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I am 50 yrs old but as I'm outgoing and enjoy being active I fit in with any age. My Dad owned his own business and I worked there. I took over for him in all aspects but the banking and bill paying. He's had his own business since I was 13 and the main points he instilled in me were to always be honest with customers as telling them I'm sorry I forgot to place your order didn't get them mad, some thanked me for being honest. Also the customer isn't always right but treat them like they are an u

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Animal care and working with people who have mental /physical disabilities. NEVER assume a person with a mental disability can't do something or doesn't understand what's going on even if your told that. I never did and was amazed at their capabilities and also what I learned from them.


Helping people, animals,nature and of course the ocean my favorite are the Bahamas.

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I have a mortgage, I have to have home owners insurance, I don't know why because unless a tree falls through our house or it burns down they don't cover anything. Even personal property you get minimal pay out. From what I have researched this is typical home owners insurance no matter what company. WHY do the mortgage holders force us to basicaly through away our money. I am going to lower all amounts it probly won't pay out. And as soon as I do our walnut tree will probly fall into home...
On the other hand Allstate auto insurance for us has been extremely low. They get things done fast.


I always go to Staples. Thier ink prices are pretty much in line with Walmart and I'm not a fan of Walmart.
Employees always know the answer to my question or find it out. Very helpfull.
They work for my business and I am big into costumer service!


I have tried several times going on yelp to get reviews from consumers and have never been able to get a review. I stopped trying. Says they have reviews but I sure can't see them.
Do not care at all for this site.


Oh Boy! I've been wrong before so I checked this airfare against Southwest. I used same dates and picked randomly 4 places to see if they are less. And NO they weren't. Why don't people go directly through airline cut out middle man and some airlines like Southwest gives you points to use in airfare or hotel.
My last of 4 price checking I put leaving from Baltimore to Milwaukee for 2 adults round trip. Date I picked to go had only 2 time options and no direct flights one layover and I had to fly out of Washington DC airport. But I save $7.50 for using different airport. Coming back I had 3 choices of time on that date and they had a direct flight. My husband and I 85% of the time take two carry on bags each. Southwest gave me 3 choices of time and it was direct out of airport I wanted. Coming back also 3 times to pick and also direct.

Southwest cost $480.00 plus points banked.
CheapOair cost $661.40

You do the math but I see no cheap price.

I guess if you don't check on any bags as southwest has 2 free check ons a person and they charge $25 per person for 1st bag and $35 for 2nd. So even if I didn't take luggage which costs $120 for the 4 bags, Southwest was still aprox $80 cheaper and both ways were non stop.

CustomerService C. – CheapOair.ca Rep

Terri, we do not offer Southwest flights on our website, therefore comparing what we do offer against an airline that we don't offer, you really cannot compare the two. Southwest offers web fares that can only be booked on their site because of being a low cost carrier. What we offer against the major airlines like DL, UA, AA we do provide and offer BPG.


I've sold about 50 items in the last 2 years and bought a handful of items. I don't use e-mail as I get so many and prefer they text me. Most of the items were large and one or two men came to my home and bought. I never had any no shows or negative experiences.

I decided to sell a very expensive ring and buyer lived in California. He acted concerned it was real and asked questions I thought appropriate. Then he was all of the sudden in a rush to get ring. He wanted me to use FedEx never use as then you can't file mail fraud. I work 3rd shift 12 hours and dental work going on and this guy kept texting me every few hours did I send it did fed ex pick it up. My husband has cancer and I had his check his email for payment verification and he saw one from PayPal stating $3,000 is in account and will be released to my account upon tracking confirmation. But my husband didn't actualy go into our PayPal account. Fed ex had picked up ring and I got a bad feeling. Called PayPal and sure enough no money was on hold in our account. I made a local police report so I could have police in California go to address. I had some hope as it was a condo so the manager may have leads to him. Well the man had my ring and police took picture of it. The man got the police to believe I was scamming him. WHAT? So they told man to mail ring back to me. Local Police came to my house after supper and I was at work so they wouldn't tell him anything but I needed to come to station tomorrow night. I go and they start interigating me on do these chat sights look familiar and who is my friend Joel that isn't a person but man who had my ring told police Joel was calling him wanting the ring and I was working with him on this scam. The stupid police bought story I'm like what did I scam possibly not getting paid for ring and $75 fed ex overnight charge. The police said California cop said it looked cheap. I said why didn't they take ring instead of telling him to mail back. They said he didn't do any crime. Well making a fake and according to PayPal a very good near original email saying he paid and I gave police copy's of his and pay pals. Luckily I think he was the middle man and I did get ring mailed back. I took it next day to a jewelry who is friends with my towns Cheif of police and he was impressed with the quality of it and told him they were real diamonds and platinum. I've left 6 messages with Barney fife and his officer no call back and they aren't letting me get police report.

