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22 Reviews by Wayne


I recently joined Netflix again after a hiatus of many years, I received a 30 day free trial. I have a Roku device and I added the Netflix app, logged in and all was well for the first week. Suddenly while watching a show a swirling orange icon appears and then my profile and my son's profile disappears and it switches to my daughters (Kids) account. There is no option to switch profiles and exiting the app and re-entering the app takes us directly to my daughter's account. Restarting the Roku brings back the option "Who is watching Netflix" where I can then re-select my profile but, after a few moments the profile is gone again and I am force back into the kids profile.

I contacted Netflix via chat and informed them that their app is the only app that we have trouble with. The app opens and I can watch kids shows all day but, the two adult profiles disappear completely. I let them know I also uninstalled and reinstalled their app with the same results. Immediately the customer service rep tried to shift blame to my Roku device even though I told them that their app opens and the problem is internal to their app. (What if I would have bought a new Roku on that advice?) When I wouldn't let them off the hook that easy, they said they had to do "research" and then returned to tell me that there was a server issue that Netflix engineers was trying to fix. It has now been a week and the same problem keeps happening over and over. I can use any other app on the entire Roku app store without issue but, Netflix is the only one I can't use without a problem.

I don't know if my family is going to keep watching or in my case "not watching" Netflix past the end of the free trial. I really like the selection of shows on Netflix but, if you can't watch them then what's the point.


Their website and email marketing sucks. I received a promo code today via email and went to the site to use it, "No coupon found" is the error I get when entering the code. If this was the first time I wouldn't complain, but, I have never been able to use any promo code because none of them ever work. I have also never been able to order from their site because it constantly logs me off after every screen (for example trying to apply a deal) their programmers need to learn about 'sessions' and is the only site of the hundreds I have used that doesn't like any of my credit cards. I will never order over the phone via credit card because the last time I did (years ago) they helped themselves to an additional $30 tip on top of the amount of my purchase amount and tip I gave them and the manager basically said, "Nothing I can do about it." I did something about it, they lost hundreds if not thousands in business as I ordered pizza for my clients for years from other pizza places and just recently started trying to order from them again. (Only when I have cash on hand). I can hop on the Papa Johns site order anything I want, apply promo codes, and have a pizza within 20-40 minutes, with Hungry Howies it takes 30 minutes just to keep logging into their site.


Update: I ordered four items for delivery and Home Depot lost one of my items. They put in a fake tracking number and an expected delivery date of 6/13, when 6/13 arrived I contacted them about the item and they said it was a "bad shipping" and refunded me via "store credit". The problem with that is now if I order something I will have to pay for the item + shipping unless I again order more than $45 worth of stuff. So they screwed me basically on my shipping discount I received. This was my first HomeDepot.com shopping experience and I will not be returning.
I spent over four hours (no joke) navigating the Home Depot website. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff on their site (a lot of China junk) and even more so by the poor navigation, everything I searched for took me to irrelevant items and sub-links that felt like a puzzle to navigate. Why didn't I just leave and go to another site? Because I made the mistake of taking a Home Depot gift card in repayment for a small loan. I filled my shopping cart with items that said "delivery available" only to realize that it wasn't via Fedex, USPS, or UPS, it meant shipping via one of their delivery trucks for a $79 shipping fee. (This is not revealed until after you checkout) I had to frustratingly remove the items I wanted from the cart (Which Lowes offered free home delivery for, b. T. w.) and painstakingly go through each item looking for ones that offered shipping to home. (I cannot drive for medical reasons, so I couldn't do site to store). I was so frustrated by the time I checked out that I swore off Homedepot online for the foreseeable future. I would not recommend the site to anyone.


Went to their site and saw they offered premium hosting for $9.95 a month, not starting at $9.95 or introductory price of $9.95. I went through the sign up process and got to the payment portion. There was small print on the side. The $9.95 was only for the first month, then it is $36.95 a month. I immediately went back to the first page thinking I missed something and I did. There was a tiny asterisk to the right of the price and you have to scroll way way down past a F. A. Q. Section to get to a tiny disclaimer. In my opinion, this kind of practice makes me uncomfortable about doing business with this company. I think I will look elsewhere for hosting.

