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Tarot reviews

4 reviews
Categories: Psychic
7412 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Suite 102
Portland, Oregon, USA
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4 Reviews From Our Community

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New Reviewer

If you're there for the pure entertainment, then go for it... But if you're considering paying for a reading, you're probably better off throwing your money in a well...

New Reviewer

This is the ugliest, busiest site on the web. I wanted to fly a unicorn into the side of a building after staying on it for less than a minute. The art director should be jailed for this.

Apprentice Reviewer

I often wonder why it is some people trust in things that are not truthful. Mediums and psychics and those who deal with tarot cards do not fall into the realm of that which is 100% truthful sorry to say. Here is an example of the deception in tarot card readings. Here is a story from

Author: raspberry beret

Topic: Psychic Tarot Reading Scam?

"Hey all. So being the sometimes gullible person I am, I decided to go get my tarot done one night and was amazed at the woman who I truly believed had a gift. She knew that my fiance was in the military, she knew my friend's name who was accompanying me, she knew that I had refused a cleansing from a previous psychic, and she knew the details of my love life. She predicted I'd get married soon, and have a baby, which I am nowhere ready for. She then said that I had a negative energy around me and will need cleansing asap....She told me the cleansing would cost my birth age multiplied by 69. I don't have money for this and told her this, and she said "Don't worry, we'll figure it out.",,,I believe that I shouldn't have to pay to be "cleansed."

This tarot card reading in the story was really intending to "cleanse" all the money away from this person. There is nothing 100% truthful in tarot cards and they are not to be trusted at all.


This is a great website, for amusement or for psychic advice. Always a pleasure to browse, and it's easy to get tons of free readings if you have the time to send eGreetings or whatever for karma coins, their preferred system of payment (cute system, by the way, and clever...). I've never experienced any problems with spam or advertisements from them (you can turn email offers off easily).