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Can I get a refund on Freelancer?

Many people buy on Freelancer and they have a system in place for refunds. On Sitejabber, as of Jul 21, 2019 1,251 members have written reviews where they rate Freelancer as a 1 star and said they had a problem with their refund system. Our users noted problems on receiving money back on refunds, shipping policy on refunds, time it takes to process a refund and overall customer service during the refund process.
In evaluating their refund process Sitejabber members had several insights on Freelancer.

Receiving money back on Freelancer refunds

Sitejabber member Nina M writes the following:

“Stay away! They WILL steal your money. In my case $2100 of it. Their payment system is so confusing, and they don't call it payment but milestones. Also, there is no customer service to resolve issues with, no 1-800 number, nothing. You have to go via email, and it leads nowhere as they will not give you your money back no matter what your argument. And, neither will your credit card company. I'm so upset I used this site it's not even funny. $2100 is a lot of money for no work done! PAY ATTENTION - they are out of Australia so you have zero recourse. Good luck!!!”

Sitejabber member Ben S writes the following:

“My account was abruptly canceled. I wasn't even informed about it other than receiving an email saying my milestone payment was returned. So I emailed them to find out why because I genuinely had no idea what the hell was going on. They sent some template saying I violated the terms and conditions and they gave a link to a mile-long terms and conditions page. I followed up trying to find out what I did because whatever it was was unintentional and they never responded. They expect you to memorize their terms and conditions and if you somehow inexplicably violate them, you are purged without explanation.”

Time to process Freelancer refunds

Sitejabber member Stacey L writes the following:

“After opening a contest and awarding a designer, the designer then couldn't deliver my work and canceled the project. said bad luck my money is gone, even though I don't have the design I paid for.... I opened a paypal dispute regarding this since the designer did not want payment and then blocked a 2nd contest I had going on which resulted in me losing my money AGAIN! Their reason for this? "you did not choose a winning entry within 14 days from when your contest closed", my contest was open for 3 days and still had another 2 days to go before ending!!!! See the screenshot attached. They've now stolen over $60 of my money in 2 days. Stay far far away!!!!”

Freelancer customer service during refund process

Sitejabber member carlene y writes the following:

“An ignorant employer did a direct hire on the website for USD2000 and i accepted. My fees of USD200 was deducted then the employer cancels and does not honour the payment saying that they are not liable to bear these charges as they are unable of such terms. In the end, i lose USD200 for nothing just like that and i approached the customer service and they say they cant do anything about it! Why do i have to bear such cost when the employer is unreasonable! Super cheated. Freelancer earns at my cost and my cash just gets deducted like that. Scam!”

However, not all refund experiences on Freelancer were negative. 5,018 (73%) reviewers rated Freelancer as 5 stars and had a good refund experience.

Sitejabber member Janine Y writes about their refund experience on Freelancer

“I had concerns with my contest entries. As a first time user with, I was very anxious on what to do. As soon as I had expressed my issue, Kayla B immediately acknowledged which made me feel that this person had understood well my situation. Without any further questioning, she said she will escalate my concern, after few minutes, she was able to take action and even offered to do the refund on my behalf. I felt relief and grateful for her promptness. Review on Kayla B.,, Mar 28, 2018.”

Sitejabber member Billy B writes about their refund experience on Freelancer

“Kimberly R. was very nice , patient and personable. Had a problem with over payment (sent 2 instead of one) of a milestone (new user) so i didn't understand it completely. But, on a chat we got to the heart of it and they refunded my overpayment immediately. it was obviously a mistake and they got that. thank you! also, very pleased with my work and experience with FL would refer and use them again”

Sitejabber member Margarita M writes about their refund experience on Freelancer

“I had a pretty good experience with It's unbelievable how many highly qualified candidates they have. My experience with their Support Desk (Mark G.) is also something that I will never forget. I had a lot of money on escrow so when my project ended I received an email from him asking me what I wanted to do with the leftover funds in my account. He's just so wonderful! I did not even think of it. So I asked for a refund. Thanks Mark and to everyone on for making it so convenient for your users to navigate your website, find freelancers and excellent customer support!”