Mike B. – Web.com Rep

Hey Wayne - sorry that you didn't feel comfortable with our sign up process for hosting, we'll pass this feedback along!^MB


Intructables has morphed into a site that seems to cater more and more to the "wealthier" DIY community. Don't get me wrong, you can still find projects that the average person can do on a limited budget, but, the site seems overrun with those requiring the DIY'er to buy an Arduino, CNC machine, expensive shop machinery, etc., making it seem to be less a DIY'er site for the average Joe, than an Instructable site for those in certain industries or of a higher economic class that can afford to burn lots of $$$ on a project. I find that it is better just to go to Youtube and watch DIY videos than wasting my time wading through all of the advanced level projects and projects out of my price range on Instructables.


Company contacted me and has said that they placed the money back into my account and that a system mistake was made. I will give them another chance for now, as anyone can make a mistake and they seemed sincere in their apology and efforts to make amends. If anything changes I will be back to edit this review accordingly.
I have been a faithful member of this site for years. I have earned over $500 from this site and have always been paid with only one issue that was resolved quickly. As a note this site seems to have changed owners since I started. I was currently only a bit over a $1 from cashing out again and this morning I received a notice that I had violated rule 19 on their site and was unable to enter the site until I verified my phone number. I immediately grabbed my phone, verified my number and went into the site to find out that they had taken all of the money I had "earned". (resetting balance to $0) I didn't even know what rule 19 was and wasn't given a chance to appeal. The Terms of Use page only has 14 rules, so I scoured the site and found a tiny hyperlink in the Terms of Use page that led to another list of rules. Rule 19 was about VOIP phones (They are prohibited). I have never owned or used a VOIP phone. As a matter of fact the website used to verify my phone number every time they paid me and never had a problem before with my phone. I believe this company is looking for reasons not to pay their users and the timing is suspect of this supposed violation. I have seen this tactic at other scumbag survey sites that steal their user's money and time by saying they violated a rule right before they cash out.

• Updated review

I did nothing, I repeat nothing against Facebook policies (I have read all of them). Facebook asked for a photo which I immediately uploaded (I have nothing to hide). Here it is almost a week later and now they have disabled my account. Now they want a copy of my ID just to ask them why. They can kiss off. I am currently building my own website in response to their behavior and Facebook is now a bad memory. This company is a bully against Christians and Conservatives and I hope they go down in flames.

Anti-Christian and Conservative site
• Previous review

I was cut-off without warning tonight from Facebook, under the guise that "suspicious activity" was reported on my account. What was this suspicious activity? You might ask. It was me posting three Scriptures along with my commentary on them for a family member who asked me to do so. They requested I upload a photo, which I have done and now I am in limbo and unable to contact friends that I have a Facebook only connection with. There is no doubt this is why I was locked out and they can say it was an algorithm, but, I don't believe it for a minute.


Pluto.tv is a service that provides free TV stations.To begin, I understand that Pluto.tv has to make money by advertising to bring the "free" content that they provide. The problem is that they will play the same ad 6 times in a row, over and over throughout the show/movie, some of their ads are reprehensible and offensive, and the ads do not seem to have a rhyme nor reason as to when they play. If you want to change channels, guess what? You have to sit through 6 ads just to get to the video, don't like it and immediately change channels again, guess what 6 more freaking ads. Last night while watching a movie it came back from a commercial break and then "two minutes later" went right back to 6 back to back IKEA commercials. Everything you absolutely hate about over the air TV is brought to you by Pluto.tv. Even though Pluto.tv has some great shows for "free" I cannot recommend it to anyone till they act like they respect our time and less like money hungry reprobates.


My wife has been doing surveys for ipoll.com for a while. She actually did cash out twice in the past and received payment with no problems, but, had not earned enough to cash out again until today which is February 10,2017.

