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Too broke to sue, but I'll be there if you really care :)

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I'm awake. I stand for integrity, freedom & unity VS fake equality via global dictatorship. PS We already won; dark age leadership is exposed and crumbling. Use CNN as a barometer!


1. Watching corruption expose itself 2. Yuri Bezmenov's 13 min. Warning to America on Youtube

14 Reviews by Turk

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Inventor of Kelloggs Corn Flakes to prevent his patients from masterbating (can't make this stuff up) and big advocate of enemas. Yummy in my bummy!

Like Amazon and Starbucks, Kelloggs knows bathroom breaks cost money. So much to talk about from employees urinating into your breakfast, on the production line, to GMO and paint thinner (trisodium phosphate) ingredients and of course their hard Communist, left stance against America, Patriots and the US Constitution.

Kelloggs is banking on the Communist NWO formula for cheap labor and fewer human rights, along the lines of China's competative labour advantages for competing globally. They betrayed you and I for global competativeness and more money. Don't feed the beast; it's dark and insatiable!

Kelloggs Frosted Flakes®
Kelloggs® Nutri-Grain®
Rice Krispies®
Frosted Mini-Wheats®
Cocoa Krispies
Morningstar Farms
Famous Amos
Kelloggs Corn Flakes®
Kelloggs Honey Smacks® cereal
Corn Pops®
Mothers Cookies
Keebler Company
Smart Start®
Froot Loops
Kelloggs Raisin Bran®
Low Fat Granola
Fruit Flavored Snacks
Apple Jacks®
Cracklin Oat Bran®
Smart Start®
Kelloggs Raisin Bran®
Apple Jacks®

Do you really think freedom is a good price to pay for cheap quality GMO gruel? If so, watch this 13 min interview:
No true American or Canadian would throw their war vets overboard for cheap labor profts and NWO Communism.

THE ONLY REASON Starbucks has the opportunity to set up their Commie Coffee shops is because real Americans fought and died for the US Consitution to ensure our children would live better lives.

Starbucks, Like Amazon and Kelloggs, understands that bathroom breaks are time and time is money - they cut into profits. As we are finding out, handwashing is just a luxury when your on the NWO clock. It's a waste of slave labor. Remember the bloody finger?

Do you really think freedom is a good price to pay for Starbucks Communist NWO swill? If so, watch this 13 min interview:
You don't need another Google review. You need alternative tools so your grandkids don't wind up looking like an AI NWO slave.

Private search -
Open source OS - Linux Mint
Dump Chrome - Use Duckduckgo or maybe Fire Fox
Dump big tech (FB, Twit, Instagram, Google, Windows, Apple, Amazon)
Use blockchain, torrent and open source tech
Everything is going blockchain (the people hold and share the data)

Turn off GPS
Disable all Google background apps
Use a mic block app
Use a No Root permission app - or root with trusted process
Use a permission manager to remove app permissions
Use a clipboard (copy/paste) eraser
Use tape over front camera
Uninstall Facebook type spyware, run away and never look back

Think about freeing yourself from 24 hour connections
Leave the phone home
Get independant from the grid
Stop shopping for your next yard sale
Use and trade used things - it's a lot of fun
Do not support the NWO - stay free - NWO is not about equality or freedom

Watch this ex KGB defector 13 min interview and warning about brainwashed, well intensioned, but very dangerous socialist educated generation of Millennials:
No true American or Canadian would throw their war vets overboard for cheap labour profts and NWO Communism. Disgusting.

THE ONLY REASON Starbucks has the opportunity to set up their Commie Coffee shops is because real Americans fought and died for the US Consitution to ensure our children would live better lives.

If you can't stand up for the freedom of your children and grandchildren, then you should read up on reincarnation because evidence is overwhelming that you are those kids. You will be imprisoned in the nightmare you think isn't of immediate concern.

Do you really think freedom is a good price to pay for Starbucks Communist NWO swill? If so, watch this 13 min interview:
CBC... exposed, dying, fake news, communist propaganda, publically funded through the double-speak, man-splaining, Orwellian, Trudeau government.

CBC is helping Trudeau implement his Wile E Coyote, "ACME Communism Kit" on Canadians. Kit includes: ideological subversion, brainwash, demoralization and a bucket full of propaganda for an entire generation of Millennials.

Millennials... don't be offended... Please see the 13 min Youtube interview, with ex KGB defector to Canada, "Yuri Bezmenov's Warning to America" for incredible exposure and details about your brainwashing and recovery process.

