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TrialPay reviews

66 reviews
800 California Street 3rd Floor, 2nd Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
Tel: 650-318-0000
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66 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

When my Zone Alarm was up for renewal, it offered it free thru a Trialpay offer. I bought an Entertainment Book, but never got my Zone Alarm renewal. I have an open BBB complaint cuz ZA denies any contact with Trailpay tho it still pops up on my computer with offers to this day via ZA renewal prompt. Getting anything resolved is impossible which is why I filed with BBB.

I wrote Trialpay an email on their website at the suggestion of BBB. They contacted my next day and resolved the matter completely. They were great. Zone Alarm continues to lie however saying they have no affiliation with Trialpay while offering new offers on their renewal website daily.

Ask Melanie about TrialPay
1 review
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Ask Roberto about TrialPay
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

this site is (sorta ) like ebates except they are part of gaming sites. They are the ones who have you watch videos or buy products or sign up for subscriptions and when you do they give you coins gems etc. they will say click here for 3 gems and either you wont get the gems because their system didn't catch it right,like some on vegas world they have you give 50$ to a carity and promise gems INSTANTLY but you wont get the 3000 gems because they then want you to jump through more hoops to get them.they tire you out like a pack of hyenas. someone in authority needs to investigate these companies they are defrauding gamers a lot.

Ask Jayne about TrialPay
1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought the required giftcard...and have not yet received the "instant" credit for the software that I wanted. It's been 2 weeks, and I've contacted them 4 times already. Nothing but false promises to "get back to me". AVOID!!!

Ask Yvanne about TrialPay
1 review
0 helpful votes

I posted this to Twitter and Facebook and got a bite. On Twitter, someone at TrialPay E-mailed me and said to go to the help section of the game and do exactly what I have done 10 times in the last few weeks.I Emailed the man back and told him nobody is home in that department of TrialPay. I will post this and wait. But I promised to retract if they just give me my 100 coins. More later.thanks,Thomas my E-mail is

Ask Thomas about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

this company is a half ass company that doesn't pay out when you complete offers don't waste your time HIGHLY DISCOURAGED and TOTALLY DISSAPOINTED in how much of my time was wasted to only get an inbox full of spam and no rewards! SMDH!!!! DONT USE THEM!!!!!

Ask Shannon about TrialPay
1 review
0 helpful votes

My credit card was billed THREE times for their Disney Movie offer and was never credited back, I did not receive bonus points for play as promised, nor did I receive a confirmation of my order, rather I received errors saying the order could not be processed and to try again. Foolishly I thought perhaps it was my cards so tried three and all three were billed. After SEVERAL emails with NO response whatsoever I have given up. This business is total BS. DO NOT USE!!!

Ask Mandy about TrialPay
1 review
0 helpful votes

Why would you use this company, they are fraudsters, has anyone noticed that every button works when it comes to Facebook except when they don't credit then nothing works. So ifound there email address (why is this not offered on the Facebook games they are associated) only to be told I can't go this way I have to go through Facebook... THIS DOESNT WORK!!
I would say to all do not use this site they are unprofessional, if you do not want to pay out on what you promised then dontt offer its quite simple

Ask Mark about TrialPay
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

great application i ever use i recommend you all to use this awesome application

Ask Owen about TrialPay
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've never had a problem with TrialPlay. Most of the offers work for me. And if they don't work, then I report it and get credit anyway. I've had no problems with it.

Ask Carly about TrialPay
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

TrialPay or listia are both lying sites.

the payment never works. never succeeds. the prize may be eaten by their own staff.

Ask Simon about TrialPay
1 review
1 helpful vote

trial pay sux hard

Ask Tyrone about TrialPay
22 reviews
46 helpful votes

I had used this in the past. It was pretty good, until now. I completed a 300 Swagbucks offer, but I never got the swagbucks. I contacted support, and the first lady, Tracy, said that 450 and 300 swagbucks are practically the same. (I completed a 450 swagbucks offer in the past.) I then contacted support again, and the new guy, Rob, said that he needed a screenshot. I sent him a screenshot. Then, I checked the support page, and the offer was gone! No points for me. That was 5 days of my life wasted. Man, I really wanted to get 100% Orange Juice from Steam.