Today she went to cash out to Paypal and suddenly they claimed "Your Paypal account isn't verified!" Her Paypal account has been verified for "years" and is linked to a credit card and bank account. Thinking there was a mistake she tried again to cash out with the same result. Then she asked me if I could just have the money put into my Paypal account which is a Verified Business Account since 2000.

She tried to cash out this time using my account and a pop-up came up saying that her account has been terminated for a rule violation. What rule? Wanting to get the money she had earned. This company needs to be shut down and investigated for fraud.

Lucky for us this is extra money for my wife, but, for others these type of sites can mean the difference between keeping the lights on and/or having enough money for groceries, medicine, etc., as I have learned from chatting with them.


To begin, I rented several times from Enterprise in Winter Haven, FL, without a problem at all. Everyone was nice and helpful. When I rented said cars, I produced my debit card, my driver's license, a water bill, and the deed to my home. I had zero problems renting a car.

My grandmother became ill and passed suddenly. I didn't own a car at the time as I rode public transportation. I called Enterprise the day before her funeral and told them I needed to rent a car. They informed me that due to a policy that had always existed but, never before enforced, I would now need two "utility" bills. Because I have a roommate (renter), the only utility bill at the time in my name was the water. I explained to them I had a voter registration, house deed, DD214 (Military document), medical insurance, library card, etc. that I could produce to rent the card. I was basically told "sorry about your luck" and told it was either two utility bills or nothing. I begged my situation to them and implored them to look at my rental history and rent me a car for the funeral based on our previous relationship, I had rented a car only a few months before with no issues. They were very unapologetic, rude, and pompous and I was told to contact corporate if I had a complaint about policy.

I had to buy a car off of Craigslist and because the Title Agency closed before I could seal the deal I missed the funeral the next day. I would not urinate on an employee of the Winter Haven location if they were on fire and wish bad luck on them and everyone they love.


I ordered two Amazon fire tablets and some miscellaneous items from Target.com including a large book. I received three emails with three different tracking numbers, then I received one tracking number with all the items on it and the site updates from showing three shipments to all the items being sent in a single shipment. (This is what a rational person would believe, one tracking number for all = all in same shipment)

I tracked the shipment via UPS Quantum and I received a shipment of not one but two packages, inside one was an Amazon Fire tablet, its packaging crushed by a family sized laundry detergent bottle and not enough padding (Lucky the Amazon Fire is tough, it survived the ordeal).

In the other the Amazon fire was secure with some T. P. There was no book in either package, so I go onto Target.com and it is only showing one tracking number and when I click it to go to UPS it shows "Delivered". And to make matters worse the UPS Quantum service sent me an email showing three scans under the same tracking number.

I figure UPS screwed up and the driver overlooked the third package, I call UPS and give them the tracking number straight from Target.com and they say, "There is only one package." I am a sane person normally but, I lost my mind when they kept telling me that the driver only delivered one package. I was at the point of actually calling the police to report my missing item, when I remembered the switch around Target did with the tracking. I go back through the emails, Thank God I saved them all, and tried the initial tracking numbers and sure enough the book was sent by UPS but, UPS to USPS, and is scheduled to be delivered later today, mind you, none of this is on the site, under my order. It still shows a single tracking number and the status on that is delivered.

So to summarize they somehow decided to ship in three boxes, this showed up on the site initially, then in their wisdom they decided to revoke that information, place everything under one order number and then still ship in three boxes. That is way too much drama for me to deal with. I like simple clean tracking that shows me the status of my item, I will NOT be ordering from Target.com again.


Filing online with H&R Block was very easy. The major problem I had was that the price of the process was over $70 this year, which is no small amount for a small business owner. Another thing that caused me a lot of stress, was the fact that my refund was projected to be 04/13/2016 by the IRS. Since I used my refund to pay for the filing I went to the forums and asked them how long my refund would take. Their own customer service told me it would be a week, then I saw a projected date of 04/23/2016 on the H&R Block website which led me to believe that I would not get my deposit for an additional 10 days. This morning I wake up, it is 04/13/2016 and my refund was already in my account. So I stressed out for nothing.


