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I looked at this website as a way to get ideas for an apartment that's less than 300 square feet. Unfortunately it doesn't help so much with that - rather it's about making over apartments - turning nice ones into NoICE ones (not sure how to spell that the way I'm saying it). Still pretty addicting and small ideas can be taken from it here and there...


Ever since I was young I spent much time making lists - qualities I want in a man, magazines I want to subscribe to, types of oatmeal I'll eat, animals that should fly, annoying things (my longest, still running list), etc. These lists were often written and then discarded - they served no purpose whatsoever. But I enjoyed making them, and to this day it excites me to meet people who share the same interest in making useless lists of things that are of no importance at all.

Well now someone has gone and made a whole website out of this idea. ListGeeks brings together like-minded individuals, what seems like a whole lotta hipsters, who are wasting a whole lotta time making lists. While the idea interests me, I'm curious to see where this website will go and how the developers will continue to engage me.
The Outnet

The Outnet

I'm not a Christian Louboutin kind of girl but I thought I'd write this review to let it be known that, according to the Louboutin people, this is the only authorized site that can sell Christian Louboutin shoes at outlet prices. In taking a look at the site (and it has other designers also), I was pleasantly surprised by the prices - though still out of my league, they weren't too far off from the prices of Chinese replica sites that will scam the crap out of you. However, the thing is that it is indeed an outlet center, meaning that you might not find items in your size, but if you check often enough, I'm sure you could find some pretty good deals.


Shop Style is a site that pools together clothes from a ton of other sites so that you can more easily find what you're looking for by the style or type of clothing item. Recently I've had rompers on my mind (though I've been asked by several folks why I would want to wear a onesie in public - I think it's pretty cute, if I do say so myself!). So I hopped onto Shop Style just to see what kinds of rompers are available across stores, and sure enough, plenty came up. More than I could deal with, but at least I know now where to go to obtain one should I choose to becoming an infant again.


As I prepare for my second stint as a doctoral student in the Fall, I realize that life is now easier for students with sites like EasyBib. According to my friend Judy, who told me about this, EasyBib compiles your bibliographies and citations for you. Having spent now too many years in school, I cannot tell you the number of hours I've spent formatting for APA and compiling my bibliographies - particularly when I've got several dozen up to a hundred or so sources. Not to mention how many times I've nearly gone crazy. I'm a fan of paying for convenience - and if I can relieve the stress of the bibliography, I might just employ these guys soon.


My friend Judy introduced me to this website tonight, and it was basically love at first sight. The idea is that you have your own virtual pinboard (or corkboard) and, with the Pinterest application, can pin any picture to your board that you please. The board goes on forever, for as much space as you need. You can have different boards for different interests. Your friends/strangers can repin the image, comment and like whatever you pin. You can peruse strangers' pinboards and find cute new outfits or exciting ideas for hobbies or your home. The site is by invitation only, and apparently it takes time to be invited -- I find that a bit heavy-handed, but it won't stop me from jumping up and down when I get my invite...


Per fellow SJ user Alex P.'s recommendation, I started perusing and now have it as a daily part of my everyday 'must-check', just as I do with the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee and James Franco's Tumblr (that one's for you, Alex!). Lookbook is a user-generated fashion website full of striving fashionistas who want to show off their hipster looks to the world. There are probably a hundred or more submissions a day - I can't get through them all in one sitting is for sure, and you can "hype" (vote) for favorite looks and follow certain fashionistas.

Unlike the Sartorialist, can feel a little 'young' at times - nevermind the fact that most of the people with their photos up are between the ages of 14 and 26 (I surpassed that range long ago). However, I find the design of the website pretty brilliant - you never have to click on any "Next page" button. You just scroll and scroll to your heart's desire. Most of the outfits I find to be misses, but the thought that the next one may be hot is what keeps me going...


I just got an email from Amazon about this site, that Sarah also reviewed. Oh goodness gracious, yet another one of these designer brands for discounted prices sites - this one might blow Gilt, HauteLook, ideeli, Rue La La out of the water as it's owned by the all-powerful, all-wonderful Amazon (yeah, I said it - a corporation is wonderful - dude, I got Jane Eyre for free the other day, within seconds, through these guys). I took a little looksy though I couldn't possibly afford the goods even at discounted prices, and there were some major winners. It's tempting not to place an order just to see if I can upgrade my cool rating to love. If anyone tries this site, please do tell!!


