They scammed me. How do i get my money back?

asked by phil j. on 2/27/21

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This is really sad and appalling mostly

The thought of it gets me angry every single time

Why is this company still active?

The government and many known authorities have it in their power to take these clowns down

I wonder if they are so blind or out of resources

Same thing happened to me when I lost 5 BTC to them
I'm currently a professor for statistics in the university of Manitoba

I had been trading for a while before I stumbled on

They enticed me with the sweet deal of purchasing BTC at a lesser price and the advantage of trying cloud mining, meaning they help me mine my coins after I purchase at a lower price

I fell for this stupid trick and lost 5 BTC to them, with my influence I was able to contact couple security personnel of the likes of CIA, FBI, local police

I waited months without reasonable progressive response

I then decided to sort the computer Engineering department of the university

One of the students introduced me to the dark web as my best bet at finding agencies whose sole purpose was to recover stolen financial assets from scammers

I sought the services of
Search on search engines like BING, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo

In 48 hours I had my initial investment and generated profits all together in my wallet.

Do not invest with nittrex save yourself the troubles I could have avoided.

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Of course you can recover your money back from this fake company, i was also a victim of their scheme until a police friend gave me directives to contact directly, that action of reaching out to them changed my sad story
They helped retrieve every penny, you can also look their website up at I hope every victim out there gives it their all and get their money back with PHOENIXSOULS

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Thanks for the recommendation, although I was reluctant at first, having being scammed by nittrex I developed a thick skin to any news that sound great

I contacted Phoenix souls as recommended and they helped me beyond my expectation

Nittrex is a scam company, if you are reading this you probably know it already and if you are contemplating, trust me it would do you a lot of good to stay away from them

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This company should be shut down

They stole 3.5 BTC from me

I sheepishly believed in their every word

My uncle who works with security agencies due to his job nature of managing public figures

He was able to get a friend to recommend Phoenix Souls to me

I was able to get back my money with their help

Keep up the good work guys.

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I don't have much to say than karma is real and you will get a fair share of it

All the team of nittrex scheme

Thanks to all that recommended the spectacular Phoenix souls

Those guys are the best, I pray God in his infinite mercy continue to bless them for me

I lost $200,000 USD to these idiots

I just regained access to it including profits this morning with sole help from Phoenix souls

I'm a wiser person now

Thanks Phoenix souls for giving me a chance to start over without having to start afresh and for giving me the reason to appreciate peace of mind


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I guess this company has ripped so many people off their hard earned money, i wish there was something i can do to get my money back

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I am sorry to see more people getting scammed by those people, I lost all my family savings with NITTREX. I am wondering how authorities are not able to stop them.

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