM Paul Rosebush: That they would allow a staff member to talk to a client in this manner
11:37 AM MikeP: Head office
11:37 AM MikeP: 550 Matheson blvd east
11:37 AM MikeP: Mississauga.
11:37 AM MikeP: Yes I do.
11:37 AM Paul Rosebush: My attitude is justifiable, yours is astonishing
11:37 AM MikeP: If you would like a replacement unit you need to request an exchange online.
11:37 AM Paul Rosebush: I'm five minutes from that office, I shall pay a visit
11:38 AM MikeP: Same procedure for every customer.
11:38 AM Paul Rosebush: with a copy of this transcript
11:38 AM MikeP: No problem. And you will be adivsed to request an exchange online.
11:38 AM Paul Rosebush: Mike, before you decide to be a smart ass, you should be completely sure who you are talking to

11:40 AM Paul Rosebush: I intend to exchange, with another manufacturer, this transcript will not only be posted and made public, but I intend to follow through with whomever you answer to

11:42 AM MikeP: Sorry sir if you feel I'm being rude. I know that sometimes email doesn't show emotion. I apologize if this is coming off as rude. Should your product be defective the option you have is to request an exchange. The process however is online through the LG Repair Portal. Please visit this site at your convenience. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

11:43 AM MikeP: thank you sir, have a great day
11:43 AM Notice: MikeP exited session.

This transcript was delivered to you courtesy of Velaro, Inc.

----------------END CHAT TRANSCRIPT ---------------------------

Avoid LG products that plug in - Don't buy extended warranties, they're just a 'get rich quick' scheme set up by retailers who don't need to be convinced that your purchase is inferior to what they told you, they darn well know it is and intend to profit from it.

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