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I was introduced and made an account about 5 months ago. I started small then after a while I could see my profit go up my manager said there is going to be something nice coming
Up near Christmas. I should I invest more it will grow faster. Meanwhile I was thinking there were traders behind the scenes working for us. And will earn the 5% commission rate at the end. I asked how long before I could withdraw bitcoin because my mother is moving to a carehome soon and I need that money for her. He there would be 3 months for 3 trade. I started at beginning of Nov/2020 and I just kept sitting on it until the beginning of Feb/2021. Meanwhile the whole time I was sitting on it he was trying to find ways for me to deposit money in my account on the website and it will grow even faster. I scraped up the last couple thousand I had and put it in. Now comes the kick in the teeth, I can't get my money I have to pay for commissions and taxes at 5% each. I pleaded with him I have no more money. That is when my brother got in on this to help out because of our mother's situation. We made a deal to pay commission first, and the then the taxes when the investment comes through. My brother who is much brighter on this stuff and also me thought why would it not just come out on the withdrawal? No I waited for my deposit the day he said it would be in my personal wallet. Nothing was there. I said where is my investment and when are you going to send me a breakdown of the cost? Then a kick while you are down, he said first we need to do a KYC check for past history of money laundering ‘Know Your Customer" I quickly Googled it and saw something about it and a few discussions so I fell for it, I needed that money back. I paid $250 and sent them my driver's license, and a utility bill, and something else with my address so they could verify me. Then I said if you are going to steal my identity you will get nowhere. All done and they said the KYC can't be processed we need a bit more bitcoin. They asked for $700 then my funds would be instantly in my personal wallet. OMG I don't have anything. Then after a day of or two wallowing around and thinking of how to do this. I found this a way but that was really it I had nothing now. I asked him why the funds are not in my account like their email said it would be. He goes on about the KYC is not working right now we will need a bit more time. I kept believing him because it was a huge amount of money I was supposed to get back. He said if I need money now why don't I try and getting some friends to join then I could get the referral bonus. I said repeatedly I would never get any of my friends to do this. Then came the moment where I completely turned on him and gave him an an option to turn in all the money I "invested" or else there will be something very bad happen to him. I am 45 and I have been into computers and electronics since I was a kid. I know that nothing can be masked in networking. And bitcoin should be easy to trace because it is on a hard drive or many hard drives somewhere. SAlso I recorded the last 5 months of chat and archived it. Then I called the police and gave them my story not as detailed as this though and gave my personal information. They looked up my file any I asked so what happens now? She said I will get a call back later in the day for an official statement. Well it was on Monday and now is early in the morning on Wednesday. That is where I am at and just thought I would let everyone know.

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