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Can I get a refund on Zulily?

Many people buy on Zulily and they have a system in place for refunds. On Sitejabber, as of Sep 26, 2021 1,953 members have written reviews where they rate Zulily as a 1 star and said they had a problem with their refund system. Our users noted problems on receiving money back on refunds, shipping policy on refunds, time it takes to process a refund and overall customer service during the refund process.
In evaluating their refund process Sitejabber members had several insights on Zulily.

Receiving money back on Zulily refunds

Sitejabber member Janice T writes the following:

“First, people need to realize that Zulily events are usually held before the ordering is done. That way they save by ordering to what has sold. I have had some ok items, but order names I know only now. Once got shoes that started peeling and I complained. They refunded my money and I never had to send back the shoes. They were garbage. Have had an issue on a magazine order and not sure it is totally resolved. Was given the run around and told they would refund money and still place order, but I had to contact again in order to have that followed through with. Will see if I get it, but funny thing is they refunded me cheaper price of another magazine I ordered and now I get no response. Will be very careful with orders from now on.”

Sitejabber member J R writes the following:

“Unfortunately, I couldn't give 0 stars. This company is the worst! Ordering from here you have got to be very careful. They advertise one thing and they deliver another... but conveniently (for them!) they don't accept returns. Never trust a company when they don't make sure its consumers are happy/satisfied... and the free shipping/ship date crap is a BIG JOKE! BUYER BEWARE! Save your money or buy for another company that is reputable. This farce isn't it!”

Zulily shipping policy on refunds

Sitejabber member Carol L writes the following:

“Placed a 2 item order Oct. 19th & haven't received it yet. They keep giving me tracking # but that doesn't show it exists. They say that shipper may not track it is only a courtesy. What good is tracking if they don't track? I paid for shipping & with other on line orders I have placed with others I don't pay for shipping & receive within a few days. I am not asking for my money back & they keep saying it is coming. VERY disappointed. First & last time user. First time; shame on you, second time shame on me.”

Time to process Zulily refunds

Sitejabber member Ben B writes the following:

“We order 2 items for my 4 years old for Christmas. Non of them was delivered. After follow up it turns out the address was wrong on both shipments which wasn't our fault because they had a correct billing address which was the same as shipping but somehow their system changed our shipping address to the wrong one We called and complaint they refunded money and when I asked them to resend them to us since both was back to the sender but they said its impossible! This was first and last time we used Zulily and I recommend everybody don't waste your time and money.”

Zulily customer service during refund process

Sitejabber member heather b writes the following:

“The site has more than once misrepresented a item I purchased. I ordered a power vehicle (ride on for young child) for Christmas - only to receive one that was pedal controlled. They have yet to resolve the issue. "Power activated" was in the desciption. On more than one occassion, I've ordered product that has been misrepresented, in poor condition (missing parts/size wrong) - or not the item pictured. Their customer service has grown increasingly apathetic, and does not stand behind the products they represent. The site is clearly experiencing growing pains - and needs to rethink their core value proposition and customer service priorities. It's unfortunate for a site that once relied on word of mouth and mom endorsements.”

However, not all refund experiences on Zulily were negative. 1,106 (25%) reviewers rated Zulily as 5 stars and had a good refund experience.

Sitejabber member Chrissy M writes about their refund experience on Zulily

“I have to laugh most times when some one asks me "Where did you get that? It's so Cuuuute!" When I say Zulilly and they always look so surprised and intrigued. So far my interactions with customer service (4) since 2013, have all been very positive and successful. The return policy is a bummer, but I try to use vendors that I have become familiar with and keep a close eye on the fabrics/measurements/care instructions. When in doubt I order a size that is a little bigger. It is much easier to take something in, than try to make it fit.”

Sitejabber member Darlene C writes about their refund experience on Zulily

“I had placed 3 orders with the company. After reading these reviews it scared me so I called customer service and cancelled all my orders. I don't want junk that doesn't fit, sized wrong and falling apart after first wash that's not returnable. With all the Buyer Beware I did not want to risk it. However, they were gracious enough to cancel my orders with no questions asked and I am giving a 5 stars for that. Thanks for all the previous posts, I wont take a chance wasting my money! I was reading one bad review after another!”

Sitejabber member Helen S writes about their refund experience on Zulily

“I have ordered about 50 items and rarely do I have an issue... it seems a lot of the negative reviews I have seen were re: items too small... I only had one issue when I ordered a dress that was too small... customer service was extremely pleasant, and gave me a refund, and I donated the item to charity and then re-ordered the same item in a larger size. I am tall and thin and most of the small sizes fit me. I hate shopping in stores and at the malls... I am very happy with Zulily and receive many compliments from friends and strangers about the outfits I wear. Too bad I don't own stock with Zulily as I have referred many people to Zulily! I am a loyal and satisfied customer!”