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We have been going here for years. I'm tired of having to recook my burger because they can't follow directions. Starting to happen a lot. I use to order bacon cheese burger but there bacon is precooked and is not good at all. They should use better quality bacon and cook to order. We never had any issues waiting for the food to be right. I remember the original owner and service was always excellent. But not now.

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They finally decided to fix the Kia engine. Due to recall. I guess writing reviews pays off sometimes. Very happy to hear this.

Kia is a lemon
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Bought New 2012 Kia sorrento. 111,000 miles and engine blew up. Claimed they had recall on engine but then said not our engine. Will Never buy another Kia!


Went to buy painting supplies and when I checked out she said they don't do coupons anymore. I ask her why and she said I don't know. Well you should know.


Very frustrated with michaels I place orders monthly for Pu at store. You never know what you're gonna get. Many times after placing order they tell they are out of stock. Order 10 items maybe get 1 or 2. Then I have to hang on to receipt to see charges monthly on my cc. Very frustrated.


I forgot my password. They are telling me they will contact me in 9 days to reset my password. You got to be kidding.


Sold item on Etsy made $5.35. After several months of trying to get my money deposited into bank account.
They are saying I have to Have credit card and bank account.no longer have credit card so they are saying they can't give me my money. This is bologna. Give me my money!


They do not refund due to problems with shipping.
Ups says shipper should refund.
What a run around. Do not buy from this store if you have deadline to met


Placed an order on Thursday night 8th.It's shows delayed so if I do not get by the 2 days who should refund me?


I ordered a pattern and a week later someone making purchases with my card.
Do not order from this site.


My problem is that we already pay for service but in order to have a 2nd tv is more money. All I want is extra tv for grandkids to watch cartoons.
Some of us don't have extra to do this.


I am so peeved. Spent time adding to cart then went to checkout and payment will not process. This was a proble a few months ago. Idiots they are. EBay says its a pp problem and PayPal says it is a eBay problem. After about 8 phone calls later PayPal admitted it was something on their end which makes since if it's PayPal software for payments. Neither is willing to do 3 way call to fix this.at this point I am pissed with both.


Ships crappy items and whatever you do.don't try to sell them online.it will ruin you.


I ran across this website while looking for sewing patterns.
I am always searching for sewing patterns and what I have found is that they
Unbelievably high priced. Then when I found site woohoo great prices for patterns.
They have dresses, tops and more that you can get the pattern made
In custom measurements or standard measurements and they are PDF printable to my desktop printer. This is the best thing I have seen in a while. I can let customers order certain styles and have patters made to order.the possibilities are endless.no more high prices for me.


I found this new place to sell online. Check it out, they have auctions and buy now.


I know these people personally and they are good people. They are located in Forsyth, Georgia. You can view items they have for sale and visit them at the
Trading post in Forsyth, ga. Tell them Terry sent you for special deal.


I had a skirt that I wanted a pattern for. Elance has pattern makers so I thought this is perfect.
Submitted a photo and got a reply and hired this guy who I will name later.in reading his resume it states in printable format, so I ask for PDF format. Maybe I do not know the ins and outs of pattern making but I knew what I wanted.so once it was finished he sent and I could not get it to print in any PDF. Tried for days, finally frustrated told him this is not what I paid for I needed to print it out. But evidently printing on a4 copy paper cost more money, now I'm mad.not willing to pay more.so he sent me the measurements and for about a week I tried to make the pattern by his measurements, only to finally get it sewed together and it was not right. Completely different skirt. Wasted my time and money here.do not buy from pattern maker unless you know the ins and outs of pattern making. Never again!


When I think back on beginning to sell on eBay it was so exciting. All my stuff out their to millions of shoppers. After years realizing I have worked my behind off. Just the other day took a road I had not been on in years to realize all business had shut down, all the hype about selling online and making money what you do not know is how many business have closed down. I bet it's more than what is open for business, um
I will post more later got to try to make a dime for now.
I am very very frustrated with buying wholesale women's clothing. I have really made changes this year by not buying much wholesale. I use to find great deals and for almost this entire year, nada.the prices are priced for boutiques not eBay. Hello wholesaler if I were going to pay your high prices for what I call fashion name brand i would buy name brand not fashion clothing.
I have sold one of everything on eBay, started with phones, electronics etc to gift bags, clothing finally deciding to sew a few items and try that.
I have found nothing that I want to repeatedly buy to sell and make a profit. A penny profit is not worth the trip to the mailbox is my story.if there is gold mine could someone let me in on it. A friend of mine said if you list it it will sell. B-o-l-o--g-n-y


I have been buying wholesale dresses for years and wow what I have learned.
I have quit buying wholesale for this reason. They require 6 pieces min to purchase. Then I do tons of searching for something unique. After I get it, I wonder why is it so hard to sell 6 pieces. Well let me tell you.If you look long enough and hard enough you will begin to see a pattern. These same items sells else where by the piece and what is even more interesting, they have all the same clothing as this one. You tell me.the prices are not much more than the wholesale price. This stinks. Either they own this website or are dropshipping by the piece not sure. But hate wholesale buying. This is why I am now beginning to sew my own items to sell. Has anyone else seen this.
I purchased lace dresses another time and they were defective, I was very busy and had only opened up the black ones, later to find the pink dresses were defective.so I had gone past the return time, but they would not work with me or take them back. I had to throw in trash.


I have ordered many times from them. Finally realizing that they really don't have any quide lines like we do here is us. They will literally send you something ok one day and something now one can wear the next. Only to be thrown away. But I am fighting back and filing disputes on every item i order if they are not like they should be.
I can't seem to grasp exactly how they can make items and say between 1-3 cm
difference.We could not get away with that. How can they do good business this way.
Never trust Rumman clothing on aliababa.
I submitted a buying request and he sent me a price and ask that I send him one of them so he could give me better price. Then after i had ordered and shipped.
Then he completely stop responding back. Finally had to file dispute and in hopes of
Getting my item back that i send to him.
These people are a sight. I just can't find the words right now for the crap I have endured using them. Probably not worth it.

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