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HARRISCO has a consumer rating of 3.94 stars from 17 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. HARRISCO ranks 8th among Translation sites.

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Top Positive Review

“Good editing company”

Dana R.

I have done editing work for Harrisco for a couple of years. I appreciate the flexibility it provides - I can work on my own schedule from anywhere in the world. I really like that I learn new and interesting things every day. I get paid in a timely manner (this was not the case a while back, but they have addressed their financial issues). The people I interact with from the company are always very pleasant and professional. All in all, it has been a positive experience.

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Top Critical Review

“Fraudulent editing company”

Dave K.

Be forewarned - you are working for a Korea-based company. You will NOT be paid. I've asked Craigslist to stop allowing their posts since they're clearly scamming Americans. Note the two 4-star reviews are Koreans attempting to level out the reviews. Again, be forewarned - you will NOT be paid. And you have zero recourse.

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1 review
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November 23rd, 2020

I have done editing work for Harrisco for a couple of years. I appreciate the flexibility it provides - I can work on my own schedule from anywhere in the world. I really like that I learn new and interesting things every day. I get paid in a timely manner (this was not the case a while back, but they have addressed their financial issues). The people I interact with from the company are always very pleasant and professional. All in all, it has been a positive experience.

1 review
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November 20th, 2020

I have been working as a Freelance Scientific Editor for HARRISCO since 2004. In the initial few years, everything was smooth with timely pays, work schedule and the work load. However, in the past few years, I experienced problems related to heavy delay in the payment. I understood that they were going through a very tough time with financial problems. After a struggle of a couple of years, they slowly started releasing my pending pays in short installments. Since a year or so, their payment mode has been changed and now they are providing ADVANCE PAY for the new assignments.

1 review
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December 15th, 2020

I have served by the company, they are really professional in what they do and delivering it on time. Extremely satisfied.

1 review
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November 11th, 2020

As someone who lived through the Harrisco hard times, I feel I need to send a current review from my perspective.

First of all, yes, Harrisco had a difficult time paying their workers in the past. I started with Harrisco in November of 2018 and am still there. I am a US freelancer and work about 40 hours a week. The pay issue has been resolved for about a year and I think that other proofreaders should reconsider working for them. Let me address some of the concerns in previous reviews.

For the first year, I was to be paid monthly for work completed the previous month. Some pay arrived on time, some was paid in part, and some was delayed. It was very frustrating for me and the company was very upfront about their financial difficulties. We eventually worked out a payment process where I continued to work part-time and get paid while my current pay and the back pay owed was paid to me. I received every penny owed to me.

Now, I am paid daily for my work. The arrangement works wonderfully for both of us and if they do stop paying, we both know that I will not submit any more work.

As far as the pay goes…while I was waiting for my back pay, I accepted freelance work with three other companies, one American, one Chinese, and one was international. All were very tightly structured and paid regularly, but I need to set the record straight on some freelance proofreading expectations.

At all the other companies, the pay per page was comparable to that of Harrisco. What I like about Harrisco is that I have been able to tell them the number of pages I can handle a day. The papers are fed into a user-friendly portal and I know what to expect for my daily and weekly workload. I do work Sunday through Thursday, though, due to the time difference with Korea. I believe they understand that speed does not equal quality and they have been very respectful of my page limit requests. I run my edited papers through Grammarly and then reread. All that takes time that decreases the pay per hour. This would (and should) be the same lengthy process for any proofreading job. Know that you will not get rich as a freelance proofreader but being able to work at home during hours convenient for me is important.

For all the other companies I worked for, the work came in randomly and one constantly wanted updates through chat on their portal and sent paper after paper. Saying I was busy was not enough, I was expected to respond ASAP and give a reason why I couldn't take another paper. It didn't matter the day or that I was a freelancer. I found the expectations in terms of workload to be higher. They wanted papers run through special programs and the writer had to be rated by me and one company wanted the writers to write the cover letters for the authors' paper submissions. The mission creep was huge. Every company I have worked for expected to see revisions on every page and some (I have not experienced it with Harrisco) set limits on the numbers and types of corrections. Harrisco expects that the work is thorough and of good quality. In working for the other companies, the Editor Manager or QA team or other micromanagers (one, months after I had quit!) contacted me later regarding missing Oxford commas and other minutiae in sternly worded emails. Harrisco does not do that. The company and authors are appreciative of my work and many authors request me as a proofreader, which hopefully means I helped them get their papers published. My work for Harrisco has been followed up with questions about the low density of corrections, but I have explained that the quality of the paper supported my edits. This, however, is a rare occurrence. Most papers need extensive editing as they are written by non-native English speakers.

The consistency of work and workload are features I enjoy about working for Harrisco.

Harrisco pays US workers through PayPal. For two other companies I worked for, the work was assigned through Upwork. You do get paid, but they hold it for five days after the client has paid, then Upwork takes their own chunk. Oh, some will send you a check, but you will wait forever to get it.

