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why does everything have to cost robux and why arent the assesories free?

asked by skullgamer o. on 7/30/17

11 Answers
Sophia P, helpful answer. But there is more to it, roblox has things that cost robux so they can make money. Without robux they wouldn't make money; not have devs to pay as they dont make money, then the game would go way downhill.
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Well not everything cost robux there are some free accesory but ROBLOX is free game they wouldn't make money if there wasn't something to pay so they added robux instead of tix that were free beacuse if they didn't ROBLOX wouldn't be here today beacuse there would be no devs to work and company would go down not so slow that's why there are robux that you buy
Yes I do miss tix beacuse you get them by simply playing the game but there would be no ROBLOOX if tix were still there
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They have to pay for servers, electricity, wifi, heating, cooling amd much more. They need more money to do so, thats why.
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One word, it's a freaking Business. I don't know why you are asking this.
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Some items are free but most cost robux so the company can make money to make the game great again
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Roblox got people making Alts to give their mains free tixs ripping the company off of thousands of real dollars. Now you have to pay for Robux so Roblox doesn't get scammed.
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The creators and staff have to make money somehow. There is a good part to this. In 2017, there were 2 cowboy hats to help with the Hurricane Irma relief efforts. The robux was converted to USD and donated. Plus, free accessorries are on the catalog if you just look.
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There are many things on roblox that are free, but not all of them. If you go to the catalog and set the filter to free items only you can get those.
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First, Roblox has various of free accessorys, that are also pretty good & basic items for people that dont have Robux to choose from.

@Nimmy A.
Roblox has to make a sort of income to keep the site running. They arent buying any mansions with the money, they are paying for the servers & staff etc.
With Tix (aka. "Tickets") people just created hundreds of botted accounts that are getting Tix and transferring all the TIX from the botted alts to their main. That got the Roblox Economy ruined.
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Well. Roblox has to make money to keep the company running. Many people could say Roblox is greedy, but the truth is if they want to keep the site running they need some sort of income.
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Because the want money so they can buy Clothes, 'Mansions'', pets and now it is their fault because they are getting bad reviews from people because people with robux call people that have NO ROBUX noobs and bacons and idiots when really it is roblox's fault for making robux a thing!
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