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Is Traveltriangle.Com a scam or a legit company?

asked by Deborah X. on 3/20/19

5 Answers

Looks like they just want to make money and making fake promises and later giving nothing in return. When you have paid everything you can't even have an option to back out.

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A legit company for illegitimate means of earning money... cheating customers... piling foundation on sad corpses of unsatisfied, helpless customers...

U decide whether it is a legit or not!

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We had booked a 4 days tour to Delhi - Nainital - Jim Corbett. We were a family of seven people so we had taken the package so that we can enjoy the trip with comfort and ease.
My first experience with travel triangle turned out to be a disaster because of irresponsible people who just believe in money making rather than customer service.

On day one driver came late by 1 hour saying that the cab broke out on the way.
Travel triangle was so irresponsible that they had alloyed to us a driver who was completely unaware of the roots. We did not know that he we are dependent on a driver who has never been to nainital... driver being completely new took a wrong route and we went on some other route hence reached the destination late by almost 2 hours... in the evening also there was lot of chaos as the routes were unknown to the driver.
Trival triangle has been so inconsiderate that inspite of repeated requests they did not give us a local driver.
If we had to go using GPS. We could have gone by out own conveyance rather than booking a tour...
On day 3 we were given a local driver after pleading with them. He took us for local sightseeing for 2 hours and dropped us back to the hotel.
Also let me tell that the hotels provided by them were located in the most isolated areas and were away from the city. They were shabby and the food quality was below average.
We could not cover most of the sights because of a foolish driver
Moreover on raising the issue with travel triangle, their employees Ameed, Gautam and travel agent by the name of Kamal had the audacity to say that they have covered everything as per itinerary and if you not give remaining amount we will see how you leave nanital as i am local person and i am moving my cab back in night and you have to leave the hotel right now and i am calling the Police and then will show you the power of local person and last PAISA TO MUJHE NIKALAVANA ATA HAI.
I had taken the package to enjoy hassle free trip as I was taking my parents for the first time
I am rather embarrassed and disturbed because of the chaos created bu travel triangle.

We got only dirty rooms to stay and average food to eat. Had we not taken the package out stay would have been much better

Not to forget. Their employee by the name of Gautam. Rather than empathising with me and listening to my grievances told me that ' AAP TO TRIP ENJOY KARNE NAHI. LADNE AAYI HAI... Mr Gautam fails to understand how painful it is for a customer to see his hard earned money getting wasted. The issues to be listed are endless.

On check out date we are at Police station Nanital for sorting out the issue even Travel triangle not been bother where we are and what about our sightseeing and departure from nanital to Delhi. We leave at 1.30 instead of 9.30 and reach Gurgaon 11.30 PM.

The 3 days been wasted by Trip triangle and there team in Nanital and they all are ready to take money not ready to give the services.
Now i am asking for my refund they are trying to ignore saying your trip was perfect and we covered all thing that was mentioned in quote.

I would just like to say that i am not a fake customer who is being paid to write good reviews about the company. I am a genuine customer who is being trouble by the money making attitude of travel companies##shameontraveltriangle#

This story is not Fake. If you guys want to cross check then feel free to call me at 8745099606 and email me at yatendersingh1423@gmail.com.

It is my request, if you are going for trip with your family do not book any trip from Travel Triangle.

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I can't answer this question, but here is my experience about Traveltriangle
Recently we booked our trip through Travel Triangle for Andaman, It was our worst experience. Travel triangle is just like Bermuda triangle. They just book a customer, give it to a second party, when you visit the destination it will be different agency. There is a huge communication gap between these three agencies which ruins a travellers valuable travel time and money. I will strongly never suggest TT to any of my traveller friends

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Paid invoiceI have just returned from the trip and cant hold to warn people out there to not to make booking with travel triangle.

Guys I know this will eat your time but please go through my experience, I don't want anyone to fall in their trap so giving complete details of moments on how they planned to cancel our sightseeing and grabbed money from us.

I will mention each and every fraudster who was involved in arranging the trip and ruining 3days of my life.

I made booking in communication with SAMUEL LETKHOLA(Travel Triangle Holiday Expert) and Arti(Corporate Host Destination who arranges for hotel booking).

The package was quite attractive so we got into the devil's deal and called Samuel(took his number from website) to plan our trip from banglore to ooty. After receiving the itenary, Samuel and Arti called me several times to pay amount asap otherwise the hotel room would not have been available for our us. So I had no choice but paid 9700 of 18000 as a booking amount for the trip through card.

They didn't share driver details before so I had to call them many times before leaving for the banglore from hyd. Late night we received driver's detail and were informed that driver will pick up at 9am.

First Day: We reached banglore airport and called driver. He dint arrive there for pickup and told he would be there by 10:30. Thats when we eached out to the first contact of point the trip coordinator MOUIN and asked him why the driver dint come on time when already informed over call. They gave some traffic excuse and finally driver arrived at 10:30 and we left for ooty.