Another point that seems to have changed is the acceptance and attention to days, holidays, and vacation time off I have requested. I have had no problem at all with my requests and have adjusted my workload accordingly.

All in all, I have enjoyed (especially, most recently) working for Harrisco. I find the staff very friendly and incredibly responsive and respectful. I am grateful that I get paid daily, know my general workload, and have been able to work from home safely during the COVID pandemic.

1 review
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December 29th, 2020

I've been editing for Harrisco as a U.S. based part-time editor for almost four years (with one year off). Early in that time there were certainly some issues with on-time payment for completed assignments – which was the reason for me taking a break.

The company CEO continued to communicate periodically by email, promising all backpays would be completed and every month or so, deposits were made to my account in a good faith effort to ‘square the ledger'. The apparently genuine desire to fulfil its obligations, convinced me to resume taking assignments – in particular with a new payment system that didn't require waiting until the end of the month. Payment is now made by Paypal for each individual assignment.

Since I re-started (about 18 months ago), all payments have been made strictly on time and furthermore ALL of the backpay was paid. I have heard the company had some difficulties, but that seems to have been resolved. My experience over the last year and a half has been extremely positive and all of my interactions with the company have convinced me, they are highly professional and reputable.

The support staff I have worked with have been great – clear and early communication with them on issues such as how much work you can handle and deadlines, helps enormously. I am a part timer and only have limited number of hours to devote – and they have respected that.

1 review
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August 15th, 2014

Thanks Harrisco!
Harrisco Service is loved by many academic researchers in non-English-speaking countries. Since it was founded in 1997, Harrisco has provided service such as English translation, proofreading, and publishing academic papers of researchers working in South Korea and the Asia region in foreign journals over the past 18 years. Many scholars in Asia who have used Harriscos services are sending their thanks.
Seoul National University, Professor Song: I worked in perfect harmony with the proofreader. I have also recommended Harrisco to other professors. I am grateful for the proofreading services of Harrisco.
KAIST, Professor Han: Thanks for efforts you have made in helping the presentation of theses of researchers who are poor at English. The proofreaders at Harrisco have concisely corrected the sentences and noticed words that are out of place. I have admired reading the nicely proofread sentences. Thanks for dealing with the whole process in good faith.
Korea University, Professor Do: Despite a tight schedule, Harrisco has finished the work in good time. I have confidence in Harriscos translating and proofreading services: the level of work is 10 out of 10. I send my gratitude.


2 reviews
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November 24th, 2016

I've worked for them as a freelance translator since last year. I've translated 16 papers so far. Although they were a few days late once, they have never missed a single payment. I guess this didn't happen to everyone.

1 review
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November 27th, 2020

I have been with Harrisco for almost one year and they have been amazing.
They have a unique payment program where editors receive their payments even before they submit projects. This is alone blew my mind
Their team led by Moojin has been very supportive and I commend them for what they are doing

1 review
1 helpful vote
November 19th, 2020

I have been working for HARRISCO as a freelance editor since 2017 but more regularly freelancing since 2018. As with any company, there are ups and downs in business that only others who run their own business appreciate. Initially, I was advised that payment will be made every 2 months by wire transfer if you are located in America or elsewhere outside Korea. It was a bit of a challenge because the company was going through hard times, but HARRISCO always paid even though it was late. But now, with the improvement in the company fortune, especially during harsh times (COVID-19 pandemic), I get paid every weekday (except on those days when there is no work or it is a holiday in Korea) in advance via PayPal, and the manager assigns enough work to cover the payment. I work quite hard and fast, and turn in the edited manuscripts promptly and without missing the deadline. And the management is very friendly. So, I sincerely appreciate the HARISCO management. Thank you

1 review
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November 20th, 2020

I have been working as a contract substantive editor for Harrisco since Nov. 2016, just after ITT Tech imploded. Mr. Douglass Kim has always paid me in full, even during difficult times. The pay rate is fair, and now editors are paid in advance, My manager, Ms. Hyerim Park, is one of the best I have ever worked with: flexible, consistent, and realistic. The Koreans are world=class scientists. I feel that I am making an important contribution to society by helping them get their research published. I think the negative reviews on here are laughable. They aren't from guys who have worked very long for the company. Aidan A, Kelly, Ph. D (GTU 1980)

1 review
6 helpful votes
August 17th, 2014

Harrisco's academic services are very helpful for us living in Seoul.

We, using English as a second language, have some difficulties in expressing our views on the sophisticated business and academic field. In that case, the services of translation and proofreading provided by some brands like Harrisco are so useful for me, maybe most Asians.

I know the brand Harrisco very well, uses their sevices frequently since I have known the brand several years. They are kind, devoted and sincere, though sometimes some dissatisfaction. There're some brands supplying this kind of language services and most of the brands are small business. So, there have been many ups and downs in their business management, but they are never so bad as somebody in this American website criticizes.

