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I ordered 3 pairs of shoes at www.tallmenshoes.com (1 pair of model T51312 and 2 pairs of model S9118). They sent me 3 pairs of shoes but the momenth I opened them, I found out a serious problem was they were different size in length, even though they're same US size 9 (Model S9118 is longer about 1inch or 1.5 inches than model T51312. REAL pictures are enclosed). I emailed Tallmenshoes to complain, then they replied with bull $#*! explaination. Here is the fact:

1. All shoes for the same US Size 9

2. They're same color.

3. They're from the same seller.

4. They were made from the same materials.

5. They're same brand (Calto).

BUT they're different size in length (too much different, way longer than other).

I returned them after I get RMA number but Tallmenshoes refund me still short $10 (they cut off/rip off $10) due to their INSIDIOUS policy. According to their policy, all returning shoes in good and original condition (after they checked them very carefully), they will DEDUCT $10 (label fee) if buyers just return shoes for refund (it means customer changes mind as a returning reason). My situation was NOT about "change my mind" to return them. They were too LOOSE with my feet put into them, so I could NOT wear/use them. It's NOT my fault but they still RIP ME OFF $10. There was a lot of communications about emailing between they and I but they still STOLE my $10 by not refunding it. If u have been reading until this sentence, then please understand that $10 is NOT a large amount of money but for 10 buyers, 100 or 1000 buyers and so on, then they can STEAL a lot of money with the game of INSIDIOUS returning policy.

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I have been a Blowfish Unlocks for years with total paid is $5693. 15 (as of today). Blowfish has done a good job for me for so many unlocking service orders until the order I placed on 09/04/2018 for unlocking for a T-Mobile Android device. According to Blowfish Unlocks time frame is from 1 to 5 days but as of today is 10/12/2018, my T-Mobile Android device is still locked with T-Mobile network. I contacted Blowfish unlocks 3 times at 3 different time during September and October but Blowfish Unlocks just simply ignored me. My device is 100% sure is T-Mobile device because I see the T-Mobile logo when I turned on the device. Also, I went to a local T-Mobile corporate store to verify it was a T-Mobile device. My request is simple and fair about if Blowfish Unlocks can not unlock my phone, then refund my money. It has been passed 38 days since the day I order unlocking service, so the time is more than enough to get the job done or doing the refund. Blowfish will lose a long term business relationship customer just because of $39.90.


A lost luggage has been taking 4 months (from 10/23/2016 to today 02/20/2017)but nobody/no department help/process the claim? Delayed department gave a FAKE San Francisco claim department phone number which is *******888. This fu... ing number ringing for about 20 times, then nobody pick up the phone, no option for voice mail except an announcement of "this wireless number... blah. Blah...". Calling back to a delayed luggage department phone number which is *******669 extension 4 then a staff told that is only 1 contact phone number for claim department. All fu... ing bull $#*! of China Airlines.

Tip for consumers:
China Airlines delayed luggage department phone number is *******669 extension 4 = polite but no help and telling/guiding b.s/none sense steps.
San Francisco China Airlines lost luggage claim department phone number is *******888 is ringing for about 20 times when incoming call occurred but nobody pick up the phone, no voice mail option, just an announcement of "this wireless number ...blah...blah..."


I'll point it out a truth reason about why I rated "SUPER INSIDIOUS ANIMAL" at the end of this letter. Here is the story: I placed a service order for fixing cracked glass/screen for iPhone 5S with this seller on EBay on 03/25/2016. Service price for each LCD is $22.95. I paid $91.80 by PayPal for fixing/replacing screen glass for 4 LCDs. I mailed my LCDs to this BASTARD by USPS priority mail with insured and tracking number on 03/26/2016 (picture 1 of 9). USPS tracking system shows that my stuff was successfully delivered on 03/28/2016 (picture 2 of 9). I mailed it to 60 South 2nd Street, Rittman, Ohio 44270 (picture 3 of 9). I placed a notice inside the shipping box (picture 4 of 9). I packed my LCDs with bubble wrapped individually (picture 5 of 9 and 6 of 9). I waited and waited for many days but the BASTARD did not fix and send my LCDs back. I emailed to ask him about my repairing status but he did not reply/respond. I checked his current feedbacks on EBay and saw that this BASTARD keeping/holding a lot of other buyers' LCDs and/or iPhones for more than 30 days. I sensed something bad/something scam has been going on here, so I emailed him, asking about my LCDs repairing status but this BASTARD did not reply/respond at all. This INSIDIOUS BASTARD posted a lot of FANCY and PROFESSIONAL words about his service on EBay, such as ""Brand new system is build/launch in 03/2016, well trained technician, order will be done in 1 or 2 working days, answering email from 3 to 4 pm & so on" but he DID NOT do anything. As my conclusion, I know that this BASTARD plays a THEFT games with people. He just keep all of his EBay buyers LCDs/Phones and ignores all customers email. He knows that he CAN NOT collect the money (service fee) from buyers because he HAS NOT delivered the stuffs to buyers successfully without complaining but he DOES NOT care about it. He has other plan, that is a STEALING plan. He KEEPS all of his EBay buyers' LCDs/Phones (including my stuffs) & he could make money with it (he has a local cellphone store at the address above). After a few attempted email communicating with threatening about suing him with Ohio District Attorney but he did NOT respond, I got his information by EBay about name and phone number (Pat Smith, *******375), so I filed an Ohio Consumer Protection Complaint Form at www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov on 04/21/2016. I received an email confirmation on the same day (picture 7 of 9). Ohio District Attorney emailed me on 04/22/2016 with a complaint case #864459 (picture 8 of 9). I know that Ohio District Attorney contacted this BASTARD about my complaining, so he printed a shipping label on 04/27/2016 (picture 9 of 9) but he NEVER ship my LCDs out. Today is 05/08/2016 but I check the tracking number just showing a PREPAID shipping label only. This action will make EBay and PayPal automatic system THINKS that the seller is ALREADY shipped my item, just WAITING for delivery timing. Now, I'm in the deep $#*! situation by NOT able to get my LCDs back or NOT able to get my money back (seller is already shipped with tracking number uploaded). I called Ohio District Attorney, Mike DeWine office again on 05/05/2016 to report about it but office staff told me that "this is an informal consumers complaint process, so they just try their best to contact the seller". DECEIVING buyers/consumers' LCDs/iPhones that LEADING to HOLD/KEEP the stuffs = THEFT. UPLOADING shipping tracking number but NEVER ship the stuff out, so buyers/consumers have a VERY hard time to get the money back by filing a case with EBay/PayPal = SUPER INSIDIOUS ANIMAL IN HUMAN BEINGS WORLD.


I still have some credit/fund with Unlockline.com (picture 3 of 3), so I placed an order about reporting service on 05/12/2016 (picture 1 of 3). According to the description time frame states that 1 to 4 hours but today is 05/15/2016, Unlockline still has not completed my order yet (picture 2 of 3), I contacted them about the status but they just ignored me just because of I DID left a true NEGATIVE feedback about their INSIDIOUS SCAM BUSINESS. I just want to warn all consumers that DO NOT deal any business with Unlockline. DO NOT let this SUPER INDIDIOUS THEFT steel your hard earned money.


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