As per the itenary we were to go for Bandipur Safari and discussed with driver about the timings for safari. He lied saying will reach there by 3pm and can take safari. But he took a long route to reach there. He pretended that he doesnt know from where to take safari so we asked many people and reached bandipur safari campus by 5. Now guess what? The ticket were CLOSED by 4:30!

So there was no bandipur safari for us. Again we spoke to trip coordinator "MOUIN" from Local travel agency(Tripaway) and he told will cover bandipur safari on the last day of trip and connected us to his SALES HEAD "Narendra Mourya". This guy has no sense of talking and instead of giving us a solution he blamed us by saying that driver reached airport at 9am but it was your fault you were not at the airport by that time. And when confirmed with driver SHREEDHAR, this driver also lied and took part in their bloody game plan by saying that he was already at the airport at 9am and was waiting for us. We lost our temper but had no choice to go with him.

EVERY NUMBER THAT WAS PROVIDED TO US AS A POINT OF CONTACT IN TROUBLE WAS WRONG OR UNREACHABLE. I tried calling Arti who has given me these numbers but she was also not reachable. Now we had only driver's number and some local coordinator MOUIN.

We then headed to our hotel in Ooty and next what? Unpredictabely driver took a long route to get over to hotel by putting some wrong location across ooty city.

Can you imagine my partner and I were in a spot where there was no light, no person, no other cab, only thing we could see was DARKNESS and there was no space for going back. We would be killed anytime by wildanimal. We even tried calling hotel but that they dint bother to answer our call.

Somehow we figured out landmark for that hotel and followed it. We reached hotel at 10PM.

Did you calculate we left from banglore at 10:30AM it was 12 hours journey for us. UNBELIEVABLE!

Forget about the other view points that were mentioned in the itenary for first day trip(Ooty lake and botanical garden) because of all the above $#*!s that happened because of their blooding planning. Note: Ooty lake and garden closes by 5:30pm This is one more reason why driver dint get us there before 10pm.

Second Day: Before starting the trip at 10am driver asked us to pay the remaining trip amount of INR8000 otherwise he would not take us back. Plus he told us that we have in total 750km free distance for our entire package of which we have already covered 410km on the first day. Once those remaining free km are spent we would be charged extra with 10INR per kilometer. He wasted 30 minutes on this discussion.

We paid him the money in cash and forgot to take receipt for it. He told that toy train to conoor starts at 12 from ooty so he will drop us the railway station. Next? He did drop us there but the ticket counter was CLOSED for 12pm train. We had no choice but to stand in que from from 11 to 2pm and wait for the train. We reached conoor by3pm and looked for driver as he was supposed to pickup there. BUT as expected he arrived late and we headed for dolphin nose and tea factory. On the way he insisted us to visit some other view points so that he can increase the km distance and late ask us more money. He refused for Sim park visit, golf course, dobadetta peak, wax museam, rose garden. We again spoke to MOUIN, remember the trip coordinator. He again made same story that he will cover those points on next day.(We understood that wouldnt happen).

To make sure driver doesnt take long route to increase km distance, we followed gps through the journey. Sounds painful? Wait something big is coming.

We wondered in the ooty local market and reached hotel at 10PM. We discussed with driver about next day plan and everything looked improvised.


Third and last Day: As planned last night, we checked out from hotel and headed towards ooty lake but on our way, driver stopped and told that it would take more than 4hours to cover remaining points including the ooty lake, gardens, dobadetta peak and many other. He also added that if we cover these places in ooty and stop for on the way places like pykara falls, kamraj sagar dam and other small view points, we will reach banglore by midnight. Like every other morning, this was also well ruined and we again had to speak to MOUIN for not staying commited to his words for covering all places on the last day of our trip.

This person turned out to be the head of all, he said that these places cannot be covered. He had guts to ask us to reschedule our flight of 9pm for next day and give him extra INR10000 as 4th day charges would apply after 10PM. Plus we already had a deal of paying them per km 50INR from ooty to banglore drop. Plus driver charges would be there because his service ends at 6PM.

We asked driver to get us at banglore airport before9pm by hook or by crook. We wanted to stop at many points but dint because it would delay our arrival. Driver again took a different route and we dint take any hault and just before banglore airport. Driver stopped the cab and said something new.

Any guesses? We already paid extra for ooty to banglore travel distance but he got something else to add.

He asked us to pay for extra 35km so that he can go back to his office.

I lost my temper. I mean we paid for the trip that dint have any sightseeing mentioned in the itenary. We paid him for our way back to banglore and he was still trying to make money. He was out of his senses, he dint reallize for what he was asking. We stopped the ride there and went to banglore airport on our own. ENOUGH OF MENTAL TORCHER.

This trip was no less than a nightmare. I don't know how to act against these people so trying my best to expose them in every portal possibly.

Guys make yourself time for any trip planning. We could have done it on our own if had enough time. There is no way to get my money back but I will make sure there business is shut down one day.

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