The brand 'Harrisco' is, also, not so big scale, but I know they have the longest history and the largest scale of client lists in Seoul. I hope this kind of service prosper healthily in Korea and all Asian regions.

Finally, if you're non English native speaker, like me, I recommend this kind of language services, especially Harrisco. Always, good luck for you!


Tip for consumers:
www.harrisco.net, en.harrisco.net

1 review
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December 14th, 2020

I have worked here for the past 4 years as an academic paper editor and researcher and enjoy the work. We stay busy as there is a lot to do, which is good.

1 review
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December 14th, 2020

The company is really good, would definitely recommend everybody to go for their services. Best in town.

1 review
0 helpful votes
November 20th, 2020

I have been working as a USA-based editor with Harrisco for a little over six months now, after having been retired for many years. I am a native speaker of Standard American English. My background is in medicine and related sciences. I also have a writing background and speak several languages

I have enjoyed working with Harrisco. I usually get as much work as I desire, and the clients seem satisfied with my editing. More than a few of them insist that I be assigned to edit their new papers.

Before I started to work for Harrisco, I searched the internet and found both satisfied and dissatisfied editors. I considered Harrisco because I have a close friend who edits for them, and he recommended that I apply. So far, I have no serious complaints.

I always get paid in advance and can take time off when I need it. Harrisco office staff always seem to be responsive to my emails. Being on a retirement income has posed challenges, so I am happy to have extra money coming in regularly.

So, the PROS are:
A) Paid in advance, at least weekly income.
B) Courteous, responsive, and competent staff.
C) Interesting and challenging work.
D) I learn something new almost every day.

I wish I made more money. Harrisco pays the equivalent of about $4/page, and it can take me a long time to do a page. I am older and slower than I was 30 or 40 years ago. I am a perfectionist and want to have my work to be of the highest quality. That means I occasionally have trouble meeting Harrisco deadlines. However, when Harrisco staff ask about a late paper, they are always polite and seem satisfied with my answer.

It's not so easy to get work when you're near 80 years of age. I suppose I could go to another editing company, but I'm not sure I'd make any more money. And I am used to dealing with Harrisco staff.

Editing Koreans' written English can be a very demanding task. The authors highly educated. They are mostly native Korean speakers who probably are quite literate in their language. It seems to me that Korean must be a very logical language, and Koreans are proud of it and their Hangul alphabet.

However, Korean syntax and grammar are completely different than English. Korean is an ergative agglutinative language. Although many of the authors are world-class researchers doing cutting-edge science, they are less than brilliant English writers. Many should probably pay to have their papers first translated into English and then sent to us editors. But like most people, they try to save money and attempt to write in English when they probably shouldn't.

It can take me a long time to understand their intent, although I usually am familiar with the material I edit. I often need to rewrite entire sentences or paragraphs. I make a lot of comments in Word's review feature, and the authors seem to appreciate my tips on writing good English.

Also, Harrisco does not send out tax documents, such as a 1099 form. My tax man tells me to put aside 25% of everything I make to cover self-employment tax and income tax. I keep a spreadsheet and make PDFs of all my Paypal statements. I advise USA-based editors to do the same.

So then, here are the CONS
A) It is hard to make much money for doing this highly-skilled and demanding job.
B) It bothers me that I occasionally miss a deadline, as I take deadlines very seriously.
C) The poor language skills of many Korean authors make editing their papers quite time consuming. I often need to rewrite sentences or even entire paragraphs.
D) I need to keep careful tax records, a spreadsheet and printouts, of every Paypal transfer, because Harrisco does not deduct for taxes or send out 1099 forms.

1 review
1 helpful vote
November 21st, 2018

Be forewarned - you are working for a Korea-based company. You will NOT be paid. I've asked Craigslist to stop allowing their posts since they're clearly scamming Americans.

Note the two 4-star reviews are Koreans attempting to level out the reviews.

Again, be forewarned - you will NOT be paid. And you have zero recourse.

1 review
3 helpful votes
August 11th, 2016

I was recruited by this company but declined because I already had a full roster of clients. Their response was to send me harassing, even threatening, emails for at least one week. In addition, please check out the reviews at https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Employee-Review-HARRISCO-RVW3645073.htm by people who have worked for them, and hated it.

3 reviews
30 helpful votes
October 27th, 2013

These guys are based in Korea. They also operate under "en-co" and "encorrection." They are crooks and should be avoided at all costs. They never pay on time and have a lot of shady business practices. I've talked to other people who've worked there and all of us are owed at least $10,000 dollars, others much much more. If you're working for them in Korea they don't pay you for months, they don't pay your pension or taxes, and they change your registered address to the company address so they can hide government documents from you. There has also been violence and sexual harassment in the office, and they are breaking several immigration and labor laws.



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