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This is my humble opinion and observation in the seven weeks I was there using my First Amendment Rights.
No training whatsoever. No videos and no reading material.
Several times in the morning when I needed to ask a question I would go to office and on her desk would be a bottle of wine that was 3/4s empty.

Also, one time she wanted me to take over four-thousand eyeliner pencils and place twenty of them in each of these long baggies. This took me two hours mainly because I had to sort out the defective eyeliners and then rummage through the mess and forest of warped boxes placed on a dirty carpet to replace the bad ones. As she yelled at me she told me that this assignment should have taken just 50 minutes. The next day I quit.
It is a horrible place that has high turnover.

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The new battery I bought died! Don't shop here at this place unless you want waste some money on some nasty people!

The one at 9100 N Central Expy, Dallas, Tx is rude!
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They may know what they are doing but they are rude!
The white guy with the beard first didn't even make simple
Eye contact with me then, when I didn't understand a question he was asking about the cell phone battery I was buying he got mad and then he asked the question again in an angry tone. When I told him that I am deaf in one ear and that I was sorry that I didn't hear him he didn't bother to apologize. Tech people may smart about technology but they have no people skills.


Thought by these great reviews they would be great, but I was so disappointed by the shabby work. There were these white streaks on my windows that hadn't been their before.


I was living there a while ago had to leave because, it became a freakin' war zone! Also, their is always loud Rap or Tejano music at night that is so loud that it will rattle the windows of your apartment. You spray and you spray but you still get fire ants in your place despite being on the second floor. July Fourth, May fifth, and New Year's Eve expect gun shots. You will hear people having sex and conversations through the walls and floors. Also, the managers that they generally hire are arrogant, useless people who don't care about service or your general welfare. They treat the customer, you know the renter that works hard for there money like they were white trash. Lastly, if really want to live there, don't have a nice car and you need legally obtain a gun and learn how to use it. Criminals like to throw a cinder block through your patios doors so they can loot your place and then use one of your sheets off your bed to carry the belongings that they stole. Good luck, happy apartment hunting.


Generally, I have a strong constitution when it comes to food and drink. See, I have been in countries where the laws and conditions of food preparation and storage is very much a "free for all,".
Before I tell you of my recent bout of food poisoning there was one time in a little city in the Yucatan where a bowl of fruit that I ordered at a café really made me very sick. Live and learn.
Well anyway a while back at this retail place I was working at, to show his appreciation, my boss who is a pretty-nice guy treated to me and my fellow employees to a BBQ dinner.
During the day, two people, a husband and wife came to the store and started bringing in food. The meat foods consisted of sausage, smoked-chicken and brisket. The vegetable dishes consisted of baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. They as also had some rolls which were pretty good.
I didn't eat the brisket because it looked rather desiccated. So, then I decided I would have the sliced sausage instead. After eating a couple of slices of the sausage I found that it was bland and had no spice to it which was a first for me. Next, I decided that if I just put some BBQ sauce on the sausage that would pep it up, but it didn't. The sauce was runny and tasted like some had taken some good BBQ sauce and mixed it with a great deal of ketchup. In short, the BBQ sauce didn't have any bite to it.
I'm not much of a coleslaw person and I don't like baked beans because they are too sweet for me, I'm more of a pinto bean with onions type of guy. So, I decided to try the potato salad and smoked chicken. The chicken (without the BBQ sauce) was pretty good, but as for the potato salad well, that's another matter.
After about two bites of the potato salad, I detected with my nose that it had really, really gone off. In retrospect I knew that by the first bite it was very past its date of consumption, but like all of us sometimes I chose the road of denial.
When one of my fellow employees saw the sour look on my face, out of concern they came up to me and ask me what was wrong. I then told this fellow employee that the potato salad was off and that I was going to tell the guy that owned this catering company about the dangerous food. In an emphatic manner this fellow coworker told me that our boss and the man who owned the catering company were very good friends. The fellow employee told me not to go up to the owner of the catering company for he was not a very nice man and would go ballistic if I made my concern about the potato salad known.
Having a hard time believing what my fellow employee had just told me about this individual, I decided to get a feel for this person who owned the catering company. So, with a nice smile I went up to him and said:
"Hi, my name is --------. How are you?"
The owner who is a corpulent old man, without a smile or barely any eye contact replied, "I'm okay."
I then said, "That is a cool handle bar moustache you have."
Once again, with no smile or barely any eye contact he replied, "Yeah, okay."
With another smile I then asked, "So, how long have you been in business?"
Again, with barely any eye contact or a smile, (which is a kryptonite in the world of business), he said with a slight sneer, "For a while."
When I then said that it had been a pleasure to meet him. He then turned his back on me without saying any polite departing words like a normal person would do.

Hours later, I started to feel some of the symptoms of food poisoning.

I had a great pain in my abdominal area and a fever.
I had chills, I was sweating a lot and I was very weak.

To prevent myself from having to endure this ordeal I went to the toilet got down on my knees, stuck my finger to the back of my throat and quickly I induced vomiting. Next, I took about three pills of a wide-spectrum of antibiotics I had in my medicine cabinet. I then drank a clear soda and sat down on the sofa in my living room and rode out the horrible tribulations of my food poisoning. Twelve hours later I went to bed and slept for a several hours. Two days later my body started to feel normal again.
From my early years working as a waiter in two different restaurants, I learned a great deal about the safe preparation of food and the proper storage of food. That's because the health department of the city of Mesquite, Texas made us take a class for it, which was a darn good idea.
I learned from these smart people that foods that require refrigeration should be stored no higher than forty-one degrees. The potato salad I ate felt like it had a temperature of about 60 to 62 degrees. The temperature range between about 43 to about 135 degrees is very dangerous.
My advice to you if you chose to you use this catering company is to stick to the smoked chicken and rolls.
Lastly, there are so many catering companies that have a similar name to the one I'm talking about. So, to help out, the one I am talking about is found at a residential Garland address.