Ask Sam about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

Be careful. Although you meet all the requirements necessary to get the deal they offer, they don't honor it. I contacted them many many times regarding 2 deals (the last a few days ago), I attached documents to my emails to support my claim and prove I should get the deal, they do not care.

Basically, you buy something to get their deal ($15 back if you spend $20+ at a specific store for instance). Don't trust this company. They will find a reason not to honor their offer.

Ask JM about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

I play a game on mocospace called wartank. I absolutely will NOT registrr my debit on this site to make purchases. You also have the option of doing surveys to earn gold. Ive done several surveys and have been cheated out of around 4000 gold. Dont even say i didnt complete the surveys trialpay because i screenshot every page. Most surveys are a total scam. Youll go through 20 pages and enter your personal info then get flagged with oh sorry youve screened out of our survey. Thats a straight up scam to gather all your personal info. Trialpay youre the lowest. Youve got people working for free. Also alot of the stuff you download to get credits contains malware/spyware.

Tip for consumers: Do not use this site. Straight up scam. Ripoff.

Ask curtis about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

I play farmville2, but since their "bucks" are so overpriced I look through the offers and complete them. It makes the overspending a little easier when I actually get something for my money.

So this Christmas season I had a bit of money to spare and I decided to look through the offers to get Christmas presents. I did, and spent a bundle. Most of the time it was okay, but I will say about 20 percent of the time trial pay screws up.

anyway, here's the letter:

Dear TrialPay Customer,

Thank you for sending that additional information. I have been able to manually credit your ShaveMOB offer and your Farm Bucks will be delivered shortly.

Based on your recent volume of completions, our Network Quality Team has requested that we remind you to only select partner offers that you are truly interested in trying or buying as it states in our terms of use that:

You may not sign up for an advertiser offer with the intent to immediately cancel or return the item or service from the advertiser. A "quick cancellation" is considered to be fraudulent, and may void your order.

Please note that this is a standard reminder - not an accusation. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


TrialPay Customer Support


I can't tell you how much I regret patronizing their "offers" to get Christmas presents. I apparently bought so much I'm now considered a fraud and a thief. Oh, wait, okay, it's just a "standard" warning, they mean nothing by it. NOT - "We're so sorry we screwed up your order".

No -

It was, alright thief, you got your bonus, even though you almost certainly did something illegal to deserve it. So DON'T YOU DARE $#*! US OVER or we will VOID your offer if you do - now go and behave - remember - Cancelling is FRAUD.

Funny thing, I've never cancelled on anything - at least not until I receive at least a couple of monthly shipments from them. I don't even know how I could cancel an order - it took so damn long to figure out how to even check on an order status - and there most definitely are not any standard procedures for cancellation.

It matters not though, because I fit their fraud algorithm so therefore my money is suspect.

My project for the week before New Years is to write every last company I pay for a recurring item or subscription - Julep, Proflowers 1800 flowers, personal creations, cherry moon farms, Dr Seuss Books, ASPCA, Wildlife foundation -

and to request that they no longer issue any residual income commission checks to trial pay because they clearly don't want it.

If they won't do it - I most definitely will cancel with every last one of them. -

So ... Yeah. apparently they're all over the internet, but keep your eyes open - they don't give a damn about their customers. Not even one.


Ask Cary about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

There are SOME times when I'm able to successfully complete offers (my main sites direct me to Trialpay) and be awarded currency, but there are also many times where I exit, something goes wrong, I try to go back to the page, and Trialpay says its "temporarily available after JUST using it, or that I need to click on another offer.....

Tip for consumers: read the fine print when your sites direct you to complete an offer, or you might not be rewarded

Ask Lou about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

I regularly play the Pawn Stars game and often used the earn candies feature within the game where you complete surveys, download software etc etc in exchange for gifts. Almost every single time I have completed an offer, Trialpay have failed to honour their agreement without a battle to receive what I am owe. Thing is I am spreading the word all over the net. I would not engage in business with this mob, they are obviously a fly by night company.

