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Todd Hicks blogs on job interview preparation, cooking and travel, respectively.

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I know a lot about survey sites and other sites that pay you to run ads or do other things online. My reviews are fair and thorough.


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It's hard to get them to accept your articles and even if you try to follow their guidelines and write a good article, they will stop accepting articles from you once they reject you three times for any reason.


Hubspot sends newsletters that teach you much about marketing and making your website better plus you can comment at the end of their articles with your URL hyperlinked within your first name, giving you exposure and more traffic.


Although you can consistently accrue impressions with them, their pop-under ads will pop up covering your entire website/blog when you or visitors click your site map or navigation bar, making it so that once you or visitors close out that pop-up ad, you will have to click the bar again to go to your other pages - it doesn't matter if you arrange for the ads to not produce pop layers. Also, the menus in the CPM Oz member account dashboard are usually written in tiny font, making it so that I had to squint to read my reports.


Every few months or more, they send me a survey packet to complete and immediately pay me five bucks for it.


Until about a year ago, Ad Paid used to be pretty good. Although the site owner frequently sends newsletters, it's obvious he has not done maintenance on the site after upgrading it in November. Now, new ads are rarely offered, if you click a social media button to share the site, you won't get credit for it, if you click "Forum", you will return to the home page, if you try to take a survey, you will get a message saying no surveys are available and I completed offers in November that are still pending. You will waste time by joining.


Pop Ads has earnings potential as a pop-under ad network and it has safe ads but I wish it was more consistent in generating impressions. That being said, it can be one of the best pop-under ad networks out there.


I recommend this site because it's quick and easy to view their ads and make the 25 bucks needed to cash out. The drawbacks are that it's not as great as it used to be and once you reach the 25-dollar level, you will get paid 45 days after the last day of that month.


They are reliable, frequently send survey invitations, give you five points for many surveys you don't qualify for and pay you within a few weeks of your payout request by PayPal. The drawbacks are that you may not qualify for some of the surveys and it can take at least four months to reach the 1530 point level and get paid 15 bucks; the best part is you can get up to 175 points for each diary survey you complete (several offered each year) and you get 750 points for completing at least 5 of the 7 diary surveys by the end of the year.


For starters, you only need to accumulate 1 dollar in your account to cash out and you should always quickly receive your payout as a direct deposit in your bank account. Mturk offers many tasks, or HITs that you can qualify for and complete relatively quickly. Many of the tasks pay well and almost all of the requesters for the tasks are honest and will pay you for your task completion.

However, the fraud rate seems to be creeping up; whereas the rate for not getting conned out of getting paid for completing surveys was close to 100 %, the rate has gone down to about 90 % for me. Although it's unfortunate for this to ever happen, I find Mturk to probably be the best money-paying site for survey takers and task participants dollar for dollar. Finally, you'll generally receive a secret code to put into the completion code box in the original Mechanical Turk tab/window you began taking a survey HIT from upon completing a survey; my advice to you is this: once you see your special code, step away from your device for a few seconds so you don't somehow get in such a hurry that you click the "Next" button or close out this tab/window before you can copy and paste your code into the completion code field in the other tab/window and thus get paid for your hard work.


It's obvious they no longer value me as a member, they have ceased sending me survey invitations and I just cashed out the remaining 50 points worth 5 bucks I had by donating it to Red Cross, especially because it would have been hard to get anything worthwhile from Amazon with a gift card for that amount of money. After completing my last survey with them yesterday, a profile survey at that, I got a message saying my account was now deactivated and that I was no longer a fit for the OO community due to speeding through the surveys or being untruthful - I take exception to that because I always take surveys with great care; furthermore, I was just making changes to my profile based on having different circumstances now. Finally, they just revealed in their new policies that instead of still being able to get paid through PayPal once you have 100 points (worth 10 dollars) in your account, you must wait until you have $50 in your account to cash out.


They are reliable and let you make money through taking surveys and completing offers. They would be great if it did not often take half a year or more to reach the $30 payout level and they did not only let you get paid by check - on the bright side, you can get your checks within a week by paying ten bucks for a lifetime gold membership.


They are reliable, offer quick surveys, let you request a check once you accumulate one buck and sometimes pay five or more bucks for a survey. Also, you can get more money from taking surveys by installing their Savvy Connector, a safe plug-in. Thank goodness that it now takes them just a week or less to issue you a check after you request your payment. In closing, it would help if they let you cash out through PayPal and get paid instantly.

Tip for consumers:
Be patient, as their surveys rarely take long.

Products used:
Survey Savvy's surveys


As a blogger and webmaster, I used H12 Media to run ads on my sites for monetization purposes. When I began using them a few years ago, they showed promise: they would provide you multiple ad formats and we publishers were likely to have high ad-fill rates on our sites. It wasn't hard to get your sites approved, and they dropped the minimum 25-dollar threshold for payment eligibility to 5 dollars.

Alas, this company has changed for the worst. As of recently their site was down and they weren't providing ads for many months. More importantly, they made it so you have to have a. Txt file in order for your sites to be approved and thus earn ad revenue. After I told them through their chat support I don't know how to create this file, they simply ignored me.

Products used:
I used ads H12 Media offers.


Springboard America provides surveys that generally won't take more than a few minutes to finish and even I qualify for many of their surveys. Also, you should relatively quickly reach the $50 payout level. Finally, they recently changed the payment system to PayPal, enabling you to quickly get your payment.


I signed up with this site a few months ago because I thought it was cool. The surveys are quick and you can quickly accumulate the required 2500 points to get a reward. Once I arrived at that level and requested a payout, I received a message saying I was being referred to a member site and that my reward would arrive in about a week. It's been over a month and have not heard back from them. Also, others say the rewards are worthless.


Although CPX24 has or used to have potential to consistently provide ads and pay well, many of their ads produce malware ads or ads that pop up and cover your entire website.


Lycos has a system that makes it easy to read and delete emails plus I was able to sign up to become a member for free. However, they changed it so that new members would have to pay a fee. This is now my secondary email account.


The only good thing I can say about it is that you can reap a good sum. If you make a cumulative amount of errors over time, your account will be suspended or banned. Sometimes the system will give you an error and warning even if you actually did the captcha the way it was supposed to be typed in. The system just brought up a mistake that was falsely given to me a while ago and suspended my account for 20 minutes. I was a good worker and mainly made mistakes as a beginner. I refuse to continue using this system and eventually get a long suspension or a permanent ban through no fault of my own.

Denys S. – 2captcha Rep

A few mistakes won't get your account banned. But it is true that account will get a temporary block for work if there was a lot of mistakes in a row.
I you feel that something is wrong with our error-recognition system, please feel free to request help from our support team through ticket-system:
Best regards, team.


Logiptc doesn't have nearly as much ads to view on a given day as they used to. Another disadvantage is that it sometimes takes a few weeks to get your payment instead of a few days. Finally, their timing mechanism for recording whether you've stayed on the landing page you're taken to upon clicking on an ad for at least ten seconds is faulty - you can be careful about this and just know you've taken awhile to close out the new browser but still get a warning sometimes. I just accumulated my fourth warning despite being careful and refuse to continue being a member in which I get an unnecessary fifth warning and be banned.


Able 2 Know has suspended my account for a month for "spam". Baloney. All I did was answer questions posted. I didn't advertise or link to my sites in the posts and I did not engage in necroposting, or pulling up old posts that aren't on page one. After using the contact us submission form, I got a message asking for my username. After I wrote back revealing it, I got a reply saying to see my message from support on their site. I just tried to log in but got the same suspension message.

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