CBC is finished. No need to kick the carcass! Just be nice and walk/scroll on by to a real news source. The thumb down buttons are mostly worn out and broken on CBC Youtube channels. The CBC National was smart and used preventative maintenance by dismantling their thumb down buttons and unruly comment sections (100% of them).... Note to self: blocking comments is a "Red" flag!

Thanks for exposing yourselves CBC. We'll be sure to fix that government funding misjudgement ASAP, so you can report real news again... No more government interference - How exciting... Excited?

Now... Who's gonna donate the basement? Any rich moms out there? Call CBC... they're going to need a basement, a GoPro helmet and a laptop or just a smart phone so they're geared up to report real news again! Hopefully we can donate some of that publically funded news equipment that CBC won't need, to some real journalists or aspiring, unbrainwashed young go-getters.
Totally exposed and dying, communist, propaganda, fake news network that for the love of God, must be funded by deep NWO pockets.

Do not even click on a CNN link until you see it stop twitching. If there were a red-tailed devil, it's a short, bald, angry communist with short-man syndrome that runs Fake News CNN into the ground, stomping on the United States Constitution in an effort to subvert the American way of life and everything it stands for ---- freedom.

Be informed; watch this 13 min interview:
Twitter is at war with America. I never joined Twitter or their new competator, Gab, but I can say the level of censorship against America and the United States Constitution is going to turn Twitter into a bad memory in this exposed and spectacular failing communist NWO take-over. Right, Fake News CNN?

Nice beard Twitter commie dude! What a brainwashed millenial, Twitter freak. You need to watch the very spectacular, 13 min interview with defector to Canada, ex KGB Soviet operative, "Yuri Bezmenov's Warning to America" on Youtube...

Hey beard Duuude.... You're selling the children of the world into a global dictatorship that will strip you and everyone else of all human rights when they're done puppeteering you for control.

Fortuneately we don't have to rely on you brainwashed millenials. You've been failing and getting exposed 100% of the time, for the last two years... That's why censorship is blantant - very desperate! You reading this "Fake News CNN"?
Dysfunctional social media for voyeurs and exhibitionists.

Facebook, you are so exposed that I don't think there is anything left to say. You are an echo chamber for communist propaganda. Kids hate you; that spells death.

Decentralized blockchain social media and torrent tech are replacing big tech monopolies re. search engine, wifi access, video sites, crypto currency etc . Big tech censored platforms are going bye bye. FB already pulled the trigger on itself - it's bleeding out now. Kids not using it - oh oh! Remember AOL, MySpace, Netscape and the ongoing Yahoo implosion? Block chain is the future and nobody can own it! Even telecommunications will lose their CARTEL status.

Are you a brainwashed, socialist, NWO, Millennial?
Ding ding ding... The Communist New World Order VS middle class America and United States Consitution.

Youtube/Google is a real display of communist censorship in this global political war against the last bastion of freedom that we call America.

The good news is the communist NWO is failing fast and hard, now. Corruption is throwing itself under the bus.

Be sure to watch 13 min Gulag Tube interview: Ex-KGB, Soviet defector to Canada, Yuri Bezmenov's Warning to America, explaining the NWO strategy underway. Be informed so you don't mix up equality and equal rights with divide, conquer and control.

I suggest Bit Chute, Dtube or Steemit. Either way, blockchain and torrent technology decentralizes control from elite manipulation via Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Blockchain will also replace Amazon, behemoth, Dr Death style business models and the monoply Google search engine. Watch for it and support it.

Start Breaking Free!
Operating system - Linux Mint (like windows), free, safe, lots of open source software.
Search engine - for an amazing private search engine, 2nd to none.
Phone - I use Text Now for a free phone and phone number.
Phone Firewall - Kill/disable all Google apps. Use a "no root" app to block spy apps.
Phone privacy - Google loves to listen: use a mic block app. Turn off GPS.
Save time and stress - Dump smart phone, which I will be doing shortly.
Social network - get a real life or use blockchain
Video - I like Bit Chute

We can't afford to support companies that are out of integrity anymore.
Just incredible to see "official" science coming from government organizations. Unlike NOAA, I actually did study environmental science and then went to university to get my Environmental Science degree, where not one student read a single book about the science behind earth's climate. In fact, endless propaganda videos and brainwashing, anti-capitolism books were pumped into the soft heads of unsuspecting students. Carbon tax solidifies the future of oil (waaaaaay too much revenue to let green energy get in the way, or oceans would be lined with paddle wheels). That propaganda tax funds the unelected United Nations, New World Order government and the IPCC climate propaganda machine (IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which have no scientists; just more policy makers... So what we really have here is a consensus of NWO policy makers hired to push the same NWO agenda. The real scientists, 30,000 of them, petitioned the White House, with no effect. The MSM fake new ignored them.

The trillionare families have brainwashed a generation of millenials. Watch this 13 min interview, by a very prominant Soviet defector to Canada, "ex KGB Yuri Bezmenov's Warning to America". Maybe I can link to it:

FYI you NOAA sellouts are selling the future of your kids to the gulags... Are you aware of this? Are you that ignorant? The truth is coming out about this very real, little ice age that Earth is experiencing now. C02 is plant food... Longer climate cycles are directly related to the sun - Whodathunk!

CARTEL BY DEFINITION: A cartel is a group of apparently independent producers whose goal is to increase their collective profits by means of price fixing, limiting supply, or other restrictive practices. Cartels typically control selling prices, but some are organized to control the prices of purchased inputs. Antitrust laws attempt to deter or forbid cartels. A single entity that holds a monopoly by this definition cannot be a cartel, though it may be guilty of abusing said monopoly in other ways. Cartels usually occur in oligopolies, where there are a small number of sellers and usually involve homogeneous products. Bid rigging is a special type of cartel.

Tip for consumers: Use VOIP, Skype, Free phone app (with real free phone number), free Text Now app (with free number), Vonage, movie apps, anything else to put this corruption to bed! Bell is a disgusting company with THE highest prices in the world because they are a Cartel in Canada. Canadians should class action sue them for price fixing.

Netflix is 1000% over for me - You don't nuzzle up to the enemy and promote them (ie Obama, Letterman, most of Hollywood) in the middle of a civil war and get my support ever again.

This media streaming is all going to go blockchain and torrent, anyway. Hollywood is a gross display of self-importance, ideological subversion, brainwashing and ignorance.

The vast vast majority of actors, actresses, directors and industry leveraged critics are disconnected from humanity and today's reality. They are overpaid, under informed and brainwashed to support global communism. Just mind blowing to see who these people really are. Yeuch!

Uncensored blockchain and torrent technology, with videos of real people, real talent, good news, fair play and integrity will put this nightmare group of elite "entertainment propaganda" into the grave of what will be rememberd as Earth's Dark Ages. How's that for a legacy!

There are all kinds of options for free tv and movies online - lots of free comparable apps too. Tubi and Crackle and a plethora of other apps are out there for free movies/tv.
Look at this Amazon URL "". Warning - Amazon won't allow backing out - have to close the tab.

I don't do business with people or companies who abuse others for profit. I look forward to Bezo's downward spiral as the world pushes back on these dark age companies. Slave supply chain. Dr Doom mentality. Owns Anti-Trump Washington Post communist propaganda paper. Hates middle class America. Employees wear electronic efficiency collars. No time for bathroom breaks (not kidding). Takes pics of your home. Hardcore spyware in all Amazon electronics, from kiddie cameras to tablets. Employees pooping on lawns between deliveries (still not kidding). Employees over worked, falling asleep on their feet. US post subsidized by tax payers and leveraged by Bezos who was outed by US gov, so now he will vertically integrate right from Chinese slave shops to inside your house with Amazon controlled, electronic locks that Amazon wants to give you a great deal to install.

Sooooo. China's trade war with the world, to control global manufacturing, fills around 95% of Walmarts, Targets, Canadian Tires etc. and their decades long strategy that killed our manufacturing sectors are: zero human rights, communism, slave labour, subsidized shipping/post, devalued currency, low quality ingredients and political leveraging in America to tear the foundation of America apart with cheap imports... There was a meeting that some very powerful UN minds had around 1950 that went something like this. One day somebody is going to own the world; it better be us. The "us" are now the trillionares of today. The only thing standing in the way of their total control is the United States Constitution and middle class America. Amazon is a very real and dangerous enemy of humanity that is undermining the US economy with an almost trillion dollar company that floods america with affordable garbage.
I tried to move my spiritual teachings videos from Youtube because Youtube is out of integrity; well Google and Alphabet and many of the big tech companies are out of integrity with political censorship. Vimeo sent me an email saying my videos are spam and they blocked all of them. I deleted them and closed the account. Far from spam, they taught spirituality. There was nothing being sold or advertised. Anyway, I'm off to Bit Chute and Steemit. Blockchain is the future platform anyway. I don't think humanity can afford to leave so much power in the hands of corprorations anymore.

Are you a brainwashed, socialist-communist, NWO Millennial?

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