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New Reviewer

Great idea but some of the people who deliver are just sooooo slow and food takes quite a while to get to you, when it does its cold and not so great!

New Reviewer

Grubhub used to be great, but lately it totally sucks. The restaurants listed in our delivery area are hardly ever delivering when we try to place an order. Grubhub will take as long as an hour to inform you that the restaurant isn't delivering in your area. We've wasted so much time trying to place orders through Grubhub. Grubhub, WAKE UP!!!!!

New Reviewer

We ordered through them 3 times, the last being last night and 2 out of those 3 we waited the extremely long waitime of 2+ hours never receive our food! We called and they promised to "look into it" and then proceeded to blame the 3rd party delivery service for not passing our order on to the restaurant! Seriously? The 3rd time we canceled the order after we got confirmation of 2-3hour delivery time. Of course they never tell you the extremely long delivery time before you complete your payment and then you'll obviously have to wait several days for the pending charge to finally fall off! This "service" is a joke! I have never had a 2+ hour wait when I ordered from a restaurants myself for pick up, so I guess while Grubhub is a great idea in theory I will rather just order it at the restaurant myself and drive to pick it up! Bad business is an understatement!

New Reviewer

It makes delivery so much easier and they have great customer service! Seriously, I've made mistakes in order or had problems with restaurants and they took care of it for me and just called me back when it was resolved. Use them!

New Reviewer

The minimum amount of $ you have to order can be a waste, especially if your ordering for one person. I would rather just pay the difference than be forced to order extra food that i'm going to throw away...

New Reviewer

I've used GrubHub a few times. In the past it was an ok experience but never great. Today however was just plain awful from start to finish. First, when I tried to place my order there was a message saying their credit card processing was down. I didn't have cash (and didn't want to go out - hence the reason for ordering with them). I tried to use their chat help feature 4 different times and each time got disconnected before anyone answered. On the last try I typed in the message for someone to call me if they wanted my business. The guy who called me back didn't really seem very concerned about the problem, but he did offer to give me a $10 credit.
Then when my food came it was the wrong food. On the order menu when I selected my entree it gave me a choice of what side I wanted. Not only was my entree incorrect but so was the side. While it is slightly possible that this is the restaurant's error and not GrubHub's, considering all of the other issues I had today I am inclined to believe that GrubHub forwarded the order incorrectly to the restaurant. When I complained about the order being wrong I received another $10 credit. So yippy, now I have $20 in credits with a service I never want to use again!

New Reviewer

GrubHub is totally incompetent and unreliable. I had a coupon for $10.00 off, and they suddenly decided not to accept my credit card. You can only use a coupon if you pay with a credit card. They said that my bank tells them that my zipcode is incorrect. I haven't moved, my zipcode hasn't changed. Grub Hub had taken this credit card in the past, but all of the sudden when I have 10 dollars off my zip code is wrong. Pretty convenient. I will never use them again and I strongly advise everyone not to.

New Reviewer

I'd give it a negative rating if I could. They're terrible. I waited over an hour and a half for my order. Mind you, Grub Hub texted me about 25 mins into my order and told me that my order was on the way. After another hour, I tried to contact Grub Hub via chat then via phone. No response via chat and after about 15 mins on hold, I hung up. I called the restaurant directly and they informed me that they did not receive my order. SO I wonder why they sent me a text saying my order was on the way. This site is pure crap. Take my advice -- go to Seamless, -- anything but the awful site.

New Reviewer

first of all, I order from every other day for the last 5 months... due to work... we all order religiously it seemed.
secondly, whenever it said to wait for certain amount of time, the restaurant always deliver about 15 to 30 sometimes an hour before the estimated delivery time.
thirdly, surprised me with 100% discount on my food a lot... and they don't tell you until the receipt shows up.

it's convenient, easy to use, keeps track of all your receipts... and food you have eaten for diet people. saved my credit card so i never have to do anything.

costumer service if you ever need them is super nice and helpful...

i have no complain whatsoever... only praises.. keep it up, you're doing a fine job.
what should i eat tomorrow i wonder...

New Reviewer

Same experience as many others. I've ordered from GrubHub many times with no problems...yet the one time I had to call customer service to cancel an order because the establishment was taking too long (2 fault of GrubHub though), I had to wait on hold for 15 minutes. Ridiculous considering that you figure that everyone who has to call in is probably upset/irate about a missed order...puzzling why they don't staff more people.