There are some very good people that work there that are open minded, kind hearted and do amazing work. I thought that Miss B who is a manager in one of the nearby buildings, There were two men who are in materials and a male nurse that were just awesome people. They were very kind to me. Also, I like the diversity that the Baylor at Gaston has. Also, the food and parties on the lawn at different parts of the year was great and fun.
But there is a dark and may I say a sinister corner at this great hospital that needs to be addressed.
I worked there in supply chain at the Jane and Jack Heart place. If you work there make sure that you don't tell them that your gay, transgender or intersex. There is a white woman in her sixties with long brown hair who is a manager. I will call her KT. KT believes that all things concerning sexuality are black and white and science will never trump a certain sacred popular book, despite over a decade of tested proof from America and 20 different countries like Sweden and the UK. And she is allowed to talk about her religious narrow minded views at work with no consequences. I'm so glad I'm not there, I don't have to hear her talk about how some people are going to hell.
I have no plans to do anything about my time there in the future, for this is the past and my life is going very well now. But I have told my experiences of working at Baylor to various gay, transgender and lesbian groups in the DFW area about KT.
But you know, it's not if your are going to be sued one day, it's only a matter of time has to when it will happen. All you need is a person with a recorder, who is a hot head. Good luck folks.


I'm entitled to my First Amendment Rights Landmark!
You generally get invited to go to someone's "graduation" who is a friend, coworker or relative. The course takes three-twelve hour days but there is a graduation. RED FLAG! Also, you are not allow to take notes which is another, RED FLAG!
The course cost about 500 dollars now and the person has been pressure to recruit you.
The true origins of landmark is 1971, San Francisco and it was called EST, even though they say it was founded in I believe in 1991.
They put you in a room with no windows and despite the fact that the room is large they cram the seats together. The tell you that you are a scam and "you are not being authentic". They get you tell your deepest, horrible and most embarrassing secrets to a room full of strangers. And they yell at you and say that it is all your fault even though you were a victim. If you argue with them they will scream at you and humiliate you until you coward down. They will also you the terms "That you aren't getting it!" and that "You have rackets!" That is their way of saying you are full of BS. They use a thing that cults use, "Neuro Linguistic Programing" in which the chant a saying over and over again that they want you to think is a good answer to you and to the people they want you to recruit. Example: Get it! You don't know what you don't know until you know it" Also, if you argue with then enough they will tell you that your life will fall apart if you leave them and they will tell you "That you are not coachable. If you let them run your life they will take thousands of dollars away from you make you a self centered jerk with no morals and make you dump your friends and family because they have concerns about this so called place that is selling a "special technology". Lastly if you get invited to one of these "graduations" and you ask the person who invited you what is it like to attend Landmark, they will be vague and say, "Well, you really have to go there your self and see it, because it's different for everyone." Also they will say things that they are "empowered" and they have "limitless possibilities". But they never really can't tell you what they really learned. They smile as they tell you gibberish. Strange, I know.

Also, if you give an opinion that they don't like on the internet they will get "plants"
To say that you are wrong and that they had a wonderful experience with Landmark and that it really helped them "see the world in a different way".

This place is what I call "spiritual cotton candy". It is pretty, taste good, gives you a wonderful rush... but in the end it provides you no substance to your soul that is dying.

Enlightenment should be free unless you are seeking professional help and hopefully you have insurance. Also, these "leaders" are not professional when it comes to the fields of psychology. Also, they make you sign a waiver to protect them from being sued in case you have a nervous breakdown.

Best of luck. And I wish you health and happiness.


I worked there and I got in trouble for not serving the rich white guy instead of the very nice African American who was there first before the rich white guy. I was raised to be a gentleman and to treat people equally. Also, the blonde assistant manager yelled at me in front of the customers. Not very professional.
And really why would anyone pay 2,700 dollars for a pair of glasses. I felt so guilty selling those glasses. For that price, the glasses need to magically get up in the morning and make me breakfast.


I got a blue suit that was 800 for 350 about a year ago and it has held up well. Also I have gotten some nice ties there. It is worth going there. They were such good quality that when I accidently washed one it wasn't ruined. Awesome.


In order to make a decent salary you have to work long hours like 55-60 hours a week and stalk customer via the phone and email.
I lost orders because the furniture didn't get made in the time period that the POS quoted which made me look like a liar to the angry customer that decided to cancel the order.
Also, the so call fabric called Durablend is like the Frankenstein Monster it's made of 17 percent of scraps of leather, some cotton and polyurethane (plastic). Doesn't that sound wonderful. And the regular "cloth" fabric they use is polyester.
They also try to sell you this furniture protection using fear tactics that is rubbish, because when something does happen to your furniture, they don't honor it.
The also have the LIST price and the SALE price on tags which is just rubbish as well.
I could have done well if I was willing to give up my life for this place and give up my morals as well
There is a reason why they have high turn over, the floor is flooded with desperate sales people.
Lastly the training is horrible and too complicated. And when you try to get a short to the point answer, you get a lecture and nothing but a lot of words that don't answer your simple question.

Lastly two days after I told my manager at the Plano, Tx store that I had
Schizophrenia that was well under control he suddenly fired me with no reason.

Do America a favor and go out of business.


I bought a phone on the tenth of September. I quickly learned that the phone didn't work.
I went to the Walmart store where I had purchased with the phone, charger, box and receipt the manager crained her neck at me and refuse to give me a refund. I will never shop at a Walmart again. Please shop at Costco or Target.

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