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A very traditional Karate dojo. It is where I got my start in Karate. I tested to 2nd Kyu and left because of some issues that I had. But overall, this is a very noce place to learn traditional Karate and Kobudo (okinawa weapons system). Sensei Hoover is an 8th Dan in Okinawan Kenpo and Kobudo. He is a very skilled teacher. His dojo is large, and is well equiped. I believe it is the only Karate school in the area. Most other schools teach TKD. I would point anyone to this Dojo before any other TKD school.


I take BJJ at sports evolution. BJJ is by far the toughest sport that I have taken. I wish I would have wrestled in highschool. I have taken Karate, TKD, and Judo. BJJ is the toughest. The ground game is very intricate, like a big game of chess. Allen Coble is the owner and operater. He is a great teacher soth adults and kids. I am glad I chose this place to train.


I love grapplearts. I joined the email list and I love getting new techniques to learn every day. I take, and compete, in BJJ. Stephen Kesting has been a big help to solving many problems that I have run into while training at my home dojo. I learn in the gym, in books, and on the internet. Every little bit helps. Grapplearts is my main internet BJJ learning platform. Thanks Stephen.


This is a very nice program. I have taken Karate and Tae Kwon Do before. I currently take BJJ and Judo. I took Karate for 7 years but never got my 1st Dan, which is why I chose this program. I hate starting something and not finishing it. This program was tough. Also, don't expect to get your black belt in 12 months, unless you have that much time to train and perfect techniques. Sensei Bryan will spot every little detail that is wrong, and make you do it over until you perfect your technique. This is what is expected, though, of a Sensei. Another nice thing about this class is that you can contact him directly anytime and get 1 on 1 ctitique. A lot of students in the dojo get overlooked because of the student to sensei ratio. Not so with this program. Also, I have never failed a Karate or TKD test in the 9 years that I trained between the two, but I have failed several times for this program. Sensei Bryan doesn't let you take shortcuts and he will make you earn it. I already knew most of the techniques, and some of the kata, before starting this program, and it still took me 2 years to get 1st Dan. That was training 2-5 days a week, at least an hour a day. The tests are not easy either. I almost passed out during one test, and I had to quit part way through another, one time, because my conditioning wasn't up to par. Most of my karate and TKD tests were only 30-60 mins. Those tests were with other students, and I got small breaks in between performing kata and sparring. As your tests progress, they will get longer, and the allowed break times will get shorter until you aren't allowed any breaks at all. There are no breaks for your final test. It is 1.5 to 2 hours of constant grinding. You have to be conditioned and John Bryan emphasizes this. That is another thing that I liked about this program, because a big part of karate is conditioning, and many dojos don't emphasize this enough. They just want your money. I quit TKD because I walked into class one day and saw a woman that was every bit of 250 pounds, with a black belt on, that couldn't kick above my knee caps. I checked John Bryan out, and did my research on him before I joined, and I have found pictures of John over the internet that shows him at events, and tournaments, and sparring with a black belt on, so he is definately recognized in the martial arts community. He also runs a Dojo in Derby, UK. I can assure you that if you take this program, you will EARN your black belt, and it will be tough. He will make sure you are conditioned, and performing all techniques, Kata, and combinations correctly, or you will not pass. Also to add, he gave me the option of taking my test at his dojo, and he also holds seminars which you can attend, even if you live in another country. Black belt is only the beginning.

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