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Enjoy restoring cars, fitness and comedy. I am a DIY for all auto and home repair.


Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Jk. Cars and fitness.

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I joined this site to meet people around where I live. I noticed that there were many people in my area in the age range I selected. However, on initiating chat with them, the vast majority (over 95%) wanted me to go to another site and sign up so I could chat with them. Why, when I can chat thru meetme already. I flagged them as spam. One person even advertised that she was promoting prostitution. When I sent feedback to meetme, I got the usual auto response. However, when I tried to log in the next morning,(I actually did chat with two people who were real) my account was blocked. I requested the confirmation code to unlock my account, it never came. It seems meetme would rather have all the spammers on there than legitimate people. Also, most of the ages and locations are way off from actuality. I chatted with one who's profile said she was around my age and lived near me. In reality, she was 20 years younger and lived across the country. There are hundreds of profiles from African countries which makes me believe they are using meetme to find victims to scam. Of course, the meetme staff doesn't seem to care about this.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use this site, find a more reputable one.


The salesman, Bo, should not use ethnic slurs when talking to potential customers. Terms like "Polack" are unacceptable and insulting. Also, he should stick to facts, not conjecture or fantasy. Telling people there is no insulation in their home currently is easily disproven. My home had insulation in the walls, just not enough. Saying he only hires military veterans when there are no veterans working for the company is just plain lying. Remarking that the installation teams will be fighting to do the job when there is only one installation team period again is easily disproven. Telling the potential customer that they won't hear any noise once the job is done is ignorance. Unless you live in a bunker with two foot thick concrete walls, you will hear noise from the outside. If I hadn't done my research online and watched the video online, I wouldn't have used USA Insulation based on my experience with Bo. It is obvious he has never done the work of installation and seems not to know much about how a home is constructed. He comes across as offensive, untrustworthy and unknowledgeable.

When the installation team is running late, it is common courtesy and professional to call the customer and let them know they are running behind and give a new estimated time of arrival. The lead installer should check the job before leaving to ensure that everything was done correctly so there are no comebacks.

The installers were polite and professional onsite. They cleaned up thoroughly and were the same when they had to comeback for the area they missed.

Carol and the installation team are the strong points of USA Insulation. I would recommend hiring more people like them and have the lead installer be your salesman.

Carol was good at getting the appointment set, dealing with the frustration of the installers being late and getting them back out when they missed an area of my attic.


I used Homeadvisor to look for contractors in Northwest Indiana to do some work at my house. I wanted an awning on the rear, some trees cut down, a generator, an addition and some cement work. Three tree guys contacted me, only one actually showed up in person to give a quote. He did a great job, the other two wouldn't return emails. Only one cement guy responded and he had horrible reviews. The awning company was horrible, left debris all over my yard, took several weeks to finish a job they said would be done in two days. The awning leaks and they didn't run it to the end of the house. Never got any responses for the addition. Two generator companies responded, only one showed up to give a quote. This company also said they did electrical work, when I contacted them to get a quote for electrical work, they never responded. A better name would be Home Illadvisor. I contacted homeadvisor about the reviews given to the companies that did bad work, they said they would investigate it and get back to me. They never did.


I used Angie's list when looking for some work to be done on my home. Went through all the steps for three different projects. For two of them, only one "contractor" responded, the other, two contractors responded. One contractor didn't want to come out to give a quote, they did it through email without ever seeing my home or what I wanted done. Not very professional. Another, an electrical contractor, showed up, took notes, said he'd have the quote by the end of the weekend, never heard back from him. For my third project, the first contractor only quoted a portion of the job. He acted like he didn't want to do the work. The other contractor was a bit abrasive, but at least I got a full quote. Angie's list called to follow up and when I relayed my experience, the rep stated they would send me a list of contractors right away in my email. I never got that email. It seems they are as reliable as their contractors. No surprise there.


Update: So here it is July 26th. I just spoke with Jennifer at Corvette Central. She now told me the parts aren't due in until the 27th. Again, no email, no phone call, no good customer service. Needless to say I canceled the order. Their website says 4 day lead time fulfillment. It has been 24 days and no fulfillment. When I ordered them, they were supposedly in stock. Guess they are ok with giving bad service to customers who spent thousands of dollars. They think we're stupid enough to keep giving them our money even with bad service. But, there are plenty of other Corvette aftermarket vendors.


I ordered the 4 pillow package because I heard great endorsements from radio shows I listen to. First lesson learned, paid endorsers will endorse anything for money. Next, paying $117.00 for two normal and 2 small pillows is outrageous, no pillow is worth that. Then, any company requesting the customer pay for return shipping if they are not satisfied, lacks integrity and ethics. The MyPillow pillows are flimsy and uncomfortable. My neck hurts after sleeping on these pillows and I get less sleep than I did using a $10 pillow from a local retailer. I contacted the company to let them know their product falls way short of advertised expectations. There answer is hey, we'll ship you another pillow or refund your money and you, the customer, pay for return shipping. This from a company emphasizing their founder is a "Christian." Wearing a cross around your neck doesn't make you a Christian anymore going into McDonald's makes you a hamburger. Integrity and ethics is more of a witness than words.


I spoke with Marsha, the owner. She came out and measured for my awning. We then set up a time for her company to come out and install the awning (she had collected the 50% down payment already.) She told me it would only take a day to install the awning. It took them eight days. It seems the installers don't keep their trucks stocked with needed hardware. The awning looks nice but does not extend to the end of the house like I requested. Marsha had told me she did not verify her measurements and it shows. She was off by about a foot. The installers did not clean the fascia where the awning was connected to the house which seems logical to do. They also left a down spout dangling, left metal shavings on the ground (I have two dogs, not good for their paws) and cigarette butts strewn about. The awning gutter area is leaking at several points and isn't sealed on the ends. For the price of this awning, I expected better workmanship and professionalism. Update: Contacted Marsha about the issues, including leaking at all the seams on the gutter side. She doesn't seem to care. I guess as long as she gets her money, that is all that matters. Obviously, she is not interested in repeat business.

• Updated review

So, last night I got home from work and my first order was waiting for me. It had the picture of my vehicle on it and was processed with no problems. My second order, with a picture of one of my other vehicles was canceled because Cafepress claims they don't allow photos of vehicles to be put on anything due to licensing. But, obviously, that is not true as they processed and shipped 2 mugs with a photo of one of my cars on them. When I pointed this out to customer service, they totally ignored the fact. They have horrible customer service and obviously have no idea what their policies are or aren't. I won't be using them again for anything. I recommend VISTAPRINT as I have had no issues with them.

Contradiction in service
• Previous review

One day I decided to order 2 mugs with one of my classic cars on them. The order was processed no problem. A couple days later, I decided to order a mug with one of my other cars on it. Cafepress canceled my order stating it was against their policies. When I filled out the form asking why, they stated they didn't process things with vehicles as it could cause issues with the Car manufacturers. My car is over 35 years old, I own it and the photo i sent in. Also, it that were the case, why was the other order. I have used my photos of my cars to get things produced before, Cafepress is the only place I had problems with. I am sure Chevy and the others don't mind the free advertising seeing as no claims are being made. I would not recommend using cafépress as they don't seem interested in doing what they advertise they do.


I bought a Sony Stereo for my girlfriend's car. When I chose it, the site recommended the wiring harness adapter and dash installation kit. When the stereo was being installed by a professional shop, it turns out the adapter was incorrect. So, I had to spend another $100 to get the right adapter. When it arrived, it had an issue with it and the dash installation kit was totally wrong. Had to go to Best Buy and get the right dash installation kit. And the shop had to bypass the problem area in the wiring harness adapter. It seems Sonic Electronix is not into good customer service or quality of parts. In the future, I will be buying any automotive electronics from the professionals at Crutchfield, JC Whitney, etc. Sonic Electronix seems to be run by a couple monkeys in a dirty old garage somewhere. Not worth the time or money.

Steven H. – SonicElectronix Rep

Our "Free Additional Accessories"" is up to $30 which is clearly written on our website. Please understand that this is our policy that is written on the purchase page. Also some vehicles do need a specific type of harness or kit for their vehicle. Contacting you now to fix this problem.


Aldi is ok as long as you don't mind long lines at the cashier and don't buy produce from them. There pre-packaged food is ok. Not as tasty as the name brands, but considerably cheaper. Their produce always seems to be rotting in the bin. I gave up trying to buy any fresh fruits or vegetables at Aldi as they are spoiled before you get home from store. They usually have only 1 cashier working regardless of how busy they are, so plan on waiting in line to check out.


I ordered a part that was in stock from Corvette Mods. My debit card was immediately debited for the full purchase amount upon completing the transaction. However, one week later, my order had not been processed or shipped. When I contacted through email and the phone, I was told, it would be a week or more before it was processed and shipped. The next day, June 27th, I cancelled the order and requested a refund. I followed up with a phone call to "Richard" at customer service line. He told me it would be sent to the order department and taken care of. Three days later it was still not cancelled nr my money refunded. When I stated I would report it to BBB and TX State Attorney General, they responded and said no need to contact anyone, they are working on getting my order cancelled and money back. Today, July 2,2019, I receive an email that the order is cancelled, but then given a tracking # to track order. I have not received a refund as of yet. Previously, I had encountered a similar situation with Corvette Mods, but they refunded the money without this issue. It seems like a con to debit someone's account without shipping the order. I have not had this happen at any other places I purchase parts for my car. Previous complaint # was 13656319. CorvetteMods had said they processed my refund July 1,2019 and I should have it within 7 days. Today is the 9th, and I still haven't received my refund. It seems Corvettemods will say anything to appear to have resolved a BBB complaint, but they do not follow through and keep their word. They steal from the customers.

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