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Why are the staff generating fake requests?

asked by Maria R. on 11/16/15

18 Answers

Thumbtack does not generate fake requests. When our professionals come to Thumbtack to meet new customers, we know how important it is to receive requests that can help them expand their clientele. We have a lot of customers that come to Thumbtack and hire professionals to help them complete their personal projects. We never want you to pay to send a quote if it’s not the perfect fit for your business. This is why you can view the details of each request before you send a quote and introduce yourself to the customer.

James - I’m so sorry that the concerns you’ve brought to our attention haven’t been responded to in an appropriate amount of time, this is never our intention. It's important to us to obsess about answering our customers and professionals questions and concerns within a timely manner. We are a real company that can always be improving. You can read more about our company in reputable sources such as Forbes and the New York Times.

If anyone has specific concerns about certain requests you’re receiving, we’d be happy to review them and see how we can help. Feel free to give us a call at (800) 343-1710, we have an amazing support team that is just waiting to talk to you.

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Thumbtack DOES create fake customer requests in order to charge businesses for them. They use cheap labor in the Philippines to do it, where people get paid two-dollars a day. In addition. Thumbtack creates fake REPLIES online where they pretend to be a user of Thumbtack who got a lot of business from it in order to counter all the negative experiences with Thumbtack, including the thousands of users who figured out it was a scam. Thumbtack is crooked down to its very foundation as a "company".

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Because we pay to bid on these fake jobs therefore creating profits for the conpany.

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They take your money when you respond to fake re w uests and I t looks like people are using this so they can get people to join. This has to be inv r stigated

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A potenial customer is researching makeup artists for her 09/2019 wedding. She finds a artist/pro that she maybe interested in. She decides to send the pro message to ask"are you available"?
The potential customer enters demographic info and then...
Thumbtack prompts the potential customer to send 3 to 4 other pros a message as well.
This pop up message says "reach out to more pros just in case". The customer doesnt even so much as see your zipcode let alone your profile. But of course the non suspecting customer doesnt think twice she selects all 4 of the pros though she/he was only interested in the first one she chose.

You(the pro) gets the "you have a lead" message from thumbtack and you rush over and quickly respond. You get really excited since your the first one to message the customer that you're available.

However, you and the other 3 pros that the customer didn't want in the first place have been charged 20.00 to 40.00 a piece. The pro she did want of course is also charged 20.00

At the end of the whole transaction thumbtack makes anywhere between 80 to 100 just for a customer clicking an "are you available" button.

Please, please, please dont use this site. Please grow your business by using other legitimate business growing sites. Or you will be like me spending 300 dollars in two weeks without any business. I've spent a total of 15k over two years of using them. A complete scam.

I have proof

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Hey Thumbtack, here's a solution for the problem regarding speculation that you make up "fake requests" - you only charge the PRO if they win the job and we actually talk to our new client. This would alleviate any suspicion that your requests are fake! If you don't have anything to hide then you can charge more for the PRO to get a new client because we know the requests are real... put your money where your mouth is!

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Because lies are a great profit generator.

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Those of you that believe this garbage aboutThumbtack sending out false leads are wrong, I started my business with this company, and my business is growing because I continue to use this service. It sounds to me like y'all are trying to blame your shortcomings on Thumbtack.

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Thumbtack is garbage and will always be a fake lead generator

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I have been a user of the service for a number of years and have had success with it but I also of the mind that there is something fraudulent going on and I'm guessing that it's the use of foreigners to post fake requests to run up bills for instant match. As the service was rolled out this is when I saw the influx of tons of foreign names even in very rural areas. Also, as a point of experimentation, I had created numerous accounts all up the east coast. You'd be surprised how many times I've seen the exact same request for the same person for the exact same date posted simultaneously hundreds of miles apart. There is fraud. There should be an investigation and there should be a class action suit brought.

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Really? Bull KAKA! I keep receiving requests for fitness training at 2-3am in the morning from fake names like Rashalunda, Buldaga, Ameranda etc. They (requests) always come in packs of 4-5 at the same time. Looks like a SPAM to me. We even do not have ppl with names like these in the area for sure.

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"If/When" fake requests are being generated would be done to increase activities and cause the service to appear to be a REAL service! It would explain why it takes so INCREDIBLY long (2-4 days) to receive responses from Thumbtack.

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A lot of the times it's the pros that put in fake requests... I've been using thumbtack for a lil while now and have gotten more business than I could handle at times so I simply just turn off the leads. I've made over $200,000 from using this site. Take the good with the bad. Set your page up correctly and it works... Jobs just don't fall in your lap without putting in some work to get them. I don't mind the competition of other pros... we all have to eat! You win some, you lose some. Home Advisor is the scam if you ask me... they charge you through the gate hundreds of dollars to make a lil bit of nothing.If you're having a bad experience on thumbtack, ease up off of it for a while. It's far from a scam though.

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When I was looking for gardening/landscaping, I tried 6 Thumbtack leads. 3 had auto generated answers, none of the 6 came through. It prolonged my search by 2+ weeks until I got wise. I deleted my app and found a great crew independently. Now, 6 mos later, I searched for cleaning and the Thumbtack app came up again. I reinstalled and learned immediately that it was going to be the same run around. Fake offers? Most likely

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I can't believe all the comments I've just read.

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How come I did not take a look at these reviews before getting robbed by these mobsters, I have just posted on my experience with them. Thumbtack is a group of scammers no doubt.
Of course I have posted a review on my experience with them.

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You purchase credits. Each leads cost a certain amount of credits to submit a bid. If the person views the bid within 48 hrs, you loose the money weather they accept it or not. If they don't view it, you get the credits back. I have purposely underbid on several jobs and out of hundreds of bids, gotten 1 response and I'm not even sure if that one is gonna work out because the customer has not returned the contract or paid the deposit required.

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I have been with Thumbtack.Com for about I think eight months now. People here are all arguing about not getting any jobs. I myself and being a General Contractor has gotten many jobs through Thumbtack.Com. I explained before in another questionaire session in the same regards of not getting jobs or by the time I send my info in there is five people.

Believe me you do still have that chance even if you are number five. I missed a few but then I started to think why? Well being I been doing this for over 24 yrs. Maybe it is the way I approach the leads in what I say. So like I said before in another forum, you are trying so fast to type in information about you in hopes to be called. I did the same thing.
So what's did was I went to my old and normal letter I always sent and this time I was not looking for a job but wanted to see what I actually wrote. To my surprise it was not Thumbtack.Com nor was it the client either.
It was my letter that the people read.
I made myself. Looks like SUPERMAN in writing. To normal people they want to see honesty thats all in a few lines. I redone my opening letter and use it to this day. I get great reviews and Thumbtack.Com is the real deal. I am a General Contractor and I did not get paid nor do I work for Thumbtack.Com to write this
I believe in them. I got a ton of work from their leads and they are the most reasonable online lead company out there as well as honest.
Try the other companies like I did before Thumbtack.Com. I had to pay alot of money for what they called "Direct Leads ".
Also Thumbtack.Com does not tell you or force you to send in a quote.
Also their customer service was always great in helping me anytime I had a issue and if they made the mistake they took care of.me.
So please don't hate Thumbtack.Com they are the real deal. Look at your opening letter you send to potential leads. I may be right.
Keep up the good work Thumbtack.Com.
Robert Black
Hawaiian Construction LLC

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