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1 Review by WAyne


First, I feel like you sold me cheap Chinese crap. You should be embarrassed to use a symbol of American freedom and provide cheap crap from the place that gave us the CHINESE CORONAVIRUS.

1. It is misguiding how your picture of the 2 person 72 hour pack.
With the box at the bottom. I'm curious how well it holds up when needed. I do like pockets and the excessive loops on outside. You should have more velcro and d-rings for clipping things onto it.

2. I like the shovel and the wire wood saw.

3. Your compass looks like something your child gets for. 50 cent gun ball machine. Your 11n1 pocket tool is a joke. Can you see how you are going to get cut by the tool when you try to use it? Remember, not in the house where you have better tools. But out in the woods or after your home is destroyed.

4. Your Ferrocerium rod, I have three, four if you count the bracelet. I have yet to get more then three sparks and it isn't at the same time. The picture attached is showing you that I have scraped all the dark coating off. Nothing! I'm sure you are saying that it is me. I don't care. It may be. I can't get it to light and I have watched youtube instructions that make it look easy. So why is mine not lighting? You can tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can get one of the 3 to spark.

5. If you are going to suppy gloves, buy better quality that doesn't fall apart after use.

6. You safety glasses are made from china and does not have 1 word of English language. How much trouble would you be in if you didn't supply at least Spanish on your American made product? Not one word in English.

7. The charm bracelet with core, it is completely worthless except for the core. Too small to put on my wrist. Too short to use the fire rod. The cheap whistle is useless. You have supplied both a bigger and better version in THAT box already. Please consider the real weight when you add in the extra's.
Now you can add a cheap Chinese made time piece, that would be helpful. Please send more Ranger cord if you are already supplying it. I know you have it as a separate item, that's for me to buy later. More in kit to have enough without loosing the bracelet. Add a discount on your cord if someone buys a kit first. No such thing as too much cord and maybe duct tape. OR the flex seal product. I just now found that roll of Duct tape in the picture. You don't supply it. False advertising. Tell me what is in your picture that is small white circles in front of the tasty food bars. AND, you show 2 packages of the food bars behind the nice stack of 12. That means I'm missing another block. What is it between the packaged water and the emergency blanket? I don't know what it could be. I hope you believe I've gone over each line item. It better not be anything from the toiletries. You are showing me a bottle of sani-tabs for water. But you sent me two short strips for 10 total. WTH!

8. You should have supplied the first battery in your handy dandy flash lite. Since you wanted to make it a C battery. Not your typical AA - AAA. Think about uniformity. The pen you have is ok except it being black so will be harder to find if you drop it at night again in the woods. Consider the extra weight I'm putting in the pack. Just supply pen or pencil that doesn't have weight and will write when wet and with laminated paper to write on. Put the glass breaker on the ever popular fire rod.

9. Your first aid and hygiene pack is to be expected from all suppliers.
A good place to start. I seriously wanted YOUR first aid kit. And I can tell what you are showing. I wanted the pack and switch out what I want, being a retired military.

10. Your radio is cool. No problems. I like the extra port to charge phone too.

11. So with 12 small bags of fresh water (6 per person).
You are telling me that in a crisis and danger, you expect me not to drink water for 24 hours? When I have it already. I can only suggest you supply more oz's of water. The med's I have to take keeps my mouth dry. I have to drink all day. That part isn't a suggestion.

12. Your compressed food bouillon. I'm afraid to open to taste.
Please tell me you don't give us a chocolate bar like mre's.

13. The emergency shelter you supplied looks fine. But you did not send 20' of rope. You sent string. Imagine trying to get that shelter up and weather is cold, windy and clear. The slightest breeze will let the tree break your string tied off on it. Send the Ranger cord with your trusty buckle and include it with the tent, not add all of it to the bracelet.
Glow stick is a helpful hint to what should be self supplied.

14. You should be ashamed of yourselves supplying such a CHEAP CHEAP ponchos. All it will do is make you sweat more and get into the way as it rips. It has to be from china because I don't see an American made & flag. But what I do see.
"Proposition 65 warning".
"This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm." What the hell do you want me to use and put on my children?
Oh there it is, in little bitty letters "Made in China". Show me that man in the picture, in the woods and brush trying to be quiet can take it off and reuse it. Why would you make it yellow. Are we stealth or neon? Maybe offer different colors to separate what we want it for. Like how you do with EVERYTHING else in you store. The fact that the people who brought us the CHINESE CORONAVIRUS from Wuhan China used polyethylene, frightening!
The hand warmers and emergency blankets are a good start to build on.
I can buy those at any local store.

Can you guess what grade you get?

How dare you project yourself as an American company using military like product.

As a suggestion, your hydropack. You need to design it so you put it on first and when the day pack is put on, they both fit together. Expand the bladder but keep 3L.

WOW! I checked out the radio further and it doesn't stop tuning when I did. And it doesn't do much without that power source going.

As a suggestion, make the charger cord part of the flashlight. As separate and small, it will be lost.

The attached is your food for 72 hours? WTH! You eat one every 6 hours and then comment what you think. Your plan for survival for 72 hours is " don't eat or drink water for the first 24 hours."

Not only is that wrong and stupid, it is again false advertising. You are supplying what you call (food and water?) For 48 hours, you den of liars.

The food bar crumbles into powder, how am I to eat small pieces when there are no pieces, just powder? I will not allow anyone to eat this crap. Well, except the birds. That is if they can see it or find it.


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