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Gumroad is 100% legit and an awesome way for creators to earn money online: definitely the #1 choice for selling digital products!

FANTASTIC product, never had a problem to-date; I have used Gumroad to sell digital products for well over a year now and it is *FAR* superior to all the other "creative marketplaces" I've tried before.

Having read the other reviews here, nearly everyone who has written something negative seems to have either a) fraudulently charged back a seller for a product they already received & bought, or b) tried to sell some shady product(s) that violated Gumroad's terms of use — to all the creators out there considering Gumroad, do not pay mind to any of these disgruntled scammers.

If you're considering selling digital products online, Gumroad is the way to go!

Tip for consumers:
Once you sign up, be sure to opt-in to Gumroad Discover for extra sales!


Creators, beware -- stay away from TemplateMonster unless you like wasting your own time. I sell over 100+ digital templates online and decided to give them a try (which was a huge mistake):

Their review process is incredibly slow, inconvenient, and arbitrary:

It takes over two weeks to receive any response after you first submit your products. The response is almost always to reject for nonsensical reasons like "wrong category'"(ie. They rejected a mockup bundle I submitted to the "Product Mockup" category saying it should go in "Graphics", which makes no sense).

Rather than simply changing the category of the existing submission, the TemplateMonster system requires that you completely re-submit products (filling out 15+ fields again) and gives you no place to copy my previous submission. This kind of UX design is blatantly disrespectful of creators' time and efforts.

When I reached out to TemplateMonster support about this onerous submission process, they responded by just confirming this was the only option:
"Unfortunately, if your products were rejected with the reason 'Resubmit the product to another category' you should upload it from scratch as there is no possible change the category. "

Rejected products show up as big red blocks that you cannot click, dismiss, or edit in your dashboard.

Don't waste your time with Template Monster; there are many far superior alternatives for online creative marketplaces.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away from Template Monster.


I have sold assets on CreativeMarket for several years, and I can confidently say creators should NEVER list their assets there.
I have now moved almost all of my assets to my own site, powered by Gumroad:

There are numerous problems with CreativeMarket, which have grown exponentially worse over the last 6 months:
- The editor is inexcusably terrible: uploads are incredibly slow, product prices are randomly reset and sometimes reverted to draft.
- Creative Market's affiliate/referral tracking doesn't work correctly & they refuse to acknowledge it. I finally managed to get IP & location proof that CM failed to detect a referral, yet they still haven't paid me for it or responded in over a month.
- The search is poorly organized and has been overrun by creators who spam upload the same asset several times
- The engineering team takes months to reply and deploys half-baked stuff constantly (ie. Their Help Center is currently a broken infinite loop b/c Zendesk SSO is implemented incorrectly)
- Despite all of this, they take a whopping 40% cut of all your sales -- most other marketplaces charge only 15 -20%, as low as 10% with options like Gumroad

At the end of the day, I have moved all my assets over to Gumroad, where I pay 10% per sale, rather than 40%

If I had to guess, the issues started when CreativeMarket became part of Dribbble, which has been trash for years now.

Save yourself the headache & sell your products from your own site (ie. Using Gumroad or Paddle) or choose a different marketplace -- CreativeMarket is totally not worth it.


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