I have been there once and never again. I did not know anything about the store before I arrived. I received a flyer from them in the mail and thought I would check them out. There was nothing on the flyer stating that a shopper should bring a quarter to use a shopping cart, I did not have a quarter or cash at all for that matter, so I had to carry my items through the store. The prices were not lower than other stores in my area such as Save-A-Lot, and on many items they were higher than Walmart prices. After buying far less than I needed to buy because I don't have a cart, I get to the register and bought a bag to pack my items in, the cashier puts my items into a cart instead of letting me grab them as he scans them. I'm thinking OK, the cart is for pushing them over to the bagging area to bag them there, after all the CASHIER put them in the cart. I go to push the cart after paying and he rudely snatches the cart from me and says "you aren't taking the cart". If I didn't have my little girls with me I would have punched him in the nose, as I have bursitis in my shoulders and he hurt my arm, by snatching the cart. Even my 10 year old daughter was angry at the way the cashier acted toward her father. Aldi's just lost a customer on the first visit as I will drive 20 miles out of the way to avoid shopping at an Aldi's store again.


On 3/15/2016, I ordered a deeply discounted "nose pillow" style cpap mask from this site. The price was amazing at $29.89 with shipping included, I was supposed to get a mask 3 different sizes of nose pillows, head harness, and a hose. Then normal price was listed at $49.89. TWO FULL DAYS after I ordered this item I received an email saying my order was cancelled and that not only was this item "not available" but, that they also were discontinuing the product. I was then presented a list of cpap masks as an alternative and all of the masks were more expensive than the "normal" price of the item I had ordered. They did not refund my money at this time or offer any of the masks at the same discount percentage (that is OK), they told me I needed to reply to their offer of a more expensive cpap mask, or let them know if I wanted a refund. At this point I was getting no product but, they chose to hold my money. I then responded via email that I didn't want another one of their products I wanted a refund. I received another email telling me that they had a "woman's" small mask that might fit me (I am a 6'4" man) and that they were going to hold my refund until I got back with them up or until the next day. Tired of playing email games with this company and not sure if I would be strung along once again, I insisted on my refund being given that day as I paid via Paypal and it takes less than a minute to refund a client their money and I filed a claim with Paypal for good measure. ONLY after filing the Paypal case, was I refunded my money. If they were not going to deliver my product they should have given me an instant refund and it would have been my perogative as to how to spend my money. This was a very unpleasant experience for me as I rely on my CPAP mask.


My refrigerator was getting a little warm and on inspection of my gasket, I realized the gasket was broken on the bottom. I looked online at different appliance parts vendors and the prices ranged from $38-$89, but, as I looked into each company's reputation for customer service only one stood out from the others. appliancepartspros.com had an A+ rating with the better business bureau and had the most consistent ratings for service. I also looked up their physical address and was pleased to see that their closest warehouse was located right next to Whirlpool. (Not sure if they are affiliated with each other). The part was around $60 with shipping and it arrived via Fedex within two days from the day they shipped it. I ordered it over the New Years holiday so they didn't ship it out for a couple of days. The part arrived well packaged and they did not bend it over to ship it, which would have required me waiting 24 hours for the gasket to return to normal shape before applying. The gasket installed in less than 5 minutes and works great. I would definitely buy from them again.


Placed an order for five items on 12/9, order is still "in process" on 12/14, except today five days after I placed my order they say that one item I ordered is not in stock and they cancelled it. This was a Christmas present for my son and now I have to re-order from another company and pray it arrives in time. It has been so long that the temporary hold on my credit card, was returned already by my credit card company. I don't know if they are waiting for a signed permission slip from their mother to ship the remaining items (if they have them in stock or ever did), but, I will never buy another item from Hot Topic online or in store.


