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They suspended me for no reason. Didn't give me a logical explanation. Just kicked me to the curb and forced me to pay fees from a fraudulent dispute. EBay sets it up where buyers game the system and leaves the sellers hanging dry. Had my 2 year account suspended because of them. Does eBay care? Why should they. They take your money and kick you in the groin so you live with the consequences.

After endless months of trying to get it reinstated, I just gave up. They didn't budge at all. Had to enlist Auction Essistance to help me create a stealth account just to start selling again.

Does eBay like it? Who cares, they created this environment so they need to deal with it.


Just to echo everyone else, the support was as bad as a condom at a 99 cent store. The monos running this site should take a hint from the playbook at Comcast. Then again, their support sucks too. You would probably get better support from a jock strap on a warm sunny day in June.

Not only does their name sound like a porn site, but these people just embody everything that is wrong with the world.

I would rather deal with third world support who only speaks gibberish then deal with coconuts who they hire here


Website is down which is no surprise there. He is a complete thief operating this garbage website much like Openvcc. You pay him and you will not receive anything. I paid this months back before his website was down, tried to reach after 3 days of no delivery, but no answer. Still till this day have no gotten anything or a response. Stay away from the site, he will infect your computer and steal your identity. I bought my stuff elsewhere from Auction Essistance since they at least respond promptly.


This is another con artist. He owns all other vcc websites that are infected with malware and are fraudulent.

If you buy from him, he will ban you from skype and ignore your emails. Have received nothing after 2 months!

I got a recommendation to buy from Auction Essistance from a trusted friend. At least they provided and answered my questions when needed.


Any website with the word VCC in the name is immediately garbage. What do all of them have in common? They are scammers. Cheapvccs, lightvcc, getvcc, purevcc, openvcc, vccsecure, buyvcc, purchasevcc, paypal vcc are all fraud websites.

You can easily find the reviews on them to prove that.

Do not buy from any of them, they are all ran by the same person which has malware on each of the sites. Visit them at your own risk.

Only buy from the sellers on the Aspkin forums or Auction Essistance.


These people are true embodiment of a garbage website, third world support and even worse, a con artist.

Can these people get any lower? Probably, considering they take right after Enron.
The company is so bad, I would rather share a jail cell with Jerry Sandusky than buy from these people.


This website is the true definition of a scam. Look up reviews on him in Google and you will find tons of scam reports.

He does not provide anything. He will make excuses on why he cannot provide or he will demand a license ID from you so he can approve transaction. That right there is a red flag. He uses that excuse to commit identity theft.

His website is also full of malware too. He has the capability of stealing your passwords and everything else if you are infected.

If you really want to buy from a trusted seller, buy from Auction Essistance.


Was looking to get a VCC from them after having a bad experience with openvcc. To my surprise, they say many of their customers have had bad experiences with Openvcc as well.

But luckily they were able to provide what I was looking for without having to wait nearly a week for them.

Great support and fast response! Just what I needed!


Placed an order nearly a week ago and they haven't sent anything. They state you will receive instantly, but they are a total con. False advertising and scammer in the making.

Do not pay this guy anything, you will lose your money and your time.

Stick to Auction Essistance, at least they actually provide a response.

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