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12 Reviews by Tim

At the Lemmon avenue location in Dallas, Tx the food was pretty good, but I won't be going back. When I was drying off my hands after washing them and was just about to leave the restroom one of the waiters appeared from out of one of the bathroom stalls and just left without washing his hands. So gross!
One time I went to this place to see about getting a Santa Fe with my brother-in-law. My credit score like it is now is about 760. At the time they were doing the zero interest rate for people with decent credit. About forty minutes into the deal the salesperson said that my credit was "too good" and that he would have to put the extra amount of interest on the Santa Fe. Not showing my anger I lied and said that I understood why he needed to put the interest on the Santa Fe and then I sent him on a quest to see if he could get the manager to reduce the price of the Santa Fe a little. As soon as he was out of sight my brother-in-law and I left the dealership. So much for Christian values.
A while ago a friend of mine talked me into signing up to Turned out to be a very bad Idea.
Nothing but damaged people that just really wanted to hook up.
About two weeks before my one-year anniversary with this horrible site, I got very sick with the flu which required a hospital stay. You see, I have chronic asthma which makes having the flu a very dangerous situation. So anyway, when I got home, I discovered that without my knowledge they renewed my subscription which means they charged me 170.00. When I called them an explained what happened and told them that I would be glad to prove that was very sick the man on the phone in a rude and sarcastic way told me that it didn't matter if I was sick or not. When I politely pleaded with him some more, he quickly said goodbye and hung up on me.
In my humble opinion using my First Amendment Rights If I was you I would stay away from this "company", they have no compassion and no ethics.
A few years back I bought an oversized onesie for a special needs relative. When I called after one week past the time it was to be delivered they apologized and said that the order had fallen through the cracks and that they would rush the order, which was fine. One week later, when I received the garment to my surprise I saw that it had been sown in a way that made it look like a person created it with their eyes closed. When I complained and told them I had pictures of the faulty garment they still refused to take it back and give me a refund. In short, I wouldn't do any business with this company.
Exactly two years ago on the 30th of December I was fired from Wild Bill's Western Store in Downtown Dallas.
During my two months there I was told by one of the employees named Kyle that Bruce who was one of our managers was very homophobic. Two days before I was fired, I told Kyle that I was gay and then you know the rest. I have since secured a much better job.
My four complaints about my time working there:
1: The training is horrible and not standardize.
2: When Bruce and the other managers take Sunday off, the old brunette manager and the cashier gets drunk.
3. When they have corporate events at this store where people from a big company buy merchandise, even though we are selling products like boots, cowboy hats and belts, we don't get commission, which found very old and shady.
4. One time a lady came in with her little daughter, the lady said that she was going to come by again and buy some boots next weekend, but she was in a hurry today. Anyway, before she left, she asked me if I could take a picture of her daughter on the big saddle that was in front of the counter where the cowboy hats were steamed. After the mother put a hat on the girl and I was just about to take a couple of pictures, the lousy employee known as JLee yelled that I had placed the hat on her head. Even though it was not my fault, I tried to laugh it off as I apologized to this mean nasty employee that like to pick on me, but then she kept on yelling at me even though I had fixed the error.
Let me tell you something JLee, I heard the sounds that came out of your mouth that you dare call "singing" on the internet, and now I see why you need to keep your day job.
But the good new is that you could use your "singing" in the Midwest where farmers grow massive crops of wheat and corn. Yeah, instead of using scarecrows to drive off the crows, ravens and other birds that like to eat the farmer's crop they can just play you "singing" one of your "songs".
Lastly, if I was an American agent and it was my job to interrogate terrorist in order to save our great country from harm, I wouldn't use waterboarding to get information, I would use your horrible "singing"