New Reviewer

Wow, what a terrible experience. Placed an order and the site said it would be a two hour wait. Called to cancel and they told me that was an error and my order would be there in 45 minutes. Long story short my order never arrived. Just hope I can get my money back now.

New Reviewer

I used grubhub weekly. Then one night they charged my card for my order, but didn't place it. They claimed my grub hub account was flagged for fraud. But they couldn't tell me why or provide me with a way to contact someone about it. They also didn't want to give me proof that the order was canceled and I wouldn't be charged. I was just give a receipt exactly like the one you get for an actually placed order. Stay away!

New Reviewer

After editing the kinds of ethnic restaurants I'd be interested in viewing in downtown Chicago, the search results continually included Subway, and other common sandwich shops.
Their search feature leaves an awful lot to desire. I think I'll stick to Yelp.

New Reviewer

Food arrive cold. You break somebodies head with the pizza. If you can't deliver the food while still warm just get out of the business

New Reviewer

I was once a loyal Grubhub addict. I probably have had over 150+ orders with them. Their customer service and responsiveness to customers was second to none... That is until they merged with Seamless. Their service is in severe decline. I called in to report a missing item from my order and was on hold for over 16 minutes to even reach an operator. The time I lost attempting to reach someone in their company exceeded the financial loss of my missing item at that point. When I got them on the phone finally, the operator said they would give me credit for the missing item and additionally some "Free Grub" in relation to an order I had place the place previous day but forgot to apply a 10% web discount that was applicable at that time, which is a suitable response. But when I wrote in to their "customer service" explaining my concern with the degradation in their customer care and call wait times, I received a response promising $5 in "Free Grub". That's nice! But when I checked my account I never received this promise and when I emailed them to point out their mistake, I was responded to with excuses and no resolve. GO TO EAT24! I AM FINDING THEM TO BE A VERY NICE REPLACEMENT TO MY FOOD WEB ORDERING.

New Reviewer

This is the email response i got from them after they cancelled my order, waited an hour to tell me, and then charged me anyways:
GrubHub Seamless via

4:40 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Hey there,

Thanks for the email. Unfortunately, we get quite a few of them and speedy replies aren’t always guaranteed. But don’t worry – this email contains a cornucopia of great advice to help you get the aid you need when you need it:

If you’re wondering where your food is or looking to change your order, your best bet is to quit reading this and dial 877-585-7878. Come to think of it, most of your order-related matters are best handled over the phone. If you hate phones, the chat button plastered all over our website works.
If you have a question about money, phones can help there, too. Unfortunately, a lot of the money issues are going to get a “your bank will [insert banky action here] in 2-3 days” kind of reply so follow this link to see if we’ve covered your issue: We wish it could be different, but we don’t control banks. Yet.
Oh, and you can always do nothing, too. We’ll reply to this email within a day. You just need to stay alive in the meantime. We’ve been hearing good things about breathing.

In short, the smart money is always on giving us a call – it can’t hurt, it will probably help and you’ll be able to tell your friends that you had a great conversation with an attractive guy/girl. No – really. We’re all at least a 7.



ph: 877-585-7878

I got 5 or 6 more rude emails from them after this one. What a bunch of inadequate losers.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I would not recommend using grubhub. Twice in one month I had an order screwed up. A few weeks ago I had placed an order that never was received by the restaurant. Today, they sent the order to a different joint. Also, I had to wait 5 days to get my damn refund.

New Reviewer

Of 4 orders - 2 never showed. On-line chat to find where order is has a queue of 18 currently....that's just to ask where's the order that's 2 hours late.....
Last time using the service - 50% chance of getting food isn't a business that'll be around if it doesn't change.

New Reviewer

Great website. You order your food online and they issue discounts and coupons when you order through them. Fairly impressed. Haven't had a problem yet.

New Reviewer

I ordered Chinese through this site and had to wait over an hour for delivery. It wasn't that big of a deal, however, when it was beyond the estimated time for delivery I called the business and they told me that the order never showed up. I tell them I want my money back and he tells me I have to contact the online ordering place (grub hub) and well after I was furious with that answer I hung up and called customer service. I have been on hold for over 40 min to have a 1 minute conversation letting me know they will contact the business and cancel my order (which I've already done) and that my money will be refunded. Their excuse was it's the busiest night of the year and that's why I waiting so long on hold and for the food I never got. How do you expect to run an onljne business with excuse after excuse!?

