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I have 2 questions about Care.com.

#1 Why dont they send a receipt to my email when auto renew billing?..I have paid for one month and one month only. I tried to find caregivers but discovered after investigating this company, that the babysitters are not properly vetted and the background checks they use are not correct. I was scammed out of hundreds of dollars over months by unauthorized renewed memberships fees. I never checked a box anywhere stating I wanted a permanent membership. This is illegal.

#2 I tried to remove my credit card information from the system after realizing the amount of fraud and scams on this webiste and found that the only way to cancel your membership AND erase your banking inforamtion with Care.com is to cancel your credit card. However, Care.com can and will contact your credit card company and obatin your new credit card. How is this legal? The only way to pull the credit card information off the system is to replace it with another credit card. I called Care.com service center and they said they have no knowlegde of how to remove a credit card. So even after I cancelled my bank card I still was continued to be charged by Care.com on my new bank card. I was mad after demanding a refund when I called and was refused. Since I no longer trusted care.com with anything I cancelled my bank card instead of cancelling my membership...which I initailly tried to do but was so frustrated and upset I cancelled my card..Now I have yet another 2 months of unauthorized billing cycles on my new card. Why is this going on?

Care.com is a scam, a ripoff, a fraud, theiving criminals. I hope someone burns the office to the ground.

asked by Reallyreallyangry P. on 7/16/15

7 Answers
I am determined to shut this site down. I am contacting news programs, The Today Show, Good Morning America and any and all others. Shut them down!!!
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They don't send you a receipt because they don't want you to notice they are making ongoing charges to your credit card. When you do notice, they sight their small, grayscale print and plead that they really and truly are a transparent company and are so terribly sorry that you didn't notice their fine-print policy. If you signed up with a phone, there may be grounds for class action lawsuit. I think creating a track record of complaints is a good start.
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Contact the BBB in Boston. File a complaint with the federal trade commission, the only way to shut their sorry tails down is to steadily communicate their illegal activities!!
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I agree with Susan, I am calling 20/20, Oprah network,Good Morning America, Fox news, The Today show, I have a 6000 strong petition to the Governor of Massachutetes.. Charlie Baker and have written a letter the the Obama amdim as well to have Care.com shut down.
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Copy and paste the above into your browser and you will be shocked about what really goes on with this fraudulent Company care.com.

Very scary! I cannot believe they have not been shut down yet. More people need to get involved to make sure they are and to protect ourselves, and our families.
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I just went through similar experience. My one month membership became multi-month and I'm into the company for over 300.00. My mistake for not seeing the charge on my card. Could NOT reach them by phone but did call my bank (Chase) and they will block the next charge. FYI - you must call your bank and log a complaint before they can take action. If Care.com hits my card again, they can get involved. Did finally get a call from Care.com and she confirmed that no, they do not send an invoice monthly -- up to consumer to check account. I told her I was not able to delete my CC from her account as the delete button did not work. I specifically asked to have all my information removed from their system, including card and she was able to do this and sent confirm stating this was done. Buyer beware! Do not sign up for anything on this site that requires your credit card!
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Hi, I'm sorry about your experience. I don't know why this company does the things you mentioned. My son has not tried yet to delete his account as he did get a legit job for one day helping someone move. But he paid for background checks and has applied to many positions and within 2 months has only had one job and lots of no responses and two big nanny scams. The scam where they send the $2500 check in advance is a joke! We knew it and the scammer sent the check anyway and it looked authentic. It was from Chase bank, had foil embedded and watermarks and was sent to us express mail with a tracking number. We took it to Chase and they turned it in to their fraud department. I can't believe that they have been doing this for over a year or more and are still getting away with it. Who is sitting on their butt and not going after these criminals???
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