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Project Vote Smartimage coming soon

Project Vote Smart

1 review
Enter your Zip Code and find links to your Congresspersons, your President, and your state representatives! Project...
Propublicaimage coming soon


1 review
Lets you see how much money a given doctor has received from (named) drug companies. For example, it shows that Dr....
Opencongress.orgimage coming soon

1 review
Nonprofit and nonpartisan, this site endeavors to disclose the "real story" behind what's happening in Congress,...
USCISimage coming soon


1 review
This is the real US Government site for US Citizenship and Immigration services. Don't use any other sites that don't...
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serviceimage coming soon

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

1 review
This is the site for the US fish and wildlife service. If you want news and information about progress in this field,...
Civinomicsimage coming soon


1 review
A great up and coming concept for interactive civic engagement. Right now only in Santa Cruz and San Francisco but...
YouGovimage coming soon


5 reviews
it does take a couple of years to qualify for the free cash, but worth it. it says allow 4 weeks, i just had my 3rd...
Arrestfactsimage coming soon


10 reviews
Ive been looking for a way to get rid of my mugshots until i got introduced to this hacker that eventually helped me...
Osha.govimage coming soon

1 review
The search engine could really use some work. Searching for information on here can be difficult for people who...
HUD.govimage coming soon

2 reviews
These morons don't have a freeking CLUE what they are doing!!! Just another waste of taxpayers money, going to pay...
Companies House Serviceimage coming soon

Companies House Service

1 review is an official site to find UK company / firm and company Director / company...
RecordsBaseimage coming soon


25 reviews
Fast, reasonable, quality. Why go anywhere else. Even American! You go guys!!!!!!
Governor Mike Dunleavyimage coming soon

Governor Mike Dunleavy

1 review
John McCain & Sarah Palin must think women are stupid - Even John McCain knows that his greatest weakness is the...
Grant-funding.orgimage coming soon

1 review - Fraud - The website is very misleading at best and seems more likely a complete fraud. The "Top...
Grantresearchimage coming soon


1 review
Phishin for funds - a sister site to run by the same people . i purchased their information for...
Grantsite.netimage coming soon

1 review
Fruad site, Liars - I sent you money to cover the shipping for a CD for a government grant. As of yet I have not...
Cagrants.beimage coming soon

1 review It is a scam!!!!!!
Harrow Councilimage coming soon

Harrow Council

1 review
The payments section is simply awful. You need to enter a refrence number, which is different from trhe statement and...
Committee on the Judiciaryimage coming soon

Committee on the Judiciary

1 review
A crucial and influential government organization, the Senate judiciary committee considers the nominations of...
ICANN.orgimage coming soon

1 review
Does nothing there - employees get paid to do nothing and not follow the rules of the origination - I can only assume...
Actaexpress.comimage coming soon


1 review
This company is the worst. I paid a fee for them to find a marriage license..After a month I called them and they...
Medicare.govimage coming soon

1 review
My husband applied for Medicare 2 years ago and the insurance is really bad. The 1st year we paid for both A and B... coming soon

1 review
What a joke this "government agency" is!!! After dealing with them on several issues, the only thing this "agency" is...
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.image coming soon

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

1 review
I have a love hate relationship with the Path. For the love part, it is great to be able to get into New York City...
Government is Goodimage coming soon

Government is Good

1 review
A low quality website with a name that speaks for itself. The intro to the mission of the website speaks for itself....

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