Ask Malcolm about TrialPay
8 reviews
22 helpful votes

Used to be good in the past. Not no more, I signed up and received nothing for doing the offer. Keep away from this place

Ask Sophia about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

did the requirments and didn't recieve anything.
contacted the support and recieved a message that i didnt met the requirements while i did almost 2 days ago.

$#*!ty service
$#*!ty support

Ask colin about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

After reading all this negative feedback i think I've been REALLY lucky.

I have 3 program licenses on my account there when i log in. I got my 3rd today actually.

There was a problem this time but i asked what was going on and they replied that they needed more info. I gave them more info and they gave me my license.

I spent 1euro and got a license for a program worth 29.9 USDollars :))

The other 2 licenses worked just as smoothly as their page said.

I feel sorry for all you that it didn't work for.. I hope I'll have no reason to change this review.

Ask Dawda about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

promotes virus carrying web sites ?/ optimizer pro to name but one download anything on there web page and u need to clear your hard drive and re install your windows DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE

Ask PEEYED about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm a member of trialpay... This people are the biggest rip off ever!! They are supose to give me some credits that they owe me... It been more than 2 months already that I had been trying to get my credits... I had never in my all life heard sooo many excusas. I mean they had used every excuse in the book!!! That why I haven't get my credits... They even said that they have their all tech support working to fix the problem.. So I can get my credits.. But I bet you anything that they are charging all the sponsor they have.. For the credits that we are suppose to get and we don't get nothing!!!

Ask rolando about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am a member of a points/credits for merchandise site (you do surveys, watch videos or other activities to get points which you can then redeem for Pay Pal cash or various merchant gift cards) and Trial Pay is one of the "special offer" companies that allow you to use to earn points with. Of ALL the companies listed on the offer wall, Trial Pay is the ONLY one that NEVER pays out. I have only been a member of the other site for two weeks but in that time I have completed 4 Trial Pay offers and each time I had to contact customer service, provide screenshots and email proof that I completed the offer before being credited, despite their claims that the offers credited "instantly". TrialPay is a total and complete scam in my opinion. One offer not paying? Technical glitch. Two? weird coincidence. ALL FOUR? Proof TrialPay is a scam.

Ask lathesia about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

Signed up to a subscription through trialpay to get a copy of WinX DVD copy pro. Never got my software or a response from emails!
Despite my subscription going through and a successfully signup/subscription taken out through trial Pay, the site never provided me anything. If I loges on to the trial-pay sight went to the purchase, it says it was not completed and I had to sign up for another subscription

Tip for consumers: DON'T!

Ask Stuart about TrialPay
6 reviews
18 helpful votes

This website basically makes you sign up for offers. Most offers you need to pay money so the package they are offering is not 'free'. Do not be fooled.

Ask Nathan about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

Terrible. Follow their directions to get free stuff and they do not follow through. It is near impossible to contact them. No 'contact us' links on their minimal website. I found through a search how to contact them, which required me to send an email to a special address, wait for a response email that contains a link to another place and then login to your account (but you cannot contact them through their page unless you are emailed this special contact link). You then need to answer more questions about why you are writing, but the only answers available are through drop-down menus that have absolutely no options listed in the drop-down and you cannot proceed without completing the dropdowns. Makes no sense. I'm sure they make tons from advertisers with no costs because they never have to pay anything out because the site is a scam!

Ask J about TrialPay
1 review
6 helpful votes

Don't trust this site or the people who run it. They are liars, thieves, and just over all completely ignorant. Unbelievably enough, the BBB says this is an accredited company and gave this company an A+ rating. Is it bad enough the BBB is accrediting a company that lies and cheats their customers? Or is it even worse that the BBB is just as ignorant and sly as Trialpay?

Ask Erin about TrialPay
7 reviews
12 helpful votes

"Surveys for Listia credits" ....Total waste of my time. They NEVER follow through until you jump through hoops to "prove" you did the survey, and a lot of the time not even then.