New Reviewer

They got here much faster than they has estimated . They man who delivered my food was very nice even though my address got messed up as he went to the neighbors instead . I am very impressed by this site and service :)

New Reviewer

A true scam .. two orders, two major screwups on their end.

First order they take and charge my card no problem. Go out in the Chicago snow to pick it up and restaurant has no record of my order at all. They are nice and make the food anyway, while i wait 30mins. As I leave, GrubHub calls to say 'oh, we messed up, you won't be eating tonight.' They are shocked I have my food in hand.

They give me a credit to make up for this order ... so I give them one more shot in Virginia. Unable to login on their website. Place an order through my phone on their cubersome mobile app, and they don't apply the credits.

True scam -- they scammed investors out of money for a service that simply does not work. Done with them.

New Reviewer
12/14/13 proved to be an incompetent business. They charged my credit card for food that was never delivered. When I contacted them about THEIR OWN mistake, they told me that they refunded my money to the bank and I would have to wait the entire weekend for it to be reimbursed back to my account. I do not know why they would have charged my account if they were not able to provide the product. I was also treated with disrespect from their customer service department. I will NEVER use this company again because they are frauds.

New Reviewer

at home sick with a cold and thought I would give Grub Hub a try since it is about 45 degrees outside. Called at 4:16 and was told it would arrive by 5:10.
At 5:30 I called grub hub to advise that the order had not arrived. As they stalled and said they would check it out, they sent me a $10 cerificate. They assured me it would be there by 5:44.
NOTHING !! At 6:00 I cancelled my order!
Ten minutes later the guy shows up and I told him it was too late and to take it back. As I was closing the door he attempted to stop me from closing the door!!!!


New Reviewer

I'm only reviewing because of all the negative reviews! I can't believe it! This is absolutely the only way I order food anymore and have been doing so for about 2 years. I've never had a problem though once or twice I had an issue with an actual restaurant itself. Grubhub is just a mediator. If there's a problem it's more than likely the restaurant, not grubhub. Have a problem? Call grubhub anyway! Their customer service is beyond outstanding. They'll comp you for the restaurant'a mistake and you don't even have to ask.

New Reviewer

It took an hour and a half to get my food and the delivery charge was a bit pricey. I now have a 1.00 charge that is extra on my bank account and I'm not sure why. I know it's only 1.00 but you would think that I would get some kind of warning or authorization for that???

New Reviewer

I wish they have a -5 star...This delivery service website is beyond ridiculous.. EVERYTIME I order from them through their website there is always a minuscular problem they discount a dollar for everytime I click a plate even if I am trying out the website... Another thing my order arrived 2 hrs late one time. And then even though they credit me for my order now I can't pay the remainings with cash?

New Reviewer

I ordered for the first time on GrubHub and the restaurant delivered 1 wrong item and left off 2 other items. That was 35 minutes ago and I am still waiting for someone to reach out to me to correct. First a message came back saying that someone would call or text me. Nothing. I then went to chat with GrubHub and no one is responding to the chat. Now I am waiting on hold on their customer service number... DO NOT USE GRUBHUB!!!

New Reviewer

When I found grubhub I thought, yay this is great, it lists all the places who deliver and their minimum delivery charges. I was so wrong about this company!! I found a pizza place and put in my order. After I submitted my order, I got an error message. I assumed the credit card number I put in was wrong, so I typed it in again and submitted it. I received the same response.

So now I check my bank account wondering if something has been processed that I wasn't expecting. What I wasn't expecting to see was two separate $1.00 charges from grubhub. All I could think was WTF!?! I was blindsided by this information.

Because of these charges, I was now unable to order dinner. I was given no warning of this procedure of holding money. I did not authorize the company to do anything of the sort!!

I decided to chat with someone from grubhub after some yelling and venting. The live chat only made me angrier unfortunately. The person on the other end must've been using prewritten statements to respond to my questions and comments.
I asked at one point while "she" was giving me the run around, whether or not "she" was a computer or a real person.

Next came a "supervisor" who was just as useless. They don't mean it when they say they're sorry!!

I know they could've done something to help, they just chose not to help, so I choose to tell people never to use their company or it's affiliates.

