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Well I have a conniving and manipulative abusive ex that apparently is very angry and his ego is hurt because our relationship did not work out we have four children between us two that are biologically his and two that are not when we got divorced we have 50/50 parenting he has visitation I have visitation I'm a single parent I'm a lesbian I do not live in the greatest of places but my children are always fed clean safe but he apparently likes to call Child Protective Services on me with no real Merit or facts behind anything because he is angry with me for not being with him and apparently CPS is siding with him because as I stated before I am a single parent I'm a lesbian I am literally a public figure for the lgbtq as well as for Sheltering animals so because I'm a single parent a lesbian and because I don't work a whole 70 hours a week and ignore my children because I work too much and I'm a woman plus a person of color that means I need to be discriminated against CPS a Woman by the name of Brandy has made it very clear that he is in the right and I'm in the wrong truly because of where I live and because he is a heterosexual misogynistic white cis male that has more income than I do that means his values in his life and his ethics are more important than mine. Screen shots are from others that have falling victim to discrimination by this agency. I'm a good parent that tries to keep my children safe because the children get into things they shouldn't. I work (volunteer work) as the public figure to let the voices of LGBTQ be heard and because I'm poc lesbian that does volunteer work and a single parent doesn't mean my life isn't valued. Oh and not to mention between my ex and the CP's worker there is a lot of kid coercion going on. They ignore my phone calls but have plenty of time to make up stories.My house is so clean you could lick a floor and be ok. But this worker automatically had me set in her sights also because of the fact that I love in low income housing (and yes I pay rent). So to pray on a single parent that is all ready struggling but happy to have her children always by her side is ridiculous. Dealing with cancer which I'm taking care of my wife who has cancer and me myself happy that I left my ex spouse because of the narcissistic abuse mind games blackmail rape/sexual assault stealing personal belongings and money. Yet somehow I'm the bad parent when my ex spouse that makes 3,500 or more a month working plus stealing all of MY stimulus plus the kids stimulus but yet you come to me with threats if I dont provide food for your house lol... ok after numerous complaints police reports and witness to the madness nothing is done. I have an email from my ex forever threatening me saying I'll never see my kids again all because I block him on mychart because hippa law says he isn't allowed to view MY info only our kids info.the 1st 2 pix are from reviews that back me up the 3 rd pic is that email threat as previously mentioned. My ex even took away my mothers day.


I had to call today because I had a 7-Day trial I had to look my name up and remove from my information off of this site because I do have stalkers and people are harassing I didn't even use the whole 7 day trial I used it for like an hour and then when I went under my account settings I canceled it apparently it didn't cancel appropriately I called today someone thought they were being slick taking a full $24 out of my bank account which overdrew me at 3 in the morning but honestly it was up at 3:00 in the morning watching their bank account anyway I had to call a customer service representative the woman said it's about a day Taft d 7 day trial but she will work with me and she gave me $9 back well I didn't even use a service and it wasn't even correct information like I thought it was so why can't you give me my full $20 back how dare you keep plus the $20 for information that wasn't correct and that I really canceled but apparently it didn't go through on their end I'm highly distraught and upset because that money needs to be put back into my bank account because my bank is a bunch of jerks and they charge $33 per overdraft

Spokeo I. – Spokeo Rep

Dear Tiff,

I received your complaint to the Sitejabber.com page for Spokeo, on November 18,2020 regarding our service and charges made on your account, and I am happy to assist in resolving this matter.

Please note, that since all Spokeo subscriptions automatically renew to prevent service interruption, trials that were left unchanged, were charged on the service's renewal date until disabled.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Care team through our contact page, http://www.spokeo.com/contact where we are available by phone, email, and chat 7 days a week from 5AM to 8PM PST so we can assist you further with this matter.

-Spokeo Customer Care

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