If you don't pay their shipping upgrade ransom, your item will sit for days without shipping so that the delivery date falls within the arbitrary window they decide. As an online seller myself I find the policy reprehensible. Don't misunderstand, if you upgrade, the delivery method doesn't necessarily change only the date that they will ship your item. Their prices are OK, but, I have been finding more and more that I can get better deals and faster shipping elsewhere on the items that I am looking for. That being said, what keeps me coming back is the fact that I can accumulate Amazon gift card (I get a lot of them) balances and the fact that they lowered the minimum free shipping purchase amount to $25 at the time of this review.


I often go to Lowes because it is closer to my home and the prices are a bit lower generally than Home Depot in my area for comparable items.

My only complaint is that when I need help, finding out the location of an item I need or loading a bunch of materials into my vehicle, it is very difficult to find an employee to help. I am patient and realize I am not the only customer and that employees are expected to multi-task, but, waiting over an hour and a half for help loading my truck after the cashier calls for help on the radio is ridiculous. That is how long I waited to get a few sheets of drywall because the forklift driver had set a pallet of potting soil on top of the only two stacks of drywall they had which was sitting outside.

I also wandered around aimlessly looking through the plumbing section of the store for 45 minutes the other day looking for Roebic septic cleaner, which wasn't near the plumbing at all, but, mixed in for some reason among the rows of paint. I couldn't find anyone at all to help me. The guy in the hardware section was leaned over chatting like a schoolgirl in love, with another customer and was oblivious to my attempts to cut into his conversation on the latest sports scores. I had to walk all the way across the store to the customer service and wait another 30 minutes for someone "in the know" to tell me where the product was at.

The above examples are only an example of the many many ways that Lowes has wasted my time over the years.


Updated on 12/24/2018. I made an order on 12/16/2018 and ordered eight items. All of the items were designated as 2-day shipping and I was told my items would arrive on 12/18/2018. Four of the items shipped via Fedex and arrived on time with no problem. The four items I desperately needed (I can't drive due to disability) were shipped by UPS. On 12/18/2018 UPS said they were going to deliver the items but, never showed up. Why am I angry at Walmart then you might ask? On 12/20/2018 I notified Walmart via chat that UPS had not delivered my items and I desperately needed them. I was told I needed to wait 2 more days or else they could reship the items and I wouldn't get them till whenever via the same shipping service, they wouldn't even refund my money at that point or they wouldn't even contact UPS and find out why the tracking number was no longer being updated. Finally, on 12/22/2018 I called them and told them the items still had not arrived. Beforehand I had to beg a neighbor to go out purchase the items on my behalf. They issued a refund at that point but, it will take 5-6 days I was told to get my money back. They were advertising on the home page of their site that you could order and get items by Christmas on 12/22/2018 and I am telling you that many people are going to be disappointed on Christmas morning if their item is shipped via UPS by Walmart. It is 12/24/2018 and I looked at the UPS tracking for the items that didn't arrive just for the fun of it and the item still has not moved since the first day. As a side note, when I called their Customer Support I could barely understand a word they were saying. They had a heavy Indian (The country) accent and I was straining to make out each word and still had to ask them to repeat themselves over and over so I could understand.


I go to the Dollar General to browse and buy quite often. I generally pick up the gadgets and do-dads that are expensive at other places. For instance, Radio Shack wanted $17 for a stylus for a tablet and I bought a pack of 3 at the Dollar General for $5. I also pick up cheap phone chargers and other small items.

They also have a cheap pack of Shick Knock off triple blade razors for men that only cost $5 for a razor and 6 heads that are sharp enough to cut through my tough facial hair like butter.

Also, they are comparable and sometimes cheaper on snacks, small household items, etc. and I constantly consult their flyer for the latest bargains.

As a side note, the stores around here are usually the most cluttered of any store around. The aisles are a bit crowded as it is, trying to fit a lot of merchandise in a small floor plan and the workers are unpacking boxes right in the aisles during business hours, which makes it a bit difficult to navigate, especially if the store is crowded.

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