Bad enough I almost got scammed even worse when the police think your the bad guy even though I had proof and his was just a story out of his mouth.

So don't just see paypal email go into your account as they looked identical to me. Only thing different is paypal uses email spoof.com and his had spoov.com


My husband and I had been looking on all the "best deal" sites to book a vacation to Jamaica. At first glance we thought we found good deals only to find all these added money's. We always fly Southwest if possible so I went on to check airfare and saw their package deals. I had just assumed they'd be way more expensive but to my delight they were $1,000 cheaper than Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia ect. So next week we will be in Jamaica with a lot more money. Thanks Southwest!


We like to travel and while this site is good to get info on resorts and the area of destination, they charge way more than you could get by calling the resort itself and we use Southwest so we booked our vacation package through Southwest. In February we went to Nassau Bahamas and after researching decided to stay a week at Melia and 4 nights at Breezes. By joining up to Melia at no cost credit off room as we were first time staying there and other credited money by going directly through resort saved us over $1000. 00 a month and a half ago we decided to go to Jamaica so I got all the Island and different resorts info my husband and I agreed on a resort we called to book room direct with all inclusive resort and while they were about $50 less a night than Travelocity we ended up going through Southwest as they were less then anyone.
Think about it it a 3rd party business to make money. How would they be able to always be the cheapest? Though we never found them to be cheaper when we looked.
I'm sure they do well as people are to busy to spend a few hours looking on the internet and making their own reservations.
I will admit they do make deals seem appealing.


When I need a book I always check at Barnes and Noble first. They usually have the book I want for sale used by a private party. Last time if I bought book new I'd of payed $34.95 but bought used one that was like new for $8.00 I always receive books quickly and have always been satisfied.


DONT ever shop their but if you must pay cash! They billed us over $450 with I 3 years. Insurance for a cell phone and laptop we hadn't used in a couple of years. When you buy these items with credit card the sale automatically comes with insurance. Ours was billed randomly and as it was around $30 a month my husband never looked at bank statements. I got no where with corporate in MN but a run around. I did call the Best Buy Store in Salisbury, MD and talked to a very nice manager that gave me info but couldn't help with past billing. They said I was asked at time of purchase if I wasn't insurance and stated it was the day before Christmas and no one asked us. Manager said cashier could of forgotten to ask but it's put in the receipt he said, probly near the bottom.
It would of cost me more for attorney fees so I didn't persue it. My family will never buy anything from them again.
SCARY thing was I wanted any info from our account closed and the manager couldn't find me. He did find my husbands name debit card number but they had him living at 201 instead of 301 with a Kathy Quakinbush who we know. I went to talk to them and the phone number B. B. Had on account wasn't ours but it was Kathy's fax number she had used in the past.
How does a company mix up and combine info they must use address and hit the 2 by accident instead of 3. Only the store manager have me this info as when I called on account because I wasn't Kathy Quackenbush they wouldn't give me any info. Pretty scary as Kathy could of bought something on line and my husband would of been billed for it.


The web sites are extremely similar on people smart and people verified. Are these company's the same neither have given me any real results. One of them said they had info on a phone reverse to get name with a cost. I paid monthly fee and then went back to get info and they said it wasn't available.

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