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Aliexpress website is flashing with promotions where you can get a $3 item for $0.01 with free shipping. The fake promotions are their weapon fool customers. As soon as you pay, your order will be closed for "security reasons". Not a single rule on the promotion mentions anything about use of credit card. Rules snapshot attached. My sibling and I used the same credit card and both of our orders that contained even $1 discount were cancelled while full price items were processes without the "security concern". If your order goes through for using a new credit card, it will NEVER arrive and you will be have $0.01 refunded to your account. The bank fees for international transactions and money lost in conversion rate will not be accounted as loss by aliexpress. You will lose money, time and enjoy a wide range of disappointments.
If you dare bring it up to the customer services, you will end up fighting with a robot for few hours. If by any chance, you come across a Mary or Olivia, then you need to bear their attitude. The customer reps have no sympathy for the customer and kept sending Alibaba rules with fine print articles that are not ever shown on the site. The rules are attached in the snapshot but the fine print is on another website and shared only when you have realized how Aliexpress robbed you.
Don't fall for these chinese gimmicks. You won't receive the products or get very low quality damaged goods. If you want to file for refund, the chinese folks immediately forget how to communicate in english!


I bought a sim in canada of wind telecom. During my visit abroad, I kept a $10 balance in my account and within the same month, my services were cancelled. If this wasn't enough, a woman who I was fighting in the court went ahead and bought the same number from this mind numbingly dumb network. The number I had been using for 2 years was sold without my consent to defendant in my court case. She went ahead and tried to hack my bank accounts, friends personal information including credit cards and even my tax returns. Wind telecom went on playing dumb and actually remarked I should have *******@29 instead of $10! The Canadian law is non existent and despite an already running case in the court, all the thefts were disregarded.
Worst telecom company to ever exist in this world


I was a member of Muslima.com and here is my review of 4 months wasted on the site.

First of all the site is run by some sad people who claim to be the admin. These are some mentally sick people who will haunt you like a ghost. They are the reason why this site has the highest rate of fraud. Every male member has been asked for money by a very young girl in a low developed country. Many perverts have been ripped off and this admin has no brains to fix this issue. The rules depict the stupidity of the "admin"! This site is also famous for deactivating accounts at any time. This has been reported multiple times and the $#*! team stays useless as usual. There is never any proof or reason but you will loose your account at any point. Personally I was chased by this mentally challenged team for months. They even tried to track my membership with other sites. I have reported their behaviour & hope their website is permently shut down.

Furthermore, you will experience the following:

1. This site is primary for perverts and pedophiles. You will find 90% of male members of 45-80 years divorced with kids looking for a wife while having one already or day dreaming that an 18-30 years old girl will marry them. If this would happen in real life, I would probably put the old man in his grave but on the site if you dare insult these mentally sick male hags, Muslima will delete your account on being abusive! You better not express how you feel and be polite to men who are older than your parents and telling you what they want to do with you. I have attached some responses by these "gentlemen"! None of these old men were interested in someone their own age group.

2. Most of the profiles are incomplete, fake and with pics of actors and models. There is no screening to remove old profiles or check pics authenticity.

3. If any highly unattractive loser wants to get back at you, he can send you an abusive message with a paid membership and Muslima will never cancel his account on being abusive. All these users were reported and were never deleted by Muslima as they were finally paying the site. Most of the site seems to be full of psychotic disturbed unattractive old men.

4. The female members are funny. Most of them are from Morocco and other poor countries pretending to be a good looking 18-23 years old girl who will take interest in extremely ugly men who are looking for women way out of their league or the old perverts. She will show interest in marrying him and then starts her reason for such self harm. She will ask for money! Whether it's in the name of ticket or a new laptop or just money via western union. Although such women boost ego of the losers but they end up losing money or just browsing for more.

5. Language barriers. Most members cant speak english or have any language in common. This might be a positive point as you will end up reading the most hilarious lines that are suppose to convince you for marriage!

Overall a disturbing bizarre experience and complete waste of time!

Tip for consumers:


Quora is a failed attempt by Atheists and Christians to provoke people against Islam. Majority users are atheists who are old and unfortunately given a computer connection. These wasted lives do nothing but blab all day long. I am using the word "waste" as you would think with age comes wisdom but here it is miserable brainless morons who finally have a portal to yap nonsense all day.

I used this ridiculous site for 2 days with a Muslim and Christian name. Despite reporting several highly disrespectful questions about Islam, Quora never removed them. However when I asked a general question to explain Muslims reality in everyday life, my question was not only removed thrice but marked as inappropriate/needs consideration!

Question was "How many attacks or any horrible incidents you or people you know had in life were by Muslims compared to Christians, Jews, atheists etc?" Media associated Islam & Muslims with terrorism, then how come we don't see Muslims doing that in real life? They are in our neighbors, offices, gatherings, everywhere. How many times have you or people you know have faced terrorism by Muslims as compared to Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists etc?"

Is this question in any way inappropriate unless it will fail the objective of spreading hatred against Islam.

Islam teaches respect against other religions and nobody likes to be disrespected or insulted regarding themselves, family or religion. Quora only aim is spread incorrect statements against Islam and yet Islam is the biggest religion in the world and still growing!

Quora should be banned and boycotted


In short, meetup.com is like a prison where you cant interact with other prisoners. You can pay for the one hour break i. E. event where most of the interesting people never show up!
I joined meetup as I am a very shy person. There were few groups for singles and I decided to interact with a few before I would show up at a overpriced boring event with strangers. I never go to an event alone and reason for interaction with another member was to make sure the company will be worth it. After I began to receive messages back from other interested members, meetup.com deleted my account stating as spam messages! Is it really spam if members are talking to each other or basic networking? In this age and day meetup.com might be the only site not allowing online messages. Truly bizarre & complete waste of time.

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