P.S. Although this store has a great selection of western ware it is in a rather dangerous part of Downtown Dallas. Just checkout what happen in late June of this year. A man was stabbed to death near the address of 800 Pacific Ave. Please be careful. Happy New Year.
A long time ago I had the misfortune to worked for Gloria Anderson when you use to be called Roche. She was a rude, sarcastic person that like to humiliate people, especially gay people.
I was a courier and I was always thirty minute early for my shift, I dressed well, I was honest and I took my job seriously. She never liked me for some reason, but when she found out that I was gay, my lord things got worse.
One time her fellow gay hater in the office named Pat, decided to sabotage my courier work by hiding some test kits and the paperwork they came with that I was suppose to take to an office at Southwest Medical Center in Dallas. That night Gloria Anderson placed the paperwork in my basket with the other paperwork to make it looked like that I had missed it. So after she got a complaint from the medical office at the Southwest Medical Center in Dallas she then took me to her office and accused me of being incompetent and stupid. After yelling at me for several minutes she then wrote me up and told me I was on thin ice. Later that day I learned from a friend of mine in the office named Jan, that she had overheard Gloria Anderson and Pat hatch the sabotage plan up in Gloria's office.
With her vulgar remarks about gay people and her sabotaging my good reputation I decided to quit and get a better paying job that wasn't so stressful. Last I heard she was a branch manager at one of the LabCorp centers in Fort Worth. You have a horrible company LabCorp!
Before you shop there, go to these sites and see the horrible complaints! Please. Over 2,400 sad customers! Once again, hundreds and hundreds of angry customers!
Also, go to YouTube and watch the videos of people who have only had the furniture in their house for a short time. So sad.
The reason the salespeople so aggressively push you too get the protection plan, is that its almost how they make half of their pay check. Its not because they care.
This review was inspired by Manager Rodney Hatfield.
(My humble opinion), I worked there for almost a week at the Carrollton,Texas location until I realized that these people were very shady. Please use someone else.
Omni Hotels & Resorts
I worked there as a temp last year. I was a barback for the temporary taco and mix drinks stand outside The Owners Box. For three days I worked 13 hours straight shifts with only a twenty minute break. The arrogant and uncaring bartender, (Mitch) was horrible to me and two other temps. He didn't bother to ask us when all of us at different times fell on the slippery floor behind the taco stand if we were okay. He just didn't care. Also, he didn't even tip us a dollar for the great and prompt help that we all gave him during the long shifts. Was exploited.
This my experience with the Dallas branch. Too much paper work to sign on with company. No support. Unorganized. Constant turnover on all levels. Bad communication. Arrogant and uncaring managers. The pay is horrible and doesn't come to what was promised in interview.
I was there for a few years and my car was broken into three times. Despite being a clean person every spring and summer I had to battle roaches and swarms of fire ants. I actually put on a pair of jean one time and was stung eight times by the fire ants. The walls are so thin that you can hear a the people on the other side talking. The place is from the early 1960s and needs to be leveled even though it looks like in good condition from the street. The bathroom and kitchen was small. The bottom piece of wood of the large window in the living room was rotting from the condensation going down the window when it was cold and would become covered in black mold until I used bleach on it. The water is always being turned off to fix leaks. During a bad storm water from the patio door would leak from the top and get my curtain and carpet wet.
Lastly, when I left they told me that I did 5,000 in damages which was not my fault. It's not my job to replace decaying pipes that should have been replace with plastic ones. In short, this "dwelling" is a crappy place to live in that's too expensive. Best of luck and happy hunting.
Side note: If you look at the picture with the kitchen in the ad it looks like it is a big kitchen. That pic is taken from angle where you can't see the other side which a couple of inches out of the view of the camera. In other words the kitchen is very narrow!
Stealth Monitoring
My boss used them about six months ago for our properties. They promised they would help us by watching our buildings at night. Despite my boss shelling out a lot of money we still had copper stripped from our units, our service vans broken into, even though they were in a large garage we had well locked, and a dumpster fire that could have burned one of our buildings down. How the hell could you miss all of that! Take my advice, just hire a couple of big guards with guns. That's what we did, and now no problems.

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