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I'm too honest and too fair sometimes but I'd rather be those things than dishonest and unjust, putting a bad name on everyone who associates themselves with me.

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I hate ripoffs and scams. People work hard for their money and there are too many people being scammed, ripped off, and taken advantage of by companies foaming at the mouth for the money those people EARNED. I don't want people to be fooled by bad business and I will expose whoever I can if it means preventing another person from being stiffed.


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This is chancy giving it even 1star. I ordered a TON of stuff from this website. Lets say I ordered 15 items. Well they shipped it out with tracking and I got it about a week or so later however half of the items were missing. What? Yes, HALF the items. I immediately sent them an e-mail asking them what the deal was, how do you miss half of the shipment? I asked if it was part of a 2 shipment ordeal and they said no. The lady didn't question me however and asked which items were not there and when I told her she said she'd pull them and ship them for me, no questions asked. 1 thing I really wanted was no longer in stock, I was bummed but they told me to pick something else and I did which was a couple $ more but they put it in the order without any extra charge.

As far as the actual items shipped, they look exactly like the images, for the most part they fit as described and I'm happy overall but there were 3 items that had such a putrid chemical smell to them I had to soak them 2 times for 2 hours each and wash them before the smell finally came out (but BARELY)

Cut to 1 week after this ordeal - Found out even AFTER verifying with customer service that everything they were going to send in my next shipment was in stock, I get an e-mail saying that only 1 or 2 things are in stock. What in the actual F*@! They talk with you and verify things for you and promise your items are in stock and being shipped then they ship 2 of 6 items and say the rest are not in stock a week after the fact. Not only that but you will end up going back and forth with these people for a couple weeks with them changing their story, giving you random refunds that don't add up to what you paid for anything and ultimately wait a month before they send out a couple of random parts of your order they have in stock. I think they try to wear you out and drag it on so you finally get tired of them screwing around and just forget everything so they can keep the money.

These people are liars, crooks, and assbackwards. The headache in dealing with this kind of service is NOT worth the pennies you might save. Everything you think you save goes into shipping anyway which is outrageous. It sucks because they do have some cute stuff but totally not worth all of this. You WILL lose money with any order you place with them... DON'T BOTHER!


They have the biggest selection of Manga and other anime merch I have ever seen. Almost everything is in stock and if it isn't they get is ASAP and ship it to you. They ship at a decent speed and have the best deals and prices around. I love this website and if you are looking for an array of all things Anime/Manga this is the place to go. Never had an issue with this site. I accidentally put in an order for something that was marked as out of stock and they notified me right away that it wasn't in stock but they ordered it for me and I got it way sooner than I anticipated.


I'd give it 1 star but the stuff I actually received, horrid smell aside, were cute and fit nicely. It's hugely disappointing though because their stuff isn't bad but their business is. Let me start off with this being my second order, the first of which was refunded to me a week after I made the order because the majority of the stuff I ordered which was in stock was suddenly out of stock... a week later. They didn't bother sending me what was IN stock though, they just refunded me. They said there was a computer glitch so inventory was not correct... as if I'm supposed to believe that a WEEK later.

My second biggest WTF with these people is I made a SECOND order re-ordering everything that was IN STOCK in my first order and I even verified with them that they were in fact in stock and then placed my order. Well I received my stuff from them today and only got 2 of the 3 things I ordered. I swear with these sites if it's not one thing it's another and you will NEVER EVER get your full order ever. That's wishful thinking, there is always something that is going to go wrong with your order and you will never get all of your items. So I am looking online now at the item I ordered and wouldn't you know it, it's still IN STOCK but not in my shipment.

I'm done ordering from these Chinese BS businesses, they are ALL the same. The money you think you are saving is put back in their pocket with outrageous shipping costs and then you have to deal with the biggest headache of your life dealing with incomplete orders and their inventory online not being accurate ever.


Shipping isn't great, quality of clothing isn't great and their clothing sizes run much smaller than regular sizing. I'm a small and always have been but I read reviews on this dress where everyone said it ran small so I ordered a M to be safe thinking I could hem it if I needed to. When I got it, I couldn't believe how TIGHT it was and how short it was compared to the length on the model. It's a Medium and fits like an XS. I was really disappointed with that AND the quality of the dress.


I ordered 6 things. They shipped them out relatively soon after the order and I had a tracking number. I received only 5 of the 6 things and reviewed my order online to see if they had said anything about the 1 thing being out of stock and they didn't nor did I receive an e-mail about it either. I checked the inventory online and what I ordered was in stock. I talked to customer service and when I told them the lady basically called me a liar and said it's marked that 6 of 6 items shipped out which wasn't true. After her denying what i said as truth for 10 min she told me to e-mail in a complaint form to which they ask how you want them to handle the situation and I said I did not want a refund I just want the item I ordered since it's IN STOCK still (it's an $8) pair of pants, I'm not lying for $8 merch.

INSTEAD of listening to anything I had to say, they refund me... They told me the REASON they refunded me was because what I wanted was OUT OF STOCK but when I checked online it was listed as IN stock and the only one in stock was the exact size I ordered too! AND it was clearly marked as $8. The kicker is they said they refunded me for the item AND shipping. The item refund was $6 but I paid $8 for it and shipping for that item alone is $12 but they refunded me $7. None of that adds up. I was pissed of course so I replied to them telling them of their mistakes and since then I heard NOTHING. Who is the liar now? What a bunch of crooks! They should not be allowed to run such a terrible business.

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