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Does anyone know of an effective home or natural treatment for acne?

I would love to explore a more natural approach to treat my breakouts. Any suggestions?

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There are so many great home remedies that I've had luck with! One of my favorites is using a mixture of castor oil and fractionated coconut oil to wash my face with. I get a small travel bottle and fill it about a quarter full of castor oil and then top that off with the coconut oil. I also add a few drops of essential oil (tea tree, lavender, clary sage, rosemary, and lemon are all great for acne) You massage a small amount of that onto your face for 1-2 minutes and then use a warm washcloth to remove the oil from your face. It leaves your skin super clean and SO soft. I know it sounds counterproductive to put oil on your face if you have acne problems but it actually does work incredibly well.

Another favorite is making my own Vitamin C serum at home. You can buy L-Ascorbic Acid powder on Amazon for pretty cheap and then mix it with distilled water to make your own serum. It's so much cheaper than buying pre-mixed serums and then you get to control what's actually in it.

Is your skin oily, dry or combination?

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