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1 review
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I have been a long time fan and reader of cracked, over 10 years actually. Be it a good laugh, a genuinely interesting read or citing statistic sources to support or challenge my thoughts. I always appreciated the contributions of the comics/writers.

These times are sadly gone.

I encourage people to visit cracked and enjoy their old content but be prepared to fight through the SJW agenda minefield to find it.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I used to love this website. The articles were funny and informative. Now half the articles are political and the articles that are not have some political jabs thrown in (all one sided)
Also the store part is all sales final (cannot return defective or unsatisfactory products)
Too bad it has gone to s***. I used to read everyday, but after about 6 months of being mostly crap, it is off my saved bookmarks.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I read Cracked magazine during the late 80's and early 90's. It was a great satirical magazine with articles like "Shut-ups" and spoofs on innocent brand name characters from mainstream.

After the magazine failed, they built a website around 2005. It was fairly innocent with it's satire poking fun at movies and character flaws. Then in 2016 Donald Trump won the Republican primaries and it seemed like marxists like George Soros bought the website and now all the articles are about destroying Trump at any cost.

I don't mind jokes about politicians and Donald Trump certainly is no exception now but the writing is not even funny. It is vial and gross with no thought given to any alternative opinions. Where were all these comedians for the last 10 years?

1 review
3 helpful votes

I followed cracked on Twitter and subscribed to their YouTube channel almost 2 years ago and for a while I really enjoyed their content. However, the few months before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election, cracked went from being a satirical comedy website to being a completely SJW, right-hating, whiney group of people who happened to have access to a website to cry about not getting their way. I will not call any of these crybaby writers "democrats" since being affiliated with a political party is for adults, and none of these people can handle a loss like an adult.

Their Twitter account went from fun articles and silly lists that didn't take themselves too seriously, to lists about reasons why Donald Trump is going to take all their birthday and Christmas presents on the same day. Every other article criticizes literally anything the president does, which gets very annoying.

Their YouTube channel also went through a change. Apparently since I'm a man and I also own a gun, I'm the worst person to exist since Chad Kroeger. They make videos criticizing people the exact same way the people who hate Muslims do. Which they hate. If I wanted to listen to someone tell me how horrible I am every day, I would go hang out with my ex girlfriends $#*! ass mom.

I had to unsubscribe/unfollow both of these sites, because the election was almost 7 months ago, and they aren't over it.

Here's an idea for Cracked, if any of your staff are reading this. Take the 8 far-left, SJW, Hillary Clinton groupies that are ruining your site and make a completely different site for them. Call it "CrackedBlue" or "Keeping up with the president" or something. Take these people out, and let cracked go back to its former glory.

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, no, I do not support Donald Trump and I'm not a big fan of him. I am an adult though, and I'm not going to whine because the person I voted for didn't win the election. I never write any reviews for anything, ever, but I looked at Twitter today and saw how childishly Cracked responded to the presidents typo in a tweet. Not the funny kind of childish, but childish like that kid who would make jokes that were funny when you were 3, and were 11 years old now. They're the kid who had no clue he wasn't funny, because he laughed at his own jokes every single time. Anyways, Cracked makes my eyes roll every time I come across their stuff, and needed to get this out there. Please fix cracked. Thank you.

1 review
1 helpful vote

The site has some very funny articles it's true but it's marred by a few writers click-baiting people mostly with generalizations, liberal gate-keeping just antagonizing their readers for anger clicks. When every page has something about how games are sexist men are Terrible or or at the least clueless sexist idiots... it gets old. I have seen the results three little brothers and they come to their sister for advice over the last two years two of them have become nervous of even saying hello to a girl because thats "assault" or rude or "assuming she's there to be interacted with by them". meanwhile my other brother has become a red pill jerk to counteract it because he needs somewhere where his basic want to have a girlfriend and flirt isn't seen as evil. if he can't go to the liberal leaning sites he'll go elsewhere. unfortunately he picked the "alpha" crazies over at the red pill. It's not just cracked don't get me wrong a but when they can't even go to a curated humor site where can they go?

I'm considered center left in Europe and flaming liberal in the u.s and they've managed to irk me. If your reading this and any of the stuff about my brothers rings true to you then remember the fact that you realize that their is a boundary and that shes a person means they aren't talking about you. :)

1 review
4 helpful votes

Used to love cracked and read it every day till they decided they didn't want to make america great again like the rest of the united states.
You lost cracked. Get over it.
When you decide to keep politics out of your posts and actually make them funny again I'll think about comming back.
Oh and by the way Trump 2020

1 review
1 helpful vote
10/17/16 could have been great. It has lots of great articles, lots of giggles, and some semi-verifiable info. (hey, its no worse there than Wikipedia) But regardless the computer or device I use, the website never displays reliably. always freezing up. if it worked it'd be a 5 star.

8 reviews
12 helpful votes

This is a comedy site. I wouldn't ever go to it to actually look up "facts". Also it's a certain kind of comedy that appeals to certain people. For example, those who are easily offended by profanity shouldn't read it. Personally, I find it entertaining. There is a way you can sign up to actually submit your own articles, but the last time I tried it, they had done such a poor job of explaining the process that I gave up on it. They might've improved it since though.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Once upon a time cracked was a good site, now they have stopped giving damned about people or facts. It is easy to be entertaining if you just make $#*! up, especially if you don't give a $#*! about the anything or anyone.

1 review
4 helpful votes

If you like vast generalizations which are unsupported by tangible evidence then you will LOVE this podcast! Also I find the social insights of the elitist, 20 something, male extremely valuable! I mean if there's one thing lacking in our society its more forums for young men, such as these, to express commentary on getting drunk at Rutgers or their hazy experiences at Burning Man. Thanks for keeping the pedestrians informed!

4 reviews
23 helpful votes

It's difficult to rank this site. There's a wide range of authors, some interested in the truth and some not. Some funny and some just gross, sensational, stupid, or sexist. Overall, though, this is one of my favorite infotainment sites, because some of the authors do a great job of humorously telling you really interesting (even sometimes important!) information. Beware, though, because some flat out misrepresent the truth to make something look shocking or funny, or just to fit their topic.

So, for some authors, I give an enthusiastic 5 stars! For others, 3-4 stars. And for some: 1 star.

5 reviews
7 helpful votes

The articles on Cracked are both funny and informative. That's an addictive combination that can turn you into a victim of missing time! I've learned about so many off-the-wall facts and events from this awesome little time-killer. I liken the experience to hitting the "Random Article" button on Wikipedia, but more entertaining. The writers are awesome! My only possible gripe is that I'm not interested in every topic that's written about. This is really not a gripe. It's just a matter of opinion and taste, but I have to say something bad because I have an overload of karma that's been overheating my heart...

8 reviews
12 helpful votes

This site is hilarious, I love surfing through there site at work to kill time at the end of the day.

5 reviews
24 helpful votes

Keep an open mind when you visit, very diverse forum activity and lots, I mean lots of funny stuff. Clearly one of my favorite sites.

6 reviews
11 helpful votes

Witty humor and information merged into one. I never thought I'd like something like this site as I was the "boring" guy before I knew about Cracked... A bit of a warning though: when you start reading articles from Cracked, you'll become ignorant of the time.

9 reviews
10 helpful votes

The moderators on the forums are basically self righteous fascists but that's not that uncommon so I'll only ding them a little for that even if it's a huge annoyance to me. It's slightly more annoying with them in particular since they like to act as though they are the ministers of what is acceptable on the very edge of political and social discourse. Otherwise it's a great comedy site. Maybe the best.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Before I became a Cracked loyalist, I only used my internet subscription for erotic entertainment. Now, I get sarcastic short stories on current events to amuse me also. Seriously, This is a worthwhile good time to read. I check it, and yahoo news daily.

1 review
4 helpful votes

When I wish to not use a service anymore I feel I should be able to DELETE my account. Right now the only way to sort of get rid of your Cracked account is to manually remove ALL content and then deactivate it. This is ridiculous. The service should have one big red 'DELETE PROFILE' button which wipes out the entire profile and all associated content. Cracked doesn't give me enough information to delete my profile. Other services have this feature.

4 reviews
14 helpful votes

DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE!!! It almost cost me my job...and my life. You don't understand, you just want to read one, but one more won't hurt. Oh, look, this one is related to the one I just read. Oh, look, its 5a.m., well, I'm not going to work today cause, shuks, I just spent all night enjoying life, damn. seriously, when I first found this site, I posted an article on my FB page. I got one comment that scared me, so true, "hey!!! you just found the 'im never gunna do work again page.'" Ya, true dat.

32 reviews
146 helpful votes

The only thing left of the revered (but always second banana to Mad magazine) Cracked magazine is The site has current original comedy material usually as clever as The Onion. is also now soliciting budding comedy writers and paying for "good" articles. Now maybe some of you can potentially have a revenue bearing aspect to your writing. is a fun safe place to spend some time.

80 reviews
315 helpful votes

I read cracked as a comic book growing up in elementary school (yes that dates me) and now have found this website thanks to other members here. Very funny site. They also have a quite impressive social network thing going on. I have seen some sites get say 100 likes from facebook and I would be impressed. They get thousands of likes on FB for their articles. It also appears some get hundreds of diggs because they are really that funny. Check out this one with 1800 FB likes, though only read if you are one of the 12 million people that play WOW

10 reviews
42 helpful votes

the authors of the 'articles' on this website have a great wit and many times caused me pain via liquid-through-the-nose laughing. a fun read.

10 reviews
53 helpful votes

Cracked - Subjective humor blog/college-like and Maddoxesque humor - A variety of subject matter in the topics that are ranked, often pertaining to pop culture or current events. Very entertaining at times and typically somewhat witty. The website is mostly popular for its top "X" blog posts.

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