Is VTrips a scam or a legit company?

asked by Paul O. on 4/8/19

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It's the worst rental company out there. They will do nothing to help you.

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Barely. It's a legit company with questionable business practices & no customer service

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It is a legitimate company, but probably the worst, vacation-rental, property management companies around. I worked there for just about a year and can tell you it's a terrible place to work. Managements always arguing with one another, throwing each other and employees under the bus to keep off the company owner's radar. It's a revolving door, training is bad an the departments are constantly blaming each other so nothing can get done to fix problems.

The accounting manager is a big problem problem why stuff doesnt get done.

Tons of vendors stopped working with VTrips because they werent getting paid. He's a control freak an won't pay maintenance people and guests who are owed money. Ask anyone who works there an they'll say he won't pay people cause its the company owner's money and isn't gonna get yelled at for giving it away. The accounting manager dint let us talk with other workers unless it was about work. But don't say nothing bad about him not approving repairs cause that makes him an target and you can bet you won't work there long.
Theres a few good people that try an help but they dont brown-nose the owner an thats why they dont get credit for whats getting done.

The owner is a nightmare hisself. If dint like you, you were gone. Dint matter what you did that was good, if you dont do exactly what he wants, you are gone. Doesnt matter your position, VP, HR, Director, nothing. If he wants you gone your gone. Some of them needed to go because they were making things worse, but some were trying to make the company better and were gone because they dint do what the owner wanted. An then when their gone, they got blamed for the problems still going on. All hes worried about us growing the company a making more money for hisself, an blaming everyone else for the problems. If your smart, you won't use VTrips cause the ones who could do something were run off an fired.

So yeah, it's a real company. A really bad one to use an worse to work for.

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Has insects all over the condo and it was dirty with long hairs all over the place. They wouldn't help me nor give me another room but took my money

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It seems to be a legit company but uses many names so it confuses the customers. VTrips AKA Vacation Rental Pros AKA VacayHomeConnect AKA Maui Rental Group

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