Ask Laura about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes


offer thru TrialPay for AdMuncher INSTANT licensing- Buy 250 Cards from Vistaprint for $10 with promocode from Trial Pay/AdMuncher offer and get license for download of AdMuncher program. After 1 hour phone call with Vista, 6 emails to TrialPay still waiting. FALSE ADVERTISING OR they dont understand the meaning of word INSTANT .
Suspect as othes have found out that I have been SCAMMED

Ask Ml about TrialPay
1 review
7 helpful votes

Horrible. Lying and cheating site.

I completed an offer for free Fandango ticket by clicking on the offer (for Hulu Plus). Never got my free ticket. So contacted them and they said my completion of the offer was not eligible for credit. When I followed everything exactly.

They are a lying site. DO NOT TRUST THEM

Ask Christopher about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

I used trialpay to try and obtain an unlock code for my phone. Although I was provided access to enter my phones details I have not received an unlock code.

I have tried to contact the company providing the unlock code but haven't received any response. I then tried contacting trialpay who have pretty much told me it isn't their problem.

How a company which has made money from the transaction can wash their hands in this way is unbelievable. I would give them 0 stars except that this isn't allowed and at least they answered their emails.

Ask Adrian about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

Where's my reward? Oh well, that $19.99 in the trash. DON'T USE THIS WEBSITE.

Ask Joey about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes


Ask Gregor about TrialPay
1 review
1 helpful vote

my top eleven watch videos to earn token does not work how i fix it?

Ask Candy about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

This company, in my opinion, is one of the worst ones I've ever dealt with online. They constantly blame the consumer for their own horrible misleading offers and system. Many of their offers actually don't pay out and they don't specify how many you are actually allowed to do. They have daily limits and actually start banning you secretly from getting instant payouts of rewards. However, they don't tell you this and let you keep completing offers. One day I guarantee this company will fall victim to their own horrible business practices and go bankrupt. I will be laughing somewhere.

I also left a complaint with Playdom to change offer providers. Beware this offer provider at all costs! Look at these guys from Trialpay leaving comments pretending to be random people and boost their score. NO ONE BELIEVES YOU!

Ask G about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was approved for a Discover It credit card and was supposed to receive 16000 Angry Bird coins. Never happened. I filed a complaint with the BBB today. Boy are they keeping busy with all of the BBB complaints they have received. I would recommend that anyone with problems should contact the BBB. Maybe this will help keep them honest.

Ask Marie about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

Its so good! I love the concept and all. It is available on many services that I use which I dont wanna pay 4. I cant understand what the others are bragging about. Shut off haters.

Ask Mops about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

Out of 3 offers I completed all worked so I'm happy, saved me some $$$

Ask Andrzej about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

I completed an offer with Discover Card going directly through an affiliate of their site. I completed all the steps and was approved, but I never got my special rewards for signing up that they promised. I contacted them and the affiliate many times, and then they didn't contact me for about a week. I decided to email them again, after which they said, sorry, but we don't think you used our site to get your rewards. I told them I did, and they said basically no you didn't so you get no rewards only after another few days of no responses. NEVER TRUST Trial PAy because they are horrible on their records and customer service.

Ask Anna about TrialPay
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I deposited €10 into their offer and didn't get the credits.This is what Kelly from customer service had to say "unfortunately it appears that your offer completion attempt isn't listed as eligible for credit"

Funny that as I used the referral link, made a new account and deposited money as per their guidelines. Avoid trialpay it's a pyramid scheme and also avoid Primeslots. Crooks!

Ask Engin about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

TrialPay is like an online variety of cancer; what ever you do to fight it, it will always win from you. They change the rules of the game as they go it seems. Avoid this company at all cost!

I completed paid offers correctly but TrialPay refuses to meet their promises. Very disappointing. Their customer support is useless, not only do they not tell you WHAT you did wrong making it impossible to check if they speak the truth, but when they get tired of you showing them proof they simply ignore you!

I am doubting if I am even banned since all TrialPay-urls give an error recently. In one word: terrible terrible terrible company. Sorry that were four words, one word would not begin to describe how terrible they are.

Ask Luke about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

I can understand what everybody is saying about how the customer support is (ok well bad) I have experienced such times too with this company. HOWEVER! I contacted their customer support, they said it had not confirmed. I was very much sure that I had completed the survey that I was doing. So I sent them another email, and then they gave me the game credits out of good faith. For that, I am giving this company five stars, (I had waited a week for it to be confirmed) I still got the in game credits at the five stars.

