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Ordering Bridesmaid dresses off the Internet

Hi. Im desperately looking for a independantly, well reviewed website to order three Bridesmaid dresses from. I stumbled across this website by chance after I had narrowed it down to three or four different sites. Whilst Im most grateful this site did pop up, to be honest, it has scared the living hell out of me. I have about six months before the Wedding, and now feel so confused and frightened I'm going to get scammed. Is there anyone who could recommend a decent site, that doesn't cost the earth for my dresses that I can use, and feel confident I will get no hastle?! All responses greatly appreciated. Even if you tell me who to avoid, that would be nice!! Thank you for your time!

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  • over 1 year ago
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wedding? check out sites here?


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Please stay away from weddingdressesonlinesale.com. They are awful to deal with! You are so smart to be researching websites before buying.

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Hi Shannon! Thanks for your response, much appreciated! In the end I decided to pay through the nose and order from a shop! Cost me a packet, but its worth it for my peace of mind! I hope you didn't get stung!!

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I agree with Shannon. If you buy from a site like that, you take a chance on the big day being ruined!

Most of these Chinese sites are the same. The images you see are stolen from legitimate companies and (hundreds of) factories make cheap copies with quality that ranges from acceptable to a total disaster. When you buy there, you have no idea which factory you are buying from. A similar site is Tidebuy. On their Facebook page, more than 50% of the posts on their wall were people complaining (until Tidebuy deleted them) - one lady received a wedding dress with a HOLE in the top layer, rips on the seams which were not sewn straight and rough scissor marks. Another received a dress that should have have lots of white or clear beads on the front - the dress she received had all BLACK beads. She sent me pics of the original she thought she was buying and the "disaster" she received. I can send these to anybody who wants to see them.

Personally, for an important event such as a wedding, I would recommend to pay a little more and be sure of what you're getting rather than take a chance. There are some reputable sites that can be recommended but there are some to be avoided like the plague.

By the way, I work in the clothing business and have been in many of the factories in China so I know many of the good factories (and sites) and unfortunately, I also know many of the bad ones!

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Hi Joe and Ann, I got stung big time! I ordered my dress from this website and canceled my order within minutes. I discovered it was a knock off within minutes after ordering. I was promised a refund and never got it or the dress. My credit card company is now involved and hopefully it will all work out in the end. I am sad that this happened but I learned that cheaper is not always better.

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Does anyone know if JBRIDAL.COM OR WWW.KELLYPROM ARE SCAMS??? I found my dream dress & i'm sure the price is to good to be true after reading so many bad reviews about ording online.... Please tell me if anyone knows about the two companies I'am looking into ordering from.. Both claim to be form the U.S.A Florida & New York

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Hi Michelle, first of all congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! Although I have no experience in ordering wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses from the websites you mention, I think, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you can afford that little bit extra, and buy from a shop, which is a Ltd company, I have been told your purchase should be honoured and protected. And for a wedding dress -you do really want it to be perfect and stress free! Have you looked to see if either of the sites you mention have testimonials?? There is a downside though to this in the fact they can somehow delete any bad ones, so again, you may not be getting the full picture. If you have a bit of time before your wedding, it might be an idea to try and find out who the designer is of thr particular dress you like, and find local stockists, and compare prices. Also, if you do order a wedding dress from a shop, they will usually offer a discount on any bridesmaid dresses, or veil that you might want etc.

Best of luck to you, and I hope someone answers you about those websites!

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