I've always wanted to be a sporty girl, and one year, I decided I would start hiking. That lasted for a month. In the meantime, though, I got some sweet gear from, including the cutest ski pants with suspenders (when I decided I would be a skier, and that lasted for 1 day). Though I only run now, I still feel nostalgic for the days of hiking and skiing when I hear those three letters R-E-I.


4/30/11 - what more can I say about it that hasn't been said already? I've been buying items from Amazon since 2003 and have never, not once, had a negative experience. I realize that now, with the various sellers, there's some more risk, but I tend to avoid those and go straight for the items sold by Amazon. And now that I own a Kindle.


For our school's needs, I used to order things off of and have them shipped to us in Guatemala. Thank god, Office Depot does well with letting you know what's in or out of stock so things don't get delayed or shipped separately, creating more trouble for us with our shipping company.

being at home with my poetry books makes me swoon constantly. i've been reading poetry again nightly (e.e. cummings, charles bukowski, emily $#*!inson, jack gilbert, leonard cohen, etc.) and when i hit on something lovely that i want to share with someone else, i use poemhunter to find the poem in copy and paste form. most of the time it's fine, but once in a while, you hit the search button and get a spammy pop-up telling you've just won an ipad. leave me to read langston hughes in peace, man!

poetry is one of those things i'm not sure i could do in kindle form just yet, and on the computer it's even worse. however, i might read more poetry online if sites like poemhunter were a little more aesthetically pleasing and less sneaky-spammy.

Even in my 20s, I liked Ann Taylor's clean, kind of older looking style. I often shopped there for work clothes, cute loose flowy tops and light cardigans. It seems like the quality of the clothes have gone significantly downhill in the last couple of years. My last order from went well, but the clothes themselves seemed to be more cheaply made and the fit wasn't quite right. The good news is that my mother doesn't seem to care as much as I did, so she was able to gain a couple of blouses for her wardrobe.


If you teach boys or know any boys at all, you'll need to familiarize yourself with legos. My students, from the youngest to the oldest, have always loved Legos, and as an educator, I see a ton of benefits in their use/play - development of: motor skills, creativity, motor and cognitive planning, visual spatial skills, etc. Not to mention the relationship skills involved - sharing ideas and pieces, planning out the play with peers, etc.

The lego online store is pretty amazing -- a veritable wonderland for any boy or girl. I do think that I could find many of these sets elsewhere for cheaper (I've found a good many at places like TJ Maxx) but for the special, harder to find stuff, go here!
Best Buy

Best Buy

I recently purchased a couple things for my iPhone through Best Buy - I realize I could have just driven a few miles there but there's never a guarantee that the story will carry what I need. Purchasing through is easy, and I think the site is pretty well organized and easy to navigate.


I have had relatively few problems with my AT&T service, despite all the negative things I've heard about it. I have, however, had issues with the AT&T website, which seems to be a bit moody in wanting to accept my password sometimes and other times not.


I've ordered a couple of children's books through B&N's website and had them delivered to the recipients. Didn't run into any problems. I only wish Barnes & Noble would update their website look though it could be my being accustomed to Amazon's cleaner look.


A few months ago I ordered for my parents a Nespresso Citiz machine from Williams Sonoma. It was all easy, and when I had a question about the machine, the customer service folks were great in responding. I do enjoy perusing the website for slick-looking kitchen gadgets that I'll never be able to afford.
Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

I've had a mixed experience with but I'm quite sure it was due to my challenges with volume and measurement. I ordered a clock at the website, and when it arrived, it was TINY. Needless to say, I was annoyed, but my parents found good use for it on their piano. I have purchased some Egyptian high thread count cotton sheets from there that were quite nice.
Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market

I used to wonder who shopped at Cost Plus World Market. It sounded like a cheesy faux international fair.... until I actually ventured inside of one and ended up leaving with some large vines and branches for my apartment. The website has most of what's in the store but doesn't quite capture the feeling of being inside the store. Think a cheaper pottery barn type place.

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