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Unfair! I got a permanent ban from Listia and was given a list of reasons for which anybody might get banned but for which was I specifically banned?
asked by Sara S. on 9/23/17
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One thing listia can do to help polish their tarnished reputation is, "give people the option to bypass the deluge of junk from China." How much money does Listia make stealing from their members? I bid on an item and right before I win, a brand new fake account with no history bids and wins to stop me from winning. How can I report that How do I get Listia to re-set my account so that I can begin setting up my sell pages in time for all the fall holidays? Help! when you guys change over to ink protocol(xnk) will 27,500,000 credits be worth 10,000 coins? that is my question yes, why every day is waiting time for selling credits increasing. There is no way, why this would go on, unless Listia is putting their sales ahead of everyone else. Is there any other explanation??? If I have received shipping addresses for items, aren't I supposed to receive the money for shipping (from the seller that I have said it mandatory) first before I send anything out? I finlally after jumping trough all the hoops got access to be on the list to sell my credits. Now it is literally 3 months later and I am still looking to sell the same 317000 credits only know due to the rampant inflation in your site, those are worth a full third less. When can I post these credits for sale? I'm going to seak legal advice on how you changed the value of a credit-Years ago I really liked Listia and have met a lot of nice people and some are even friends now-But what Listia has done is WRONG when it comes to a credits value-Years ago a credit was not that far off from being a dollar-But now its only worth pennies-And someone from Listia sent me back a email saying the value of a credit now days is determind on what others sell there credits for-This is a bunch of BULL -HIT Because years ago you never had this of people being able to sell there credits-And I for one DO NOT WANT IT THIS WAY-and if I started a poll I bet 99 % of others would not want it-Because the ones who are going to sell there credits cheap are the ones leaving Listia And I cant blame them-Has ANYONE from listia took a look at the complaint boards and the reviews and scores-Listia USED TO BE up near the top--What To Heck Happened-And WHY TO -ll did you ever change it-YES---I'm upset and mad over this-I have LOST millions of credits and items from not knowing how much a credit had dropted in time-REFUND me We Listia sellers SHOULD HAVE BEEN INFORMED about such a drop in a credits value-And I did not want to join your stock market---LISTIA is and will continue to go down hill if this continues-And I will be looking for help Listia banned my account for funneling credits. What is that. I want my account back.

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