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Dear Mr. D-Bag (that is, Naveen Kumar Potharlanka), it's a serious sign that you question your own degree of suckiness when you have to include this at the bottom of your email:

"Note: Under Bills. Title III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this mail cannot be considered spam as long as we include contact information and a remove link for removal from our mailing list. To be removed from our mailing list reply with "remove" and include your "original email address /addresses" in the subject header"

Seriously? Who wants to do business with scumbags who consciously know they're spraying irrelevant garbage at businesses? If they'll do that - what kind of service should we expect?



Daily barrage of irrelevant spam from "Jessica Adams" with no opt-out option (and obvious ignoring of the "reply with XXX" option). You can always tell the scumbags and greedy idiots with no regard for customers from companies actually trying by who invests in basic preference management (which BTW, is cheap enough for anyone to afford as SaaS now).

Seriously? In the ridiculously small chance that I'd engage someone who sends generic form letters with <substitute purchases contact and company name here> merged in, why would I even think about doing business with a technology company that can't even manage to give me an opt-out?



Somehow got on their list and now they won't stop bombarding about their CIO's webinar... yeah... It's been nearly 3 weeks of non-stop spam despite hitting unsubscribe button over and over and getting a confirmation each time. Amazing for their business... Yikes.



Gotta love these guys trying to sell contacts (perhaps so that we can all proliferate some more spam that no one wants). This one came signed as:

Eliya Johnson
Deman Generation Team

I wonder if responding will help us raise "deman".

Of course, with no opt out...



"Jenna Rose" wants to sell me a database of Pardot contacts... maybe so I too can be in the blind spam business?

Best part is the part where they say to "reply as unsubscribe"... nice.



Really though? Who is seriously gonna by leads for a legitimate business from based on some blind spam? Especially from morons whose contact strategy involves hitting you with a follow-up in less than 24 hours.

I must admit, though, at least they just straight spam you instead of pretending to personalize. That's a nice touch.

Too bad they haven't figured out opt-out or preference management yet. Maybe they'll join the 20th century soon (yes, the 20th... as in the 90's) and figure out how to implement a basic opt-out.



So, I get unsolicited garbage from which instead of having a proper preference management / unsubscribe interface, wants to use the 90's approach of emailing back with the subject unsubscribe. So I do...

These idiots clearly didn't bother to test or are intentionally disregarding (maybe a throwaway business / domain making money some other way?). The unsubscribe messages gets rejected by their mail service as spam! Ha! Awesome guys...



Nothing like getting silly, irrelevant spam from "Brad $#*!man"... nice. Love this one... short and to the point... just wants a call this week... yeah, sure.

Every day I'm more and more fascinated by companies who burn their name and reputation with thousands of people to get a call or two scheduled by some sucker who still falls for spam (is that still a thing?).



Seriously? Your business is building leads and you try to get me interested by carpet-bombing me with generic, garbage spam? Do you do throwawy email addresses to try and protect your domain reputation, too?

At least you figured out that part...




Seriously, Lyndon Chivers, your time would be better invested actually researching on linkedin instead of using some cheap mail merge or other crappy spam service with generically-written copy. You do understand that when the marketers say "personalization", filling in a little detail onto a form doesn't count, right?

Using a template that says "I saw on LinkedIn that you're the XXXXX at XXXXXX. Given our customers in your field, you will find this relevant." doesn't actually make people think that you've researched their profile and given actual thought to their interests and how you might engage them. Sure, it gives you the ability to take like 5,000 shots, but in the day and age of spam filters and educated audiences, how many responses do you actually get this way? 1-2 in 5K? How long and how much did you spend to send those 5K? How long would it take you to send actual, personalized messages based on research? What would your hit rate be then? 1 in 20? Seems like if the cost was even close (like with 300%), it'd be worth it in terms of preserving your reputation as a legitimate business (vs. an amateur hour spammer that few legitimate business would actually want to engage).



Yes... I definitely need 6 tips for my linkedin profile... and I definitely want to get some advice from some random spammer who can't be bothered to have a functioning opt-out list.



