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not only blocks solicitors but ALL calls except from them. Then continue to call and email you themselves trying to upgrade your you mail services. They become the only solicitor you have - clever on their behalf. Then when you cancel them you cant receive your calls or voice mails - all your calls go directly to a message that says your phone is not longer in use.... then after several calls chats and tech support complaints they tell me i have to contact my carrier to retrieve my voice mail and calls - but ..and here is the tricky part..... do not tell them that you used You Mail or your carrier will not help you!!!
V S <*******>
10:24 AM (0 minutes ago)
to me

I needed a new phone - researched options and found the best option was through straight talk website - phone $699 with a 24 month payment plan of $34.74 a month. I went to make purchase and chose plan and phone bundle - thinking this was going to bundle my plan cost and current plan for one monthly bill. -(this bundle is no longer an option on the website )- odd - When I went to purchase this I wanted to confirm that that is what bundle meant so I did a live chat with a "straight talk" rep. I was told I could not bundle and I would get 2 bills per month - one for phone one for plan. I did not understand what Straight talk meant by bundle and apparently they did not know what this meant either - so I called the 800 # on the website for customer service to see if there was anyway to do this. As always I get a rep that can barely speak english -but I made sure she understood me and I understood her. She told me that yes I could Bundle - and that yes i would only get one bill a month and to try again choosing the bundle plan.... So at this point I am kind of leary so I chose to live chat during the whole purchase. Once again I was greeted by a "straight talk" rep. during this he assured me that I could bundle and well - please read the transcripts at the end of this- Yes thats right.... I have everything in writing.
Needless to say I made the purchase. I was lead to believe that my payment of $94 was a bundle plan. I questioned the amount because 34.74 + 45 (plan) was less that $94 - see the explanation to this in the transcripts. Then 2 days later my reg. monthly plan was drawn from my account. I was confused. I called straight talk and spoke to a young lady that was incredible rude -not a problem I have had with straight talk before but the language barrier was again a problem. I tried to ask her why was I paying twice and she informed me that I did not have a bundle and that the $94 was for phone only, Not only that but it is for 15 months not 24. Bringing the cost of the phone total to about $1400 ! I would have never purchased a phone for $1400 Her rude answer then was "this is not our problem its yours and Smart Pay. You purchased phone from them not us" she told me to call them and deal with it...
so then I call Smart Pay - the guy I spoke with immediately told me I had to email them and gave me an email address_ he had obviously heard this complaint many times. He gave me the email address to Smart Pay support and told me i would get a "quick response" - so I then tried to look up an email address for Straight Talk and could not find one anywhere - I called customer service again asking for any email -manager, customer service anything- they refused to give one. I tried to live chat again for one - again refused to give one. so I emailed to Smart Pay and added all the Smart pays email address i could find including the support one that i was Provided. 2 days later no reply. So I call both Straight Talk - to "nothing they can do" called Smart pay - to "email support again" - now I have contacted Consumer Report-Attorney General (no response) to BBB- I email Support and smart Pay contact again CC'ing BBB. NO RESPONSE - The BBB did respond and said that they would look into everything. During this time I am still constantly calling and chatting Straight talk Demanding an Email address and being told there were no Email address or anyone I could speak to about this.
I received an email from BBB saying that they contacted Straight talk and are waiting for a response - then and only then I got an email from ******* /Shelly Ann Ext 3804 (apparently Shelly has no phone # only and ext. and no last name) the email simply said that this is not their problem - it is a problem with Smart Pay. I emailed her back that I did all of this through straight talk and was lied to and mislead by Straight talk employees.- another response from her saying again not their problem. Again I emailed that I wanted answers and i AGAIN emailed her the chat transcripts.
This time I also emailed her that since purchasing the phone - the very second I submitted the purchase I started receiving phone soliciting calls - not just a few but up 10 or more a day! I told her that I believe that Straight Talk had sold my info to Solicitors - this is something that I previously suspected because ever since switching to Straight Talk I have received soliciting phone calls that people i know. I just figured it came with the cost of a cheap phone plan. But now i was getting 2 and 3 per hour and it was completely out of control. So I asked Shelly Ann about this. - AGAIN she responded by saying this was not their problem - referring to the cost of the phone- Absolutely no response to the question of Straigh T customer service lying or did they sell my contact info to solicitors.
so then I emailed again what I feel the proper resolution should be - I also CC BBB in on this because they wanted to know what I felt would be appropriate- here is what I sent Straigth talk, Smart Pay and BBB:


What I am asking is for the phone soliciting calls to stop - and Straight talk should buy the phone from Smart Pay - bill me monthly for the cost of the phone at $34.74 + $45 a month for current plan for 24 months. This is not asking much only what Straight Talk customer service agreed to when i purchased the phone.
and It probable would not hurt if there were an apology of some kind - I have wasted enough time already and if this is not resolved I plan on using a lot more of my time making this who thing as public as i possible can.

I have not received any response to this - BUT I will say that the phone soliciting Completely stopped - even the 3 or 4 a day that I received on a daily bases for the past few years- NONE AT ALL since I sent this last email!!

so at this time there has been nothing by BBB or ATT Gen. Or Smart Pay or Straight Talk to resolve this - or even make any effort to make this right.

lying to the public to scam them into a selling a product and also selling a customers personal information to solicitors should be ILLEGAL !

please read the transcripts of me and Straight T customer service during the purchase. also notice that when I stop to read the contracts and etc he pushes me with - are you there ...... trying to make sure he does not lose that sell!:

Reference Number **************254
DATE/TIME: 2019-02-06 15:38:38
Chat Transcript
&nbsp; : Thank you for visiting Straight Talk today. How may I help you?
You : i just tried to purchase a phone with the monthly payments of 34.74. once i entered all of my information it said my first monthly payment due is over $90. - why?
Vil : Thank you for chatting with us!
Vil : I'll be glad to answer questions that you have regarding our devices and services.
Vil : Just letting you know, if you want to purchase the phone through a monthly payment plan an airtime needs to be bundled with the phone.
Vil : No need to worry. The airtime you'll be purchasing with the phone will be put into your reserve and will not be added automatically. In this way, you won't lose the remaining service plan you have with your phone.
Vil : The amount you'll be paying for the phone will depend on what type of phone payment plan you'll be choosing for the phone model, the price of the phone and the airtime plan you want to bundle for the monthly payment plan.
You : i just tried to do that and the last person i chatted with said i could not until i actually purchased the phone
Vil : Let me provide the steps for you to complete your order.
Vil : Can I ask what page you're currently on?
Vil : I would like to let you know that I am still here to assist you. Are there any other questions I may assist you with?
You : sorry I am here
Vil : Can I ask what page you're currently on?
You : page says your estimated total - due today 34.74 due monthly 34.74
Vil : Have you selected the plan that will come with the phone?
You : where?
Vil : Please add the phone to your cart to see the plans you can bundle.
You : it is in my cart.
Vil : When you're ready to continue, please click on "Proceed to Checkout" to begin the checkout process.
You : ok i am on the shipping address page
Vil : Please take a moment to fill in your shipping and billing information in the spaces provided. I'll be here to guide and assist you if you have any questions.
Vil : The amount you'll be paying today is the price of the phone for the initial payment and the plan you'll be getting with the phone.
You : its making fill out a application- again
Vil : You will be needing to fill up the Smart Pay application to get the phone through monthly plan.
Vil : *fill out
You : automatic airtime purchase agreement- or lease purchase agreement.
Vil : 3
Vil : Please disregard.
Vil : What questions can I help you with? I will be here to continue to assist you.
You : what???
Vil : I am asking if you have any questions on the page you are currently in.
You : so it says the amount due is 92.31 is that the price of the phone and my plan?
Vil : Yes, it is the amount of the phone and the plan you'll be paying today.
You : my plan now is $45 - 45+ 34.74 = 79.74. where do they get 92.31?
Vil : Just letting you know, there is an interest for the phone you'll be paying and the prices are before taxes.
You : im trying to be careful because the last person i chatted with said i could not bundle and that i would get 2 bills every month one for phone and one for current plan
Vil : You can bundle the phone with the airtime plan you want to use with the phone.
You : Im not due a bill yet and this bill should be pro rated and less than the next one
Vil : Yes, the amount you'll be paying today will not be the same amount you'll be paying for the next month.
Vil : Next month, you'll be paying lesser.
You : so i will only get one bill a month for less than this first one of 92.31 - that will be for both the phone and my plan?
Vil : Yes, you will only get billed once a month for the phone and the plan.
You : thank you
Vil : You're welcome.
Vil : Did you submit your order already?
You : doing it now
Vil : I can hold while you take care of everything you need to.
Vil : How are things coming along?
You : sorry - it kicked me out and i had to re enter info. it is making me check the lease
Vil : Just let me know when you're done.
Vil : Congratulations! Your order has been successfully placed.
Vil : Please prepare your phone's serial number (MEID/IMEI), upon activation. I will send you a link where you can activate.
Vil :
Vil : For any questions during activation please feel free to contact us through
Vil : Please feel free to chat with us again should you have additional questions. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
You : ok- thank you - it went through. says my next month payment is the same though - not less
Vil : You're welcome. Please contact *******309 for further assistance about your Smart Pay lease agreement. The hours of operation are: Monday Saturday 10am 10pm (EST); Sunday 10am 8pm (EST).
Vil : Thank you for choosing Straight Talk. Glad I could

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