Ask Michael about TrialPay
4 reviews
25 helpful votes

Conditions are all over, not consolidated in one place and it feels deceitful. My offer was a gift certificate with an Old Navy purchase. I planned to go to Canada to see family and wanted to shop there. Before registering a card, I read everything on the site how the purchase worked and all the conditions applied. It didn't say I couldn't shop in Canada, just go to any Old Navy store. So, I registered a card. A couple of weeks after the purchase I was back in the US and wondering why I wasn't getting the gift card. I checked FAQ on the web site, the section why the transaction didn't work. It reiterated the same conditions I'd already read many times... Then it mentioned the email I received after registering the card. I found the email, it reiterated again the conditions... Then in the end, there was a link to "other conditions". I click on it, voila, here it says I can only shop in the US... Why wasn't it possible to provide this info BEFORE registering the credit card? I could've decided not to go for this offer or not to shop in Canada.

Ask Julia about TrialPay
38 reviews
99 helpful votes

Worst company EVER.
I've tried to use them a few times over the past couple of years, and each time was a big digital F-U.
Tried to do a few of their offers, one I even paid for, but because the site added a promocode, something I couldn't remove, they give me the big middle finger. I email them about it, they said WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO? Well, how about stand by your effing product and site.
Will never use them again.

Ask Danae about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

They are mediocre. I got into a long winded discussion with a merchant because of TrialPay's guerrilla tactics. Put in a complaint with the BBB. They need to know about TrialPay's antics.

Ask Orianna about TrialPay
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have used this service for several years as a developer and only had one complaint (the guy didn't like that he had to buy something to get my software - games should be "free" I guess). I've also used them as a consumer - got a $99 piece of software for the price of $39 sun glasses which came as advertised and were good glasses. Not sure what all the hate is about.

Ask Lennard about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had an account with them as a software developer (a merchant account then). When people purchased other items a license of my software could be selected as a prize and I would receive a few dollars for that.
Since sales were rare I asked Trialpay to pay me the balance of approx. $50 to my Paypal account and cancel the account. Request it 3 times and never received any answer from them. For me Trialpay is a total scam organization. Keep a distance from them.

Ask Ted about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. I signed up through Trialpay's netflix referral. In this, they were supposed to give me $15 ebay bucks (ebay's reward cash) for signing up for a free trial of netflix. However, when I signed up, even after roughly a month, they failed to give me my promised "bucks". I emailed ebay, trialpay numerous times, and called netflix multiple times.

*Warning, Trialpay has no public customer support # as far as I'm concerned, which is very suspicious.

**Note, this is the same review I posted on

Ask mike about TrialPay
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

Why a one star? Well I do the free offers and that is part of what they do since they are paid by the advertiser and one of the issues I have is if basically you can prove 100% that it happened, they can say you didn't anytime they want. OR if you are doing a survey to get credit and are half way done, they can say oops on your 10th question you no longer qualify...really? It didn't say anything about qualifying, what it takes to qualify or they get 10 questions which in itself is a survey and enough for companies to pay for and for all we know everyone doesn't qualify, there is no way of knowing, so you did the work, gave them a ton of info and they can just say just wasted your time stupid!

Last but not least, there is no customer service so don't bother. It only works on a simple error. Anything major you are out of luck and they just send auto-scripted emails over and over, never answering questions...only saying and I quote (and this is all you will ever get)
"you must follow the instructions and complete the offer as per the full offer terms of completion. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but as it is left to the discretion of our offer partner to establish the requirements for completion and customer eligibility, we are unable to credit you at this time.
If you would like to receive additional credits, please return to our checkout and select an alternate offer to complete. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know." So basically the "partner" can say I am doing a survey and on the 20th question (after I get all the info I need) the 21st question will say how old are you, and if they enter anything less than 200-years old they don't qualify.

So my suggestion, use them and roll the dice, get ripped off, I told you so and don't waste your time with customer no service.

Ask Tony about TrialPay

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