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is this a scam?

asked by Arthur N. on 10/20/15

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We explain that the subscription is auto-renewing. The auto renewal is listed with the features of the 14 day subscription on the sales page, as well as on the payment and confirmation pages. We also send a payment confirmation email stating the date and amount of the auto- renewal. We do offer several ways to cancel including by phone, live chat, email and self-cancellation in your Account Settings. Most of clients use the service for months since this service allow clients to build as many resumes as they want with the ability to customize those accordingly to the specific job criteria that they are requesting. For example our builder give you hits in how to create a perfect resume for Marketing Jobs and give you specific keywords for that department as well as many other departments that you can choose for yourself and additional to that you can built the cover letter and even search jobs through our page. This is just an example of the many use of our services. We have a toll free number in the page that client can contact us for more information about how they can use the service to be successful when it comes to job searches.
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Yes! Billing is sketchy, it's almost impossible to cancel your subscription, and they still charged me AFTER my subscription was canceled and then lied and said it was refunded. I checked with my bank, a refund was never issued
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They are scammers, everything written here is a lie. There is no cancel subscription button on their page. They bait you with a 7 day trial & then start charging monthly
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The above answers say all i need to say. I cant even think why anyone would want an account. Surely when you have done you CV then printed it or emailed it or whatever then thats it. Why would you need another cv every month?
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I agree! The billing is sketchy at best! You get one email and are locked in at $35 until you call and cancel it!
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In a way.... They do have a cool product that i actually found useful the scammy part concerns their billing practices. After a trial You are auto signed up for a re-occuring bill that is around $30+ dollars a month and they dont send an invoice or notify you ot buried in the fine print. This to me is exorbitant for the service they offer and i would look elsewhere.
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Urgent Consumer Alert: Online Resume Scam... My Perfect Resume = My Perfect Scam

You're about to enter the job market and are understandably nervous. After all, you're going to be interviewing and - hopefully - making a good enough impression to land a job. But even before landing an interview, you need to make a favorable impression with your resume - and that means putting together an impressive resume, one that will elicit a positive response.

It is well known how important a good resume is; it will often determine whether you even get a chance to audition for the job. You want the format and wording to be just right, but where are you going to find a choice of templates to work with? You consider just winging it but this is too important, and frankly, you don't have much experience putting resumes together. Maybe you're a newbie and you've never done this before; perhaps you're looking for your next job, and the last resume you created is on paper somewhere, languishing in a long-forgotten drawer or file. Nowadays you have to email it... Whatever the case may be, you need help and you need it now! But where are you going to find the help you need for your all-important resume?

Wait, you're going to have to email it, so you're going to need it on pdf - and hey, everything is available online! Why not simply search "create resume" and see what comes up? You immediately go online and there it is: a beautiful website with a massive variety of templates, helpful tips - just about everything you need to create a beautiful, impressive resume. All you have to do is pay a $1.95 fee, don't worry we have a perfectly secure payment system, just enter your credit card info here, hey relax, it's only for a brief "trial period", just one more step now and you've got the key you've been looking for to open those job doors...

Enter the online resume scam. Created specifically to take advantage of just this situation, these con artists prey on the unaware, the unwary, the innocent job hunters. The company I personally had this experience with - as have many, many others out there - is My Perfect Resume. In reality it is The Perfect Scam, as a cursory Google search for "my Perfect Resume scam" will reveal. What I explain below is only one of the many ways this unscrupulous company is defrauding many good people like you every single day.

The way the scam works is simple:

* They think You The People are stupid.

* Therefore, they offer you a "free" trial, or ask for a nominal fee, say $1.95. Of course they'll need your credit card number, or your bank account number.

* You need a job, so you must have a resume. You give them your credit info. They think you gave it to them because you are stupid.

* What they don't know is that you gave it to them because You The People are essentially good - and therefore trusting.

* And then, they take advantage of your trust. Despite the fact that you cancelled your subscription well within the 30 day "trial period", they continued charging your credit card or bank account monthly, $24.95 or $34.95 etc... This can often go on for some time, accumulating hundreds, and for some, thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.

* The result? Some criminal fat cats on a beach somewhere living high on the hog, kicking back and having a good chuckle, while shoveling caviar and guzzling champagne - that YOU paid for!

Did this happen to you, too? It happened to me (I have all the emails to prove it), and from what I've seen online, it has happened to many, many other victims. My Perfect Resume is actually The Perfect Scam and deserves the Mother of all Class-Action Suits. Of course first and foremost, be aware, and avoid this scam at all costs. But to the unfortunate people out there who've already fallen victim to these predators, I say: People, it's time to rise up and shine the light of truth on these loathsome criminals!

Let's all take action and join forces. Send your story, along with any documentation, emails or other evidence you may have to We will try to respond in a timely fashion, but please be patient; we're expecting thousands of responses.

IMPORTANT: Please make this go VIRAL. In order to stop this from going further, and for the Power of the People to be felt, we must notify as many people as possible. Let these criminals know that We The People won't take it anymore. Please post this on every single social media source you can think of, and forward to friends, family and acquaintances. You'll save many from being victimized, and TOGETHER we can see justice served!
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