Seriously? I thought the Internet filtered out these types of spammers these days. Not only does "Ak$#*!a Chaturvedi" feel like I would be interested in corporate training from someone I've never heard of, but apparently, she believes that if she spams people indiscriminately and doesn't provide an opt-out link or even instructions, they'll be confused and just default to replying?

It just continues to blow my mind that in this day and age, people (who seem otherwise capable of reasonable thought) think that indiscriminate email spam is an effective way to generate business.


Who's Chris Petersen? Why is he trying to sell me a sales book about Jay Baer? What's a martech gazzette? The answer to all of these questions is "Who cares?!?". That's the reaction you generate when you carpet bomb people who have absolutely nothing to do with you supposed product/service.

Does this crap really work anymore? Do people really respond to this or did you get suckered by some consultant or marketing software outfit who told you that indiscriminate spam was a good idea?



Romita Verma, please stop sending me irrelevant spam that has absolutely zero to do with anything on which I might actually work.

In this day and age, you've gotta be able to do a bit better than blind, carpet-bombing on purchased lists... try to stalk a little...

Real Appeal

Real Appeal


It is disturbing that in some way, my insurance company is paying for me to access this "service". Seemed like an interesting concept to try... then I signed up and downloaded the app... Holy crap. It's like 5 years behind the worst of the free fitness apps on the market. The browser version sucks even worse (unable to attend the sessions).

Then the crown jewel... they make it so easy to sign-up... they even validate your insurance on the fly... but you can't cancel online. You send an email to support and they tell call them.

While they're certainly not unique in this scummy practice, it doesn't make it OK.



Yeah, Marcus Bacher, I definitely want to accept a stranger's recommendation for a resource for whom I have no use (since I'm not actually in a business that would use such a role). Sure. That's how networking works, right?

This kind of indiscriminate spamming does a disservice to those poor suckers who think you'll actually help them get a job. Sad.



Yeah, sure, Elizabeth Durkin <>, I most definitely want to attend want to attend your webinar about IRC 409A so I can make sure I'm able to navigate the complex world of non-qualified compensation... WTF?

If buy me off LinkedIn, I'm sure there's some filters that might suggest that my profession might have something remotely to do with what you're offering. Maybe like spend a few minutes to examine the names on your list and see if your targets make any sense whatsoever?

Seriously. Does this primitive, shotgun style crap actually work?



The first spam came under the banner of "Haley Doutrich". The second, a month later, came under the name "Rob Sinclair". Both contained the same, weakly-canned prose that supposed "digital marketers" seem to believe will somehow fool people into believing that mail-merged spam is somehow a personal note. Sad... but more so, annoying.

Gonna go ahead and guess these are either fictional senders, and I just got sucked into some half-ass notion of an automated, targeted marketing journey, or perhaps this wannabe start-up equipped it's salespeople with some technical so they can designate linkedin profiles as "targets"...

Of course, they seem to have cheaped out on the opt-out portion (or just suffer gross incompetence) - as my prior opt-out was clearly ignored by the company or, in a stroke of galactic stupidity, they've implemented opt-outs on a salesperson by salesperson basis (I guess "Haley" never tried again).

A cursory read of my LI profile (which is, of course, where they claim they found me) would suggest that I am a non-target, but this type of cheap, annoying spam ensures that even if I was, I wouldn't even fathom the thought of doing business with a company that can't be bothered to implement an opt-out for their spam... and now, I'll go out of my way to make sure those I know who are appropriate decision makers in this area, don't consider these people.



Unsolicited, utterly irrelevant spam newsletter... when you click to unsubscribe, Google warns you off their site (sign of a legit business... NOT). Seems like the primordial soup that still resort to indiscriminate spam tactics is scraping more and more bottom each day.



Vijay Sawant is confirming our meeting for next week... sweet. Can't wait to see you Vijay to talk about something totally irrelevant to me. Let's meet up at the ninth hole at nine PM, OK?

What better way to ensure that I file your organization's name in the "never-consider-doing-business-with-people-who-think-click-bait-subject-line-is-good-way-to-get-professional-leads". Unsophisticated, indiscriminate email spam is just such an outmoded approach.

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