New Reviewer

The site itself is practical to browse nearby restaurants by categories. However, when there's a problem with your order, they will just say I am sorry but the restaurant said your order was fine. No refund, no rollback. Therefore, I'm not coming back either.

New Reviewer

Was excited about this at first, but then the drivers, all say they're not "allowed" to come inside apartment complexes... I live in a huge complex and so it takes me 10 or so minutes to meet them where they go, despite constantly sending in directions how to enter the building. They call me repeatedly on my way to the garage, some have offered to leave. They are always 20-30 minutes later than they say they'll be, and then add another 30 or so minutes late... expect to wait 2 hours for delivery. They send you "free food" coupons to keep you hooked... so later I only order again and get all aggravated all over again. It's just not a useful service. At all.

New Reviewer

I use Paypal to order food online. I couldn't otherwise use Paypal to order from these places so that's pretty cool for me.

New Reviewer

Absolutely, terrible business! This is the second time Grubhub has done this to me. After waiting two hours for an order, calling twice and being reassured that the order was on its way (even though, the restaurant had been closed for two hour), then a very rude unapologetic customer service agent was completely unhelpful. My advice, don't ever use Grubhub.

New Reviewer

I had a coupon for Grubhub from a restaurant I'd tried once. Wasted half my lunch hour trying to get the lousy site to let me pay via PayPal. Total waste of time, too late to take time to drive to get the order if I could ever get the thing to work. Their customer service claimed there was no order up but their own site showed I had an order pending. Terrible waste of time and effort and no lunch today as a result. Avoid this even if you have a coupon "lure", the "convenience" of this site is lost by how inadequate it is for the task it is designed to fulfill.

New Reviewer

The food quality was AWFUL! Order was supposed to go through Wings Things and More in Owings Mills MD. The chicken was AWFUL. Dry inside, greasy outside, and their buffalo sauce tastes like vinegar and maple syrup. Just disgusting. STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

The first time we ordered from here it worked great but the last time it took 2 hours and the food was cold and they gave us a credit and we used it only to wait over 2 hours and the restraunt closed and never got our order and it was too late to order from anywhere else

New Reviewer

I end up using grubhub quite a bit, if only because it is a great aggregator of all the delivery options nearest to me. The software is a bit "janky" on my computer... actually runs smoother on my cell phone. The full web pages load poorly and are difficult to maneuver on my PC. So for convenience of browsing lots of choices it is great. I do not like how to make up for the grubhub cut some places raise their prices but I get it. I take it with a grain of salt because I am getting "free delivery". If I was a business I would feel almost compelled to sign up for it just because people like me are so likely to use it and not search the web for other places. The review system is pretty harsh (a lot like this site lol!) a lot of people go on just to rant and complain and will give some really good restaurants terrible reviews for things that are really trivial and not indicative of a restaurants' overall quality. Gotta love the internet as a place for people to recklessly vent and hurt businesses... sigh.

New Reviewer

I am DONE with ordering through Every time I have ordered it has taken 1.5 - 2 hours for delivery. I could've gone and picked it up in more than half the time. You are not providing conveinence if you take so long AND charge $5 - $10 for delivery. Pull it together GrubHub

New Reviewer

This is for a Virginia location. If a restaurant is going to take up to 90 minutes to deliver the food then they shouldn't advertise as a delivery option. The service person at Grubhub was great, she determined that the wait time had been adjusted to an hour and spent a very long time on hold with the restaurant trying to cancel the order when I said that was just too long. The restaurant (Chili's in Reston) left her on hold for at least 10 minutes. I will not be using either services again.

New Reviewer

Will never use them again - ordered from Popeye's and was I shocked to find out that you pay much more by ordering online through Grubhub - I paid over $20 for a $10 order - never again. I would suggest you use Seamless.

New Reviewer

Grub Hub is awful. I've given them more than a few chances. Can never ever get your order correct. Today was the last straw. I ordered Subway thru them, kept getting kicked out of the website, contacted them to make sure my order went thru. Was told first time, yes, your card was charged. Didn't get an email confirmation...waiting for my food for hour and a half. I webchatted again and was told - order never went thru, card not charged. Really? Such a simple idea that they obviously cannot master. DONE with GRUBHUB.

New Reviewer

So we ordered dinner last night through Grubhub here in Dallas. The guy was over 30 minutes late with our food (total time since ordering - 1.5 hours), blamed the restaurant, and he forgot the pizza, which was the main thing we ordered. My wife had to run down the street to flag him down. Then he asked her if our pizza was the one "with green stuff" on it? (yes dude - spinach). So he digs around in the back of his car and hands her a pizza box. The box is cold - we open it - pizza is colder than room temp. SO this dude was basically driving around for who knows how long with our pizza when we live 1.5 miles from the restaurant. (we now know we should have just gone and picked it up ourselves - but wife wanted to try out the whole grubhub thing)

Moral of the story - it wasn't the restaurant, it was grubhub. They did not charge us for the cold pizza and cold pasta.

We then went to Wendy's and got burgers.

New Reviewer

Girlfriend and I have used grubhub multiple times with great success, but tonight tried to order sushi from a place we've ordered from before and were given an error message. We tried to place the order again and were once again given error. Upon checking the bank statement minutes later, we found that two charges were applied within minutes. When we called the restaurant, they said no order was received. When we called grubhub, they said nothing went through and they couldn't help us without an order number. Because we didn't have an order number, they claimed that they couldn't do anything for us. Now we are out over $80 and have no food coming! When my girlfriend asked the customer service rep to refer us to a manager or tech support, she was told nobody could help. Why can't they help? They are the ones who charged the card, you would think they would have some information????

New Reviewer

Their website is garbage and buggy. Locations aren't "remembered", they're cloned and forced you to retype.

The filter to search for food is broken.

Adding an item on a menu is painful.

Worse off their customer service has an attitude.


New Reviewer

This site is awful. I placed an order, THEY messed up that order and then told me there was nothing they could do about it. Then they offered to give me $5 in "GRUB HUB DOLLARS" to apologize for the error. He then got snippy with me at the end of our conversation. I was starving and this crappy company messed up my order, and then gave me attitude.

New Reviewer

This website is just awful and doesn't even compare to
First of all, it keeps on asking me where I am and there is no way to make a default location. If you give people the option to list more than one address, at least allow them to choose the default location.
Second, why the hell would I want the restaurant with the highest delivery cost to pop up when I use the filter? Who the hell goes out of their way to list the most expensive delivery charges first when they want to order a meal?
Third, having to scroll down a list of cuisines I want is just poor design when you can list most, if not all of them out.
Fourth, the list of restaurants that you display is dwarfed by your huge ad for yourself. I would not be on this website if I did not know about it already. I visited the damn site to look at some restaurants and order some food, not to look at a huge green arrow surrounded by useless white space.
This site is just disappointing and any of the improvements from are just overshadowed by the lack of attention they put in to designing this site.

New Reviewer

Compared to this website is AMAZING. I really dislike seamless. Every single time I tried ordering from them I first must waste 15 minutes for them to verify my address, because even though I have a registered account they are too stupid to remember where I live.
Its very lovely. easy to handle, and their own customized menu. This is the 1 website I probably visit and buy something from once a week.

Apprentice Reviewer

I've already posted this in the seamlessweb review, but reposting it here since its a comparison on grubhub and seamless web

It's 3pm on a Sunday, and this is the number of restaurants I found available to delivery to my address in hells kitchen at this moment
Seamlessweb: 280
Grubhub: 261
--advantage: Seamlessweb

Grubhub's design looks prettier, but I feel like seamlessweb's UI is much more useful.
I'm very big on reviews (obviously so are you if you are reading this.) Seamless web allows me to sort by stars and see how many reviews the restaurant has, a feature Brubhub does not have.
Grubhub does has yelp reviews as well as its own reviews, but what's the point if it doesn't link to yelp when you click on it?

Also when I go to the menu, the smaller font on seamless web makes me feel like I'm looking at a real menu, which is good.
Grubhub has the menu on the right bar with other restaurants still listed on the left bar.. why would you have take up valuable screen real estate when I've already chosen a restaurant? Also, because of the huge font, you have to scroll twice as many screens to see the whole menu, which is quite annoying.

Another advantage Seamlessweb has over grubhub is the most 'liked' and most 'popular' item boxes on the right, which is very useful when you are exploring new places to order from. I wish yelp would actually have a menu and the same kind of feature so i know what dishes to order when I eat in at a new restaurant!

Overall, seamless web the better site to order delivery from. There's a reason why all big banks use seamless web to feed their overworked excel monkeys!

New Reviewer

The most overrated food delivery website out there! So many restaurants without online ordering whats the point?? I